Islam must be destroyed – by words and laughter 11

The weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo laughed at all religions. It mocked religion as such, mercilessly. It dared to mock the nastiest religion of them all, Islam, defying its vengefulness. It was doing a great job for civilization.

Because of the killing of the journalists and cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo yesterday in Paris, we repeat part of our post, Religion and the crippling of the mind – an existential threat (January 2, 2013):

Human survival depends on progress, and progress depends on the criticism of ideas.

Religions are the most dangerous sets of ideas because they are the most dogmatic. Dogma chains and cripples the mind. It denies knowledge and prevents discovery and innovation. The only possible form of argument between opposing dogmas is violence. Religions must be questioned.

Any idea that requires a law to protect it from criticism is ipso facto a bad idea.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation [formerly the Organization of the Islamic Conference], the United Nations, and the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, are actively engaged in trying to silence criticism of Islam. If their campaign succeeds it will greatly advance Islam’s jihad, its war to impose universal Islamic rule.

The victory of Islam would put humanity under a death sentence.  

And this is also a good time to repeat an even earlier post, The need to knock Islam (September 3, 2011):

The greatness of the West began with doubting. The idea that every belief, every assumption, should be critically examined started the might of Europe. When those old Greek thinkers who founded our civilization learnt and taught that no one has a monopoly of truth or ever will have, they launched the intellectual adventure that has carried the human race – not without a long interval in the doldrums – literally to the skies.

Socrates taught the utility of suspicion. He is reputed to have said, “The highest form of human excellence is to question oneself and others.” He was not, however, the first to use doubt for discovery. Thales of Miletos, who was born 155 years before Socrates, dared to doubt that religion’s explanatory tales about how the world came to be as it is were to be trusted, and he began exploring natural phenomena in a way that we recognize as scientific. He is often called the Father of Science. With him and his contemporary, Anaximander, who argued with him by advancing alternative ideas, came the notion – for the first time as far as we know – that reason could fathom and describe how the universe worked.

Science is one of the main achievements of the West, but it is not the only product of constructive doubt that made for its greatness. Doubt as a habit of mind or tradition of thinking meant that new, foreign, even counter-intuitive ideas were not dismissed. Europe, before and after it stagnated in the doldrums of the long Catholic Christian night (and even to some extent during those dark centuries), was hospitable to ideas wherever they came from.

Totally opposed to this intellectual openness were the churches with their dogma. Those who claim that the achievements of our civilization are to be credited to Christianity (or in the currently fashionable phrase to “the Judeo-Christian tradition”) have a hard case to make. It was the rediscovery of the Greek legacy in the Renaissance in the teeth of Christian dogmatism, and the new freedom from religious persecution exploited by the philosophers of the Enlightenment that re-launched the West on its intellectual progress, to become the world’s nursery of innovation and its chief factory of ideas.

Our civilization cannot survive without this openness. Critical examination is the breath that keeps it alive. But it is in danger of suffocation. It is more threatened now than it has been for the last four hundred years by dogmatisms: Marxism, environmentalism, religion – above all Islam which absolutely forbids criticism.

The Founding Fathers of the United States perfectly understood the necessity for an open market of ideas. Every citizen of the republic, they laid down, must be free to declare his beliefs, to argue his case, to speak his mind, to examine ideas as publicly as he chose without fear of being silenced.

Islam is now the major threat to the West. Its ideas are the very opposite of those on which the USA was founded. It is an ideology of intolerance and cruelty. It forbids the free expression of thought. By its very nature, even if it were not now on a mission of world conquest (which it is), it is the enemy of the West.

The best way to defeat it is by criticizing it, constantly and persistently, in speech and writing, on the big screen and the small screen, in the schools and academies, in all the media of information and comment, in national and international assemblies.

If the weapon of words is forbidden, the only alternative will be guns. 


    Ladies and gentlemen….I’ve stated this before, but never has it been more important than after this incident: WE NEED A WHOLE BUNCH OF HEROS!!

    The banter, the cackling and the rattling noises coming from the “sheep” leadership of this world is deafening, yet almost entirely stoic in enterprise. I feel that by design its become the Father of utter complacency!

    Complacency is what we get, when, in it’s stead, we need another damned Spartan named Leonidas!!

    • REALBEING: Don’t you think the cartoonists and journalists at Charlie Hebdo were heroic? They carried on doing their thing regardless of threats to their lives.


