The green fields of France 7

At the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918, the unnecessary Great War came to an end. A great part of a generation of young men was wiped out. And Europe itself began to die.

The song is sad, rather beautiful, and apt. But we need to say that we don’t share the final message on the screen. We reject the political philosophy of anarchism without reservation. We know that our liberty can only exist with the protection of the rule of law. And that it needs strong defense.

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  • liz

    Beautiful song.
    My grandfather was in that war.
    In a previous post here (Don? or it may have been somewhere else) someone commented that this war brought about the conditions for the rise of the communists, Nazis, and WW2. Can anyone elaborate on that?

    • It’s certainly true, liz.

      I’ve both written and quoted others on that, but can’t lay my finger on anything about it immediately.

      I’ll bear it in mind though and come back to it.

      • liz

        Thanks – I may be remembering it from one of your previous posts, actually. I’ll try to find it.

    • Don L

      Right off, Thomas Sowell’s “Intellectuals and Society” does a wonderful job of explaining the ‘tween years. In fact his depiction of pacifism at all costs is not unlike today’s leftists and libertarians. And, pacifism allowed WWII to happen.

      Recently, after you, Burro and I exchanged about it, I finally (received it nearly 2 years ago) read “The Roosevelt Myth” by John T. Flynn. It gives a shocking account of FDR’s maneuvering America into WWII for his ego economics…really, a read to equal “Real Lincoln” in its expose of another criminal leader. It also discusses America’s involvement in propping up commies in Russia in both wars.

      Generally speaking after WW I the treaty with Germany was one of revenge. It crippled Germany’s economy into the future…a hope and change leader fit the bill. Further, It divided former empires into a hodge podge of poorly considered nation states, all across the planet, wherein most contained ancient ethnic enemies. Add a world wide economic collapse brought about by the failure of the first experiments by the American FED. The majority-rule nonsense of socialism; both fascism and communism were gaining support around the globe and then put catering to the “war weary” (heard this anywhere?) political pacifists in charge of everything. The bad guys, like now, come out to play hardball with the pansies. (Doesn’t Nobama look presidential chewing gum in China?). Anyway, USSR, NAZIs, Mussolini, Mao and WWII are the result. The 2 books pretty much cover the unrevised essentials…wait til you read about FDR and Mao!

      • liz

        Thanks! I have those books on my reading list – very interesting! Looks like history repeats itself again.

        • Don L

          If you get Thomas di Lorenzo’s “The Real Lincoln” also get it’s companion book “Lincoln Unmasked” written two years later. It adds to the expose and addresses all the critics of the first book.

          You’ve already read, as I recall, Lorenzo’s “Organized Crime”. His other 2 books (“Hamilton’s Curse” and “How Capitalism Saved America”) and one (“The Myth of the Robber Barons”) by Burt Folsom complete an essential understanding of the political economic history of America.

          And, check this link out:

          • liz

            I’ve already read the two on Lincoln and the one on Hamilton, and am now reading “Organized Crime”.
            I’ll put the others on my list – thanks!