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Words fail us.

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  • liz

    Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea if the Americans we deported were all leftists.


      They could start their own country………….called “Leftystan.”

  • Don L

    This reflects the success of the progressive’s compulsory schooling sysytem. It also reflects the failure of our ‘Leaders’ “…to secure these [unalienable] rights.
    Generations being taught to hate Americans without a first or second thought.

    Leftist stooges being turned out in the millions. Unthinking, emotion-driven automatons…illegally entering the USA “…it isn’t their fault”…let’s all sing and dance to the everybody is a victim now songs.

    Next thing you’ll tell me is that we’re going to normalize with Cuba.


      What else would one expect from minds that’ve been laid to waste by liberal professors and their inane, upside-down curricula, and raised by parents who’ve made a life’s work of keeping their heads up their asses?

      I do not blame these students for signing this petition. These Commies-in-training will need subjects to rule over once the’ve deported all of the American citizens and brought in all of those new Democrat voters.

      • Don L

        Hi…had to and just a bt more…away. Glad you posted so I could message:

        Have a great damned Kristmas and a Prosperous and healthy New Year.

        See you on the otherside…of the year’s end…I ain’t no ghost hugger! LOL.

        • REALBEING

          And a very merry X-mas to you, too pal!! As for the New Year, I hope that you enjoy a healthy, prosperous, and a mostly Socialist-free one!!