We give thanks – to you 4


On this Thanksgiving day, November 27, 2014, we at The Atheist Conservative thank our readers and commenters – especially our frequent commenters – for helping so vitally to make our online magazine of analytical opinion the success that it is.

We extend our thanks also to our occasional visitors and even to our (more indulgent) critics.

The greater part of the value of our site results from your interest in it, your contributions to it, your sympathetic and corrective views.

Thank you for the links you send us, the knowledge you give us, the works you tell us about, the ideas you stimulate us with, the anecdotes you enthrall us with.

Feast, drink deep, be merry!


We drink to your good health, happiness with much laughter, and enduring liberty.

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    I am in agreement with you all on this being a celebration. This unique website is just that for me! A Happy Thanksgiving to us all!!

  • Don L

    And, some more:

    Thanksgiving…being thankful…to whom or what? Of course, the emphasis is on blessings and the abundance from god…ugh & blah! I thank myself for keeping faith with myself. I thank others for the things they do and for there being who and what they are…pretty much PERIOD. I can’t thank a thing nor mystical beings.

    Somewhere in my late twenties I stopped going along to get along. At the dinning table, especially at Thanksgiving, I stopped the joining of hands, saying grace, praying or bowing the head. I announce, in advance, that I am an atheist and I wouldn’t be participating in any of the religious practices but that I certainly would respect their exercising rituals. Most often it went well But, there were a number of memorable “you’re evil…leave my home” dinners. LOL!

    Anyway, I like the idea of the day: getting together with friends and breaking bread…a loaf of bread, a jug of wine and thou! I can’t wait ’til Chismas (not misspelled) gets here! Let’s get the christ out of it…it isn’t his birthday anyway.

  • Don L


    Thank You for taking on this wonderful task. Thank You for bringing the light of reason and rationality…for the discipline and dedication that you have given yourself toward acquiring incredible knowledge and experience that you willingly share with your audience. The world is better for you in it!

    LOL…as I recall, I was messing around searching to see if anyone was claiming the name “Prince of Atheists”.. They have a prince on the other side. And, I stumbled onto your site. Thanks for being there! Ya know what…I never did find out about that Prince name…eh!

    It has been my pleasure to comment here. And, if they have their ears on. Great Thanksgiving to Liz, REALBEING, Azgael, Frank and the others who contribute here. Gobble, Gobble be full and dance it off!

  • liz

    Many thanks, and a toast, to you, too!
    TAC has remained consistently my favorite website. Your information, observations and insights are always spot on!
    Keep up the great work, and have a wonderful holiday!