Nothing to do with Islam 5

This video of Pat Condell saying what needs to be said was published last Thursday (January 15, 2015):

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  • liz


  • Don L

    I’m worried about his health…His facial skin looks awful…It would be horrendous to loose him.

    Sorry…wheeras the demand for intellectuals is so low, most wind up serving the ‘rulers’ as the ruling-classes 3rd-party authority stooges.

    As with Jillian, it is rare to have intellectuals that dare to be intellectual for freedom.

    (boy, I hope I got that over correctly!!!)

  • Frank

    Once again Pat Condell points out the obvious.

    • Yes. He does sit very well, when few have the understanding or the courage to do it at all – wouldn’t you agree, Frank?

      • Frank

        I absolutely do agree. He is the modern day equivalent of a character in the fable of the Emperor’s New Clothes. He points out the obvious facts which others choose not to see because of social pressures.