The elephant in the oval office 6

Most of the time the New Yorker is on the wrong side politically.

But this cover is both witty and true.


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  • liz

    I hope this scenario changes soon to the elephant sitting ON the President.

    • Don L

      From your keyboard to the elephants ears!


    Understanding Barack H. Obama as I think I do, its not that he cannot see this “Elephant In the Oval Office,” the thing is that his ego is so much larger that the elephant, he chooses to focus on his own importance more so than any other thing! Hence…………hes a legend in his own mind.

    As I stated somewhere on The Atheist Conservative a while ago, do not listen to what people say, watch what they do!! (and don’t do!)

    • Don L

      Absolutely agree with your “talk is cheap” rephrasing.

      However, I don’t think he does see the elephant. I think this guy is damaged goods…I liken him to Captain Queeg, Humphrey Bogart, in the movie “Caine Mutiny”. Obama didn’t run over the tow line…the citizens stole the strawberries and Obama has the can of sand to prove it! This 2/3rd’s didn’t vote message he hears is not just some spin…I think he does believe it to me he should go foward and that the beating these Dems took was because they din’t set him loose to allow his winning personality to win the day. He’s sick.

      And, by the way GI…happy Vets Day!!!


        The “2/3rds” thing is his retaliation to the non-voters…..PLUS, it seals the deal in his own mind….Its his personal “balm” for his hurt ego, if you will!


        I’ve seen folks just like him in group while I staffed personal growth sessions. They are unaware of ANYTHING much more than their own ego/feelings. What Barack H. Obama does in Washington IS STRICTLY FOR HIS OWN BENEFIT!

        It is a crippling thing for a human being to go through life leaving casualties everywhere he goes…..telling himself that its their fault that they didn’t ‘love’ him enough to do something for him.

        Thank you for the sentiments, Don! Happy Veterans Day also to you!!

        • Don L

          Hand salute…to!

          I know you lost buddies…a man’s tears to their memory!!!