“Your faith is a joke” 7

Speaking for us again, here is Pat Condell on the absurdity of religious belief.

This video is not new. It’s dated December 16, 2010. But what he says is ever valid – and the way he says it, entertaining as ever.

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  • liz

    Watching a Pat Condell vid is like trying to consume a 5 pound steak in 5 minutes! There’s too much there to digest all at once, but it’s all excellent.
    This one could be called “tough love” for the religious.

  • The religious demand that we respect their beliefs when their beliefs have done absolutely nothing to earn anyone’s respect. The more that you talk to the religious, the more that you try to find the reality in their belief system, the more that you realize that it’s all a load of self-imposed self-delusion that they are absolutely dedicated to maintaining, no matter how absurd it makes them look. Faith is childish, it is a refusal to compare what they believe in their head with what goes on in the objectively real world. And when you point out that obvious truth to the faithful, they stomp their feet and hold their breath until they turn blue and cry that they can believe if they want to, so there.

    Faith shouldn’t be respected. Faith should be criticized and anyone who gets mad because their faith is ridiculed clearly should stop believing such ridiculous things.

    • liz

      “A self imposed self delusion” – apt description.
      I think we are reluctant to ridicule people’s faith in the same way we might be reluctant to ridicule a friend who imagines that their new hat is becoming when in fact it makes them look ridiculous.
      We humans are obviously extremely susceptible to self delusion at all levels – from petty vanity all the way to religious mass delusion that is carried on for millennium! At that point it does seem that a little ridicule is called for.

      • Of course, the religious think that any criticism of their beliefs whatsoever is ridicule so it really doesn’t matter. It’s one thing to be rude and call people idiots right off the bat, it’s another to be expected to keep your mouth shut and don’t point out the absurdity of the beliefs themselves.

        • REALBEING

          Religion is a form of sanctuary from insecurity and from one investing in doing their own personal inner work, which is to find their own truth.

          • liz

            Yes, I’ve mentioned somewhere else, religion is a refuge for mental slackers. Accepting a pre-packaged belief system is way easier than searching out facts for yourself.

        • liz

          Very true.