Britain’s cultural problem: moral subjugation by Islam 2

On a day when the news breaks that Muslims in Britain have been arrested for plotting to kill the Queen, we listen to Pat Condell talking about how his country has been morally subjugated by immoral Islam.

  • liz

    Too bad it’s not just Britain’s cultural problem – thanks to our present “leadership” the same agenda is being advanced here, too.
    “Shoved back up the orifice they pulled it out of” is exactly what needs to be done with it. A literal enactment of that would be so well deserved!


    The Brits are at a crossroads, like the U.S. They and us must put an end to this crazy thing called Political Correctness, if they, and we want to survive as free nations.
    This kind of toxicity was designed to eliminate a free nation, and eliminate our freedom it will do, unless we retake the national thought process and eliminate it first!