End of the last best hope? 10

Today we dare to go further than we ventured a few days ago when we wrote about the systematic weakening of America by its elected leader. (The taking down of America, December 1, 2014.)

We declare that Obama and his gang, and the greater part of the political party that put him in power, and the international Left, in alliance with Islam, are deliberately destroying America. That is to say, destroying America as the embodiment in a free republic of the idea of liberty under the rule of law. And are close to succeeding.

It is dumbfounding, gobsmacking, how blatant they are about it. How large their plan is writ across their term in power. How openly they do their dirty deeds. They hardly take any pains to disguise their ugly intentions. And yet how the people of America and the world beyond it have managed not to notice, or fully comprehend, what is happening!

David Solway, writing at PJ Media, assembles the evidence that the general public seems unable or unwilling to see, and ponders the horrible work in progress towards the destruction of America.

In [his book] Marked for Death, Geert Wilders argues that Islam has marked not only him but ultimately every freedom-loving individual and so-called “Islamophobe” for death because of the supremacist nature of its doctrines. What outrages Wilders, in addition to the Islamic threat and the demographic inroads the religion of war is carving into the European urban landscape, is the scandalous complicity of Europe’s governing elites, leading to the eventual subversion of the continent.  Although Wilders does not address American vulnerability in any detailed way, what must surely strike a disinterested observer is the equal complicity with which the commander in chief of the United States is pursuing a program of American decline. On the domestic, economic, military, and foreign policy fronts, Obama is energetically and probably irretrievably weakening the country he has sworn to defend, with surprisingly little concerted opposition, or even awareness, from many politicians or from the still-infatuated members of his constituency.

We think the infatuated members of his constituency, or most of them, are aware – and applaud him for it. They want what he wants.

To start with Islam, it is mind-boggling to observe an American president vigorously facilitating the Islamic imperial agenda in a number of different but equally effective ways. He could not do better — or worse — if he were a transplanted Qatari sheikh. One notes the infamous Cairo address with its bloat of lies and factoids. The UN speeches, such as “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” The elevation of Muslim Brotherhood operatives into sensitive posts in his administration. Islamic outreach through official institutions such as NASA, once designed for space exploration, now, apparently, for Muslim apologetics. Iftar dinners at the White House. Congratulatory letters to mosques and his designation of terror attacks as “workplace violence”, “man-caused disasters” and “traffic incidents”. His concessionary engaging in a secret correspondence with Iran’s anti-American and anti-Semitic Ayatollah Khamenei. The withdrawing of troops from Iraq, thus opening the way for the establishment of the Islamic State. The purging of FBI training manuals of all reference to jihad. And the interviews in which Obama claims that the U.S. is “one of the biggest Muslim nations”. (In actuality, professing Muslims count for 1.5% of the American people, in comparison, for example, to Muslims amounting to 13% of India’s census.)

But it doesn’t stop there. Obama is not only manifestly pro-Islam; he is demonstrably anti-American. His policies across the board are all of a piece. Domestically, his economic projects have been calamitous. Obama has pied-pipered the nation to the brink of fiscal ruin … His racial interventions have set race relations back a generation or more — most recently his urging the Ferguson rioters to “stay on course“.  His attack on the Constitution is systematically undermining the republican nature of the US. Former New York lieutenant governor Betsy McCaughey cites the president for violating the Constitution 24 times with regard to Obamacare alone. …

Obama’s refusal to secure the permeable southwestern border is an open invitation to a veritable invasion of illegals and jihadists. His executive order to issue a temporary reprieve on the grounds of prosecutorial discretion, to delay deportation, and to provide work permits for millions of illegals is certain to create dismay, resentment and confrontation on a national scale … His mishandling of the Ebola crisis is only another example of anti-colonial politicking, placing American citizens at risk by allowing flights from infected West African countries into the U.S. The list goes on.

In terms of foreign policy, all of Obama’s actions seem dedicated to weakening American strength and resolve in a hostile world. His innumerable blunders — if that is what they are — whether the result of incompetence or, more likely, intention, …

Intention – we see no reason seriously to doubt it.

… have been scrupulously and abundantly documented in scores of books and hundreds of articles. (As an audience member at a recent Freedom Center symposium joked, Obama is “the most competent president we’ve ever had” — most competent, that is, as a malevolent and destructive force whose blunders are not accidents.) It might almost seem as if Obama’s “crimes and misdemeanors” are acquiring encyclopedic dimensions. Here we need only mention his clear bias against international allies, in particular Israel, his funding of the terrorist organization Hamas, his inability or unwillingness to deal effectively with ISIS, which he notoriously regarded as a jayvee outfit, and, most worrisomely, his pampering of the Iranian mullocracy in its determined march toward nuclear status.

