McCain, Kissinger, and low-life scum 5

Now for a little light relief.

Senator John McCain, a genuine hero, made a lousy presidential candidate in 2008. We seldom like anything he says.

But today we applaud him for what he said to a despicable bunch of feeble-minded Islam-supporting terrorist-encouraging pacifist Communist feminists – silly women of both sexes.

The Daily Mail reports:

Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain uncorked a scathing attack on anti-war protesters who interrupted an Armed Services Committee hearing on Thursday …

Activists with the far-left pacifist group CodePink stood with banners when former secretary of state Henry Kissinger entered the room, accusing him of committing war crimes during his tenure as America’s top diplomat and as the national security adviser.

They shook handcuffs in his face and chanted “Arrest Henry Kissinger for war crimes” while McCain, who chaired the hearing about global threats to the U.S., sat dumbfounded and embarrassed … visibly angry on Thursday when police weren’t on the scene immediately to remove the protesters from the hearing chamber. …

“You know,” he told the group of pink-clad agitators, “you’re going to have to shut up, or I’m going to have you arrested.”

The Capitol Police tardily appeared.

One man, being escorted from the room by a uniformed cop, shouted something back at the senator.

Get out of here, you low-life scum,” McCain replied.

The audience “erupted in applause”.

Emily Zanotti at The American Spectator writes:

Since it’s rare to feel proud of the work John McCain does in Congress, it’s probably worth keeping this little nugget somewhere deep in your files, so that you can pull it out and remember that somewhere, deep down inside that slowly-melting Maverick, there’s still a passionate heart that burns with an unquenchable desire to smack a hippie back into the last century where she belongs.

This morning, John McCain’s inner beast reared it’s ugly head at Code Pink’s.

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  • Don L

    First…In no way would I actually want McCain or any other American serviceperson (PC) to remain a POW. That said, for all the good McCain has done for America…he might as well have stayed in the Hanoi Hilton!

    His hero is the Piece of crap SOB (low life scum) who foisted progressivism on America: Teddy Rosevelt. During his 2008 run at the presidency he seemed proud to acknowledge he didn’t know anything about economics. But, he proclaimed “I have 3 economists that advise me”. I don’t remember their names, but I checked, at the time…already having been exposed to Austrian economics…and his 3 economists were all hardcore central planning Keynesians.

    And, during his last run at the presidency, I happened to attend a McCain Rally at a local, very large, private christian university: Grand Canyon University. I got on a line to ask him a question. When it was my turn, I asked if he accepted the idea of freedom from religion. His reponse was a snarly NO! and a dirty look and turn of his head away from me…nothing said but I heard, “You low life scum”. Security turned toward me…I left.

    He’s a fascist…a national socialist sans an ethnic purity syndrome. He is, like his hero Teddy, a militarist adventurist. He is the poster boy for why there ought be term limits!!! His ‘Maverick’ isn’t for conservatism…limited government, equitable taxation or free markets…but for enlightened socialism…not far removed from compassionate conseravtism…Yeah, right!
    (Jeb Bush…oh geez!)

    32 years in government…multi-millionaire now…what has McCain accomplished? Especially, since he is always fighting with us for us…for something grteater than ourselves .. puke…my fiends.

    • I agree with every say about McCain, Don L. But I’m still glad he called Code Pink wussies “scum”. If al-Baghdadi called Code Pink wussies “scum” I’d applaud. In fact, if al-Baghdadi did it, I’d applaud even louder.

      You attended a McCain rally? At a Christian university?

      That’s very broadminded of you!

      • Don L

        Ah…you’re right. I forgot to comment that Code Pink is Scum!

        As I recall, my motivation for attending was slightly curiosity and mostly because of something he had said before, that made the news, about religion and citizenship. I don’t remember, but it pissed me off.

        I was scared, but was proud I asked. Like, many years later, Scalia making his pronouncement that there is no freedom from religion. stupid knows no boundaries.

        Oh, Oh, Oh…I neartly forgot…the mike was shut off. I was going to ask, I did but nobody heard, a follow up about which god and what was the penalty if I refused a religion. I was boo’d but as I left, I didn’t have to fight any traffic driving off the campus! LOL.

        • liz

          Ha! Well, at least all you had to put up with was a dirty look! If you’d asked one of Obama’s MB buddies, you might have left without your head!
          Very sad, though, that that’s the best Republicans could come up with – a guy ignorant about economics, the first amendment, and no telling what else.

  • liz

    Awesome! Say that again!