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At UC Berkeley, students are content to let the flag of ISIS be waved on their campus, and some even wish the flag-waver “Welcome!” and “Good luck!”.

When he switches to an Israeli flag, students shriek fury at him.

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  • Paresh

    It’s kind of crazy… A few months ago, I would have seriously argued that this video was merely a result of heavy selective editing. General college kids (even at the most liberal schools) couldn’t be this far off the deep end! But I started a new job a few months ago and the three idiots who sit closest to me are hardcore liberals, and they actually were arguing with me that Hamas was not a terrorist organization. It was shocking. Idiots like the students in this video really do exist. They’re not just people you read about on blogs like this. Sad… And quite disturbing.

    I have since given up arguing with them. They end up just ganging up on me and rarely present facts. They quickly throw out the snide comments about being “brainwashed by Fox News.” I would really enjoy debating with them if they could just stick to facts and information rather than insults.


      Great observation! Folks like this would deny anything going on which stood against their agenda. Their proverbial “heads” are stuck in the sand…….by choice!

    • liz

      Yes, it’s hard to believe people are this brainwashed.
      How ironic that although one of the mottos of the 60s leftists was “question everything”, none of the leftist propaganda now spewed by these same people is allowed to be questioned.
      Funny how it never goes both ways.


    The man would get exactly the same favorable reaction he got from waving the ISIS flag if he also waved a NAZI flag……..

    The responses are typical of this campus……………..Berkeley, the center of the “intellectual” (LOL!!!) universe!

    I’ve been there. The professors, for the majority, resemble your typical over-thinking Socialistic shills!

    Theirs is a world of ignorance to reality, and their focus is on a “Utopia” comprised of facilitating both the creation of, and the rescue of the victim.

    Daniel Greenfield “pegs” their ilk in this complete description of where the good old U.S. Of A. is!

  • Don L

    it’s 11:59 PM for America: Parents, do you know where, or what, your children are?

    It costs $2500/yr to join the KKK…and, you still have to buy your own sheet. These university students actually take out loans to acquire this indoctrination. What are these kids majors? Ah nuts, even the hard sciences are ideologicly left these days…that’s where the grant money comes from.

    I have to believe that if the guy had waved an American flag…the insults would have been non-stop and physical harm would have been very real. I see nothing wrong with a switch outside behind the shed…to begin these lovelies lives. Then a complete destruction of the university system; replacing it with a free-market system certified by the quality of graduates not the whims of politicized boards.


      Don…..good response! The University system is highly overrated! However, I think that most of these children wandering around in a Socialistic daze have graduated from needing a spanking, or a good old-fashioned switching!

      They wouldn’t understand the nature of why they were being spanked, even if you could show them reality…..

    • liz

      The educational system is rotten to the core. Your solution is the only sensible option.