The wasted lives of Muslim women 4

The Independent reports: “ISIS executes 150 women for refusing to marry militants and buries them in mass graves.”

We’re not sure if this picture of a barren field, used by the Independent to illustrate its story, is the actual graveyard. But the picture seems to us to convey a feeling of the sad, bleak, lonely, hopeless life of a middle eastern Muslim woman, living her life – long or short – in a black bag.

At any moment, at the whim of their savage men, such women are likely to be killed – for his “honor”, for her disobedience, or just for their fun.


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  • liz

    “Militants” is too good a word for them. That implies some kind of human reasoning. There’s no reason or humanity involved here. Just evil.
    Whoever destroys them should be credited with rescuing civilization.

    • One_Eyed_Fat_Man

      Since these so called “militants” aren’t even the least bit human I’ve recommended that they be placed on the “legal kill” list (unfortunately there isn’t such a thing), and that normal humans then be paid a bounty for each of these bottom dwelling, mouth breathing, scum sucking, camel humping pigs, or their supporters, that we eliminate from the gene pool.

      • liz

        Excellent plan!

      • Don L