His campaign against the American military is perhaps the most telling if under-the-radar sign of his animus toward his own country. His aim to reduce the military to pre-WWII levels and his sacking of ranking military personnel are especially troubling instances of a malign agenda. As retired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, an original member of Delta Force and currently executive vice president of the Family Research Council, has argued, “our military is being devastated at the same time that all of our enemies, all of our potential adversaries are ramping up.” It is time, he insists on Twitter, that “top military MUST stand up to President + reckless policies.” It is hard to understand how a powerful military establishment could allow itself to be serially gutted, unless it is helmed by hand-picked Obama supporters.

For there is no evident, top-brass pushback against a president who has signaled to the enemy a timetable for withdrawal; who has shackled his forces in Afghanistan with so-called “rules of engagement,” putting their lives in jeopardy; whose concept of military propriety is a latte salute and whose concept of diplomatic propriety is chewing gum in the face of a prestigious welcoming delegation of a formidable power. This is a president under whose watch veterans were neglected and abused; who has exchanged an alleged deserter for five mid-to-high tier Taliban terrorists; and who has blithely abandoned servicemen under fire or held in captivity. The American armed forces find themselves in a position analogous to the Turkish military, once the guarantor of the country’s Kemalist experiment, now decimated under the authoritarian stewardship of Obama’s good friend, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose example Obama appears to be emulating.

As a result of Erdogan’s actions, a secular Muslim state has been transformed into an Islamic theopolitical nightmare. What the future augurs for America under Obama’s cataclysmic leadership is equally distressing.

Equally? While we agree with Solway’s argument, and value the useful list of proofs that he has gathered, at this point we murmur a respectful correction: What happens to America is immeasurably more important than what happens to Turkey.

And is he too pessimistic in this next passage? Is America “no longer the world’s only superpower” – or even not a superpower at all any more?

In the conclusion of his seminal book, Geert Wilders warned that the Islamic incursion into the body politic and social matrix of the U.S. is well underway; in the course of time, the nation will have lost itself in the Wilderness. But the gradual emirization of the U.S. is merely one among a host of premonitory indices. The nation’s spirit appears increasingly stagnant. It is drowning in a Noah’s flood of debt, it is coming apart at the racial seams, it is riven by a red/blue ideological conflict that appears unbridgeable, it is no longer the world’s only superpower — indeed, it is moot whether it is still a superpower, and it is considered either a hindrance or an irrelevance on the global proscenium. It is debatable whether the rot has gone too deep to be scoured, or if the recent change in party representation in Congress or a future Republican presidency would amount to anything more than a temporary hiatus. … The rot is not only political but has eaten deep into the culture as well, with growing levels of violence, welfare dependence, historical ignorance and general cynicism. In any event, once a nation has forfeited its pre-eminence, history shows it unlikely to reclaim its former position of authority and grandeur.

Finally he gives more reasons to be pessimistic, and they are all cogent:

Many have pointed out, as has Dinesh D’Souza to persuasive effect in America: Imagine a World without Her, that Obama’s main endeavor is to promote national enfeeblement, an enterprise which the American left, via its political, media, intellectual and academic elites, has been advancing for the last fifty years. When the fundraiser-in-chief is pastured out to the golf course or the United Nations and should the Democrats be returned to power, someone else will replace him to carry on his work. Certainly, should Alinsky-friendly Hillary Clinton or populist fraud and gentrified socialist Elizabeth Warren succeed to the presidency, one could write an early finis to the great American adventure in republican governance.

The question remains partially open. Can the country slip out from under the withering curse laid upon it by a runaway president, his subversive administration and the radically corrupt Democratic Party? Can the Augean Stables of a decaying political, intellectual and media culture be cleansed and fumigated? Can the Republicans connect with their staunchly conservative base to eventually form a credible, unified and revitalized governing party?

In the meantime, with the help of his compliant accomplices, Obama has, both as effect and cause, probably done more damage to American interests, security and patriotic fervor than any single president before him. Indeed, he has done more than any of his predecessors to ensure that America as we once knew her is marked for death.

Beyond hope? Not quite:

One can only hope against hope that the American spirit is still at least subliminally resilient.

  • Don L

    It has to be grasped, Boehner and McConnell are also the State…that group of folks that believe they have a right to impose their ideas on us by force, to their benefit. The political-right., butt cheek -to- butt cheek on the right-side of those on the left…merely have different goals than the left, but not different self-aggrandizing attitudes of governance. Or, do not expect any essential or meaningful change emanating from Washington DC.

    It is maddeningly sick humor to watch these republican ‘leaders’ claiming foul about Obama violating his oath and the Constitution. As if they haven’t and don’t” LOL. It isn’t that Obama is doing it…it’s that he’s doing it outside the left/right agreed upon dance steps. It’s the same music, but he’s dancing too fast. Obama has accelerated us down the road to serfdom…but he never changed roads.

    I’ve never understood how these guys can call each other friend? Correction, I do understand…it’s that how isn’t it obvious to all?…they are one and the same. LOL: All on the same team… “I’ll fight for you”…against whom? Do you think the Repubs will create a free-market based healthcare plan? Repeal and Replace doesn’t give confidence.

