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Today we posted this on our Facebook page:

A message to Republicans:

We know there are thousands, and we plausibly guess there are tens of thousands, and we conjecture not unreasonably that there may be millions of atheists and secularists who would vote Republican if Christian conservatism did not exert the degree of influence on Republican policy that it does now. Many atheists have voted Democratic not because they like Obama and Pelosi and Reid and Holder and their horrible Leftist, redistributionist, and unpatriotic policies, but because they are repelled by the voices of the religious sounding so loud and often on the Right. By paying less attention to those voices, and keeping religion out of policy-making, you would not lose the votes of many Christians. They’re not likely to go over en masse to the Left. But you would gain a considerable number of new voters. Please take this message, which we advance very seriously, into consideration.

Please help us get our message to Republicans.

It just may make some difference.

Or not?

Would the Republicans ever risk losing the votes of the religious Right? Do they think of it as their base? Would they ever consider ignoring it, let alone abandoning it?

What do our readers think?

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  • Frank

    The conservative Republican Party is dead – there is no reviving it. It is completely controlled by Christian theocrats. Their ultimate goal is make America a Christian theocracy.

    • Thanks for your comment, Frank. It is extremely pessimistic. I hope the outlook is not as bad as that.

  • Dale Jensen

    I wouldn’t care if the Republicans banned abortion, gay marriage and even no-fault divorce. So long as they followed through on the “fiscally conservative” part. Abolish or at least greatly minimize the welfare state (obviously including ObamaCare). Start to seriously dismantle the Federal Reserve and the socialist monetary system we now have. Eliminate pro-union legislation and the minimum wage law. Be strict on immigration especially Muslims which should never be allowed. And most importantly totally dismantle the entire public education system which is nothing more than Leftist education facilities. Eliminate all state owned and run schools at the grade school, high school and college levels. That last one alone would kill the Left.

    If the Republicans would seriously do those things or start the process for those things I wouldn’t care how religious they were. Abortion is repulsive as is gay “marriage” and open homosexuality. And much of female sexual liberation has been destructive to society. I wouldn’t care if women’s sexual freedom’s were scaled back (and no, not to the middle ages level, just the 50s or so).

    The problem with the Conservatives and Republicans is not their religion per se. Its that they have so many Leftist sympathies. A true Christian Right wing movement could create an American Christian version of Singapore. I would have no problem with that.

    • liz

      I agree that dismantling the public education system is at the top of the list of what needs to be done. Without that, all the other reforms would be ineffective in the long run, because the brainwashing would continue.

    • Sean R.

      Dale, I don’t know where to start and begin with your commentary, there’s nothing but fallacies after fallacies in them and it sounds pretty much paternalistic (synonym to collectivism and fascism).
      To the first half of your comment, I doubt that the unions will be eliminated, it won’t happen in our lifetime or in future lifetimes when we’re all gone from society. As far as immigration is concerned, yes we ought to pay more attention on precisely who’s being let into this country and crack down on illegal-immigration, it’s also impossible to deport all of the 10-30 million folks who are here illegally, if let us say the government puts an end to stuff that are free, then maybe, just maybe the illegal-aliens will leave on their own. And if the illegal-aliens here who wants to become US citizens, here are my options, let them serve at least 4 years of US Armed Forces, earn a college degree, and for health reasons, ONLY if their lives are at risk, which contains infectious disease, accident that’s life-threatening, severe-illness, etc.
      To the abortion, same-sex marriage and female-sexual liberations, those are personal issues and NOT governmental issues (another fallacy of the right wing by them spewing out big-government bollocks). Abortion: I’m pro-choice, by providing birth control (by being affordable), sex education as curriculums, social services could assist and reduce the number of abortions, etc. Same-sex marriage: another thing that’s personal, if you’ve look back at history in this country, the Native-Americans had a certain status for LGBT individuals amongst their tribes (before the white-European Christians came to this country and imposed Christianity and white-supremacy on the Native-Indians), they were called the “Two-Spirits”, homosexuality was accepted in just about virtually in all tribes, and the same thing can be stated in ancient societies in world history before orthodox views encroachments. And female-sexual liberations: lookit, I’m against sexual-repressions, and sexual-repressions are unhealthy, NOONE shouldn’t repress his or her sexuality, this is another thing that’s personal and shouldn’t have state intervening into our sex-lives and bedrooms. And your argument of “sexual liberations are destructive to society” is a logical-fallacy known as “appeal to emotions”, it’s conspiracy-theory rubbish that’s been debunked on countless occasions and also, fear-mongering, et al!

  • liz

    I’m not really sure what the GOP really stands for much anymore. They seem to ignore the conservatives (secular and Christian alike) by nominating guys like McCain and Romney, any of the Bushes, etc….who pay lip service to fixing big government, but don’t.
    I’d be willing to vote for freaking Jerry Falwell if he promised to end the Fed, fire the EPA, IRS, XYZ, repeal Obama care, etc., etc., and raze the mosques!!!


      And these “ghosts of the past” are not really sure what they stand for, either! Liz, being a Republican anymore is not a guarantee that the person is Conservative, in both views and actions.

      This old idea that being Republican is an automatic sign that you’re Conservative has been replaced with some sort of monstrosity that seems to want to be all things to all people.

      It is a “changling.” Something that sways whichever way the political winds blow, trying to be popular with each and every faction in the country.

      I think that they could get to be a much more viable, and vote-attracting Party, if they, as individual people, would simply and effectively stick to their old, shelved political “guns.”

      The types of ‘guns’ that a great deal of voters feel like wanting to return to in their hearts, but can only find a semblance of in a very few people and places in all of Politics, anymore.

      They cry out for a Party that stands up for those types of feelings and actions of old!

      One that is very, very much akin to the Party of Ronald Reagan….Conservative indeed as he was, and dedicated to reason, common sense, and thus being effective, in an ineffective world.

      • liz

        Yes and the sad thing is, even Reagan would be ineffective now, since we’ve gone so far to the left, and created such a monster of government. Cutting taxes and deregulation would be steps in the right direction, but still a drop in the bucket.

        • REALBEING

          It takes a long time fro a very large freight train to slow down and finally stop, let along get it started running in the right direction.

          Also, it doesn’t happen without considerable effort.

  • Sean R.

    Since politically I’m slightly conservative, with my metaphysical leanings more towards the center and libertarian plethora of conservatism (center-right/right-of-center), I hope that the GOP does pay a little more attention to us on the humanistic end of right wing politics, the reason why a good number of us humanists have drifted away from the Republicans and Conservative politics, has been for the last 30+ years of them placating to the religious-right wing, that has hijacked the GOP and American-Conservatism (the New Right). And unfortunately, a good number of them have espoused their variations of big government, of focusing too much on abortions, same-sex marriages, pornography, etc., all of those stuff are personal, with the exception of pornography, were those in that business can correct and fix the problems, instead of letting the state do regulations on it (and there’ve been a good number of conservative talk show hosts who’ve argued against adult-film, ie, Michael Savage, I advise them to read John Stuart Mill’s writing, “On Liberty”, where it’s an antithesis to over-bearing governments)!