An atheist in an Islamic land 6

An Egyptian atheist dares to speak the truth about Islam on television, and argues with a – thoroughly deluded, or deliberately lying – imam:

It would say a lot for Egypt under President Sisi if Ahmad Harqan can speak this freely with impunity. But is that the case?

This information accompanies the YouTube video captured by Memri:

“In an October 21 TV interview, Egyptian human rights activist Ahmad Harqan explained why he had become an atheist and said that Islam is a “harsh religion”, which was being implemented by ISIS and Boko Haram. They are doing “what the Prophet Muhammad and his companions did”, said Harqan. According to media reports, Harqan and his pregnant wife survived an assassination attempt on October 25, and when they went to the police to complain, were arrested for disrespect to Islam.”

We hope we will learn what happens to them.

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  • liz

    Very brave, but what was he thinking? He should have waited till he was long gone from there before he spoke out.

  • Don L

    A Brave man!!! I hope he is well. I would have hoped he would have left Egypt right after that interview.

    A few weeks back, on this site, there was discussion about freedom from religion…and, Scalia, Mc Cain and nearly all of these christian right fruitcakes deny that there is freedom from religion. So, I could see this same interview occurring in the US once they decide what the punishment is for not believing. After all, if there is no freedom from, then there ought, nay must & shall, be a penalty. You get asked to choose a god or religion to believe in. If you decline…

    • There is a minor Greek god called Momus – a god of laughter, of satire, of witty mockery. We could choose him if we’re forced to choose one or be executed.

      • liz

        That’s a great idea! We could start the “Church of Momus”.

        • Don L

          What? You attend every sunday and get a new mother? MomUS. Rim Bam! LOL.

      • Don L

        Momus vs Comus: the god of evil-spirited blame vs the god of merely laughter…it fits the circumstance. I, given this wise and well-considered survivalist tack of god picking.. would claim twin gods: Momus and Bacchus (Dionysus if we want to remain in the Greek realm).

        Getting blasted and, knowing the difference, ridiculing, judging and punishing all those who don’t follow MY gods would be enjoyable…a Comus moment. OK, maybe three gods. The faith’s message: Momus & Bacchus for Comus Oh Yeah! This is spoken 3 times while holding the arm up and out as if holding a glass of wine and toasting. After the 3 repetitions the arm and hand is moved toward the mouth to give the appearance of drinking from the cup. Whenever possible, there should be real cups and real wine. This wine toasting & drinking gesture is the official sign of the faith.

        Maybe four gods…one for dancing…