        Theres ‘heroism’ and theres foolhardiness, I believe. My post is about the reality we face not only as a nation under attack, but an entire world under attack.

        Yes, what this man did was in a way heroic, and jokes do have their place in this war, but his actions were also stupid, as he knew he’d be marked.

        He failed to make some sort of contingency plan for safety. I site the case of Salman Rushdie.

        But when people are firing live rounds at the innocent, keep your head down, find a way to accomplish your mission, and get out with your life, to live and fight again another day.

        As George S. Patton stated rather eloquently “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.”

        Every freedom-loving human on Earth is in this war, whether they know it, or not!

        • liz

          Yes. By importing these people into our countries, our “leaders” have brought the problem on us citizens. We’re in it whether we like it or not, now.

          • REALBEING

            Our problems with our personal survival, in the past, have always been charged to the individual person. Through our dependence on a government entity, we’ve been “lulled to sleep,” as far as our personal security, depending on someone or something else.

            I’m not advocating that we should all carry firearms, but we individuals must re-develop our sense of personal security. Look before you leap, if you please……or start thinking more and more about what we’d do in situation-X.

  • liz

    “If the weapon of words is forbidden, the only alternative will be guns.”
    The weapon of words has already been forbidden, and the alternative chosen, by Islam itself, as demonstrated in the killings in Paris.
    How ironic, that voicing criticism of the religion that inspires acts of hate and evil such as this is considered to be “hate speech” by dhimmis like Clinton!
    It’s hateful to condemn or ridicule the vile hatred spewed by the “prophet” of Islam and his followers? Who not only spew it, but act upon it by murdering every “infidel” they can?
    No, we’re supposed to empathise with our enemies and try to work things out, according to Clinton. And ban guns and sing kumbaya. And add them to our welfare rolls. That’s obviously working out great for us so far.

    • Don L

      Liz, really? You must empathize and turn the other cheek! It’s the American principles Barry and Hillary believe in…for us. And, how can you question their ability to know what’s best…for us? LOL…on second thought, there’s nothing funny…it’s what they do believe.

  • Don L

    “Any idea that requires a law to protect it from criticism is ipso facto a bad idea.” – Jillian Becker – 2015

    Cut to the chase…simple and irrefutable. And, Bing and Google search does not reveal any other of having the wisdom to state this law. It is a law…you don’t fall up a building and if you need the legal system to protect an idea then IT IS A BAD IDEA!!!

    islam (intentional decapitalization), of all the religions, is the ultimate bad idea…it is a deadly idea. What is maddening, is the ubiquitous nonsense of “extremist or radical” islam. Ayaan Hirsi Ali says it correctly when she states that there are no moderate muslims. There are only muslims not ‘yet’ fulfilling their duties.

    What would be refreshing and reassuring would be some political leader to factually describe what this messenger of allah, muhammad, was actually like and how muslims are supposed to live as he did…including incest (data on muslim IQ deficiencies and mental cases), pedophilia, etceteras. And, factually describe how lying and killing is the primary duty prescribed throughout the quoran. There is no ‘hijacked’ religion. Well, I’m not holding my breath.

    The talking head that really gets my goat is this Bill O’Reilly on FOX. He will go on and about about Obama’s failure to call terrorisn terrorism and relate it to islam in any form, about his not securing the border and on an on about a littany of Obama actions that endanger America and shake his head and just say he doesn’t understand. He, as many do, try to relate it always to politics and party as if Obama is a just foolish. All anyone has to do to understan Obama is think enemy agent. By acting, taquiyya – lying to infidels, as a loyal but leftist American, he is never questioned seriously as he destroys the countries economy, security, military, et ceteras. What do people think the DOMESTIC ENEMY was going to be like? Once you overlay enemy on Obama’s actions, it all makes sense. But just like pretending extreme, radical or hijacked…nobody in DC will ever face reality. Who are all these muslim brohood dudes Barry has hanging around anyway?

    • All of that is the case.

      And the quoted sentence – yes, I now see, it should be called “Jillian’s Law”. (How could you ever have doubted that it’s my very own?)

      • Don L

        Yes to Jillian’s Law!!!

        As to doubt: “The greatness of the West began with doubting. The idea that every belief, every assumption, should be critically examined…” And, I’m nothing if not great! LOL.

    • liz

      He absolutely is the Domestic Enemy.
      The frogs have been slowly boiling in progressivism for the last hundred years. Now they’ve started to saute with chef Barry.