    Nothing will be accomplished by trying to change Washington…too late. The wars of change must be in the individual states. It’s much easier to eyeball ‘leaders’ at home than in far off DC. Our Founders foresaw our problem and provided the means to overthrow the overbearing central government through State (still separate nations, irrespective of fed funds extortion and coercion, with powers retained to themselves and their people) convened constitutional conventions. 32 state’s opposed Obamacare. In just 5 days, 16 states joined suit to fend off the immigration executive order. The power is out there in the States.

    As regards amending the Constitution, YES, 17 and 16 must go. Lawyers must be banned from being elected to any legislative body whereas they are already members of the judicial branch…see any conflicts of interest there?

    As to further changes, I recommend reading the Confederate Constitution as to handling implied power falsehoods or intentional misconstruction of ‘general welfare’ and other clause abuses. Further, the hard christian and keynesian leaning Mark Levin has a great book “The Liberty Amendments”…adjusting for his unconscious, culture-based, central planning foolishness…it is good basis getting it done. Additionally, Hunter Lewis’s “Free Prices Now!: Fixing the Economy by Abolishing the Fed” and “Crony Capitalism in America: 2008-2012” offers good insight into how to write an amendment to assure free market economics and preclude cronyism and political patronage.

    A great book to understand the Constitution as constructed by the Founders, not as interpreted by the monarchists and power grabbers, is “The Original Constitution: What it Really Said and Meant” by Robert G. Natelson. Scrupulously researched and documented…OBJECTIVE…the true meaning and intent of the Founders. It is the constant “we can’t know what they meant” fallacy that enables the activist judges to diminish the Constitution and enhance their privilege and power.

    I was thinking of doing a review of Dinesh D’Souza’s movie “America”. I watched it over a week ago. Had I started the review then, I’d still be writing. So much erroneous BS. No wonder the left laughs at us. Let’s just say, he uses the greatness of central planning central government as argument against the consequences of central planning central government. Huh? Indeed, the movie is a tribute to Lincoln and the deleterious myth that Lincoln saved America. A well meaning motive…the road to hell, paved with…

    Dinesh’s movie does, however, do a good job illuminating many of the anti-America/capitalism arguments from the left and successfully rebutting them. He fails to actually deliver on the promise of the movie…what would the world be like without America. The problem is he presents Lincoln as the saviour of America and runs into the problem of reality being that Lincoln destroyed America. So, he can’t see that what he rails against is what his saviour wrought!.

    Lastly, what would help sway folks…a movie of Obama on trial. I have brought this idea up before…from my computer to some producer’s ear!!!
    Courtroom dramas are high on the most watched lists: Law and Order. Given the evidence enclosed in the commentary posted here, the data included in several books enumerating Obama’s crimes and the transcripts of hearing after hearing…the facts…Fry this SOB, and his supporters, on the stand!. In the vain of a Stone movie…use their own propaganda style against them.

    Thanks fer listening! I’m outta here.

    • We would welcome your review of Dinesh D’Souza’s movie “America”, Don L.

      We would also very much like to see a movie of Obama on trial. If not as much as we would like to see Obama actually on trial.

      • Don L

        A big firm MAYBE on the America flick.

        You bet I’d like to see that domestic enemy tried. The idea of those folks in DC developing a backbone and defying the ‘re-election rules’ doesn’t seem likely. Maybe if all these White House folks were in military junta uniforms, people would recognize them for the criminals they are. Hmm, what would Valerie Jarret look like in a female generals uniform? LOL. Is she the Borman in the Obama entourage?

        • Jarrett, and Michele, and Barack would all look good in a burkha.

          • Don L

            LOL LOL..you always have to have the last word…LOL!

    • liz

      Thanks for the book recommendations – I have a couple of those but haven’t started them yet. I had also wondered about the deSouza movie, so that mini-review was helpful!
      Now that I’ve read diLorenzo’s Lincoln books, I cringe every time conservatives bring up Lincoln as some kind of champion of conservative or Republican values. I guess deSouza prepared for his movie about the same way he prepared for his debate on atheism – just looked up enough stuff to confirm what he already believed about it.

  • Azgael

    The only, ONLY hope for America is civil war, the rot is too deep, it is in BOTH parties, the welfare state is too big to cut, only civil war and the subsequent purge of the parasites can America be saved, repealing the 16th and 17th amendments and adding a new amendment, that espousing, having or creating communistic, progressive of leftists views, documents or ideas are crimes against humanity and thus capital crimes.

    • liz

      Included on that amendment should be that Islamic views are capital crimes as well.
      I think the rot IS too deep to scour – but I hope civil war isn’t the only solution, or we’re doomed.
      I was hoping for a military coup, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

      • Azgael

        a military coup would only be the beginning, the parasites will revolt and thus civil war, I didn’t mention religion because it wasn’t talked about in the article, tho we cannot ban it yet, we can, like the founders did for slavery, set foundation for it banning in the future generations. ( still too many people believe in the nonsense).

        • liz

          I don’t think banning religion would be a good idea. Freedom of conscience is essential and should always remain an inalienable right. Islam is the exception since it is intolerant itself of all freedom, including freedom of conscience.