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Is it America’s moral duty to rescue victims of religious, ideological, racial, national, or tribal oppression, persecution, or genocide?

James Lewis writes at American Thinker:

Genocides happen when the civilized world shuts its eyes and does nothing while some gang of barbarians slaughters human beings by the thousands.  Civilized silence promises safety to the killers and demoralizes their victims.

Samantha Power, Obama’s U.N. ambassador, has made a career criticizing U.S. government passivity in the face of genocide.  She has written Pulitzer Prize-winning books like A Problem From Hell: America and the Age of Genocide.

Now [she is] U.N. ambassador – a major power position in the Obama administration, the most powerful political job she is ever likely to have to do what she wants.

What has Dr. Power done about genocide? What has she actually done to stop, or even to complain in public about, groups and regimes that thirst after genocide, like Iran, ISIS, the Taliban, the Wahhabi priesthood of Saudi Arabia, the mass killing rulers of the Sudan? What about Boko Haram killing, enslaving, and selling children in Nigeria? What about the Kenya massacres? What has she done?

Samuel Totten studies genocide as a disease of dysfunctional politics and has now written a report on Samantha Power’s actions against genocide.

They are zero, just like her boss’s achievements.

But let’s be more modest. It may be hard to get things done in the real world. So let’s just ask: what has Samantha Power even said in her highly public position as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations?

Has Power even spoken out, in private or public, against the horrors we can all see today?

Like Obama himself, Dr. Power refuses even to call the real thing by its proper name. Somehow, after a career of assaulting previous administrations for their moral failures to even name genocide, she is now struck deaf and dumb.

Samantha Power is symbolic of all the simple moral failures of the Obama years. She has sold her soul for a mess of pottage.  Like her boss, Dr. Power talks a good game.

The Rwanda genocide happened because Kofi Annan, who was a U.N. “observer”, knew all about it but never made a public fuss.

Well, that’s not why it happened. It may have been why it wasn’t stopped, or prevented from happening.

The Armenian genocide of 1.5 million Christians happened because ethnic and religious genocide is what the Turks did during the four centuries of the Ottoman Caliphate, and nobody in the more civilized world wanted to even publicize it.  The same is true of the Holocaust and Stalin’s Ukrainian starvation campaign. …

Again, the disregard of powerful nations by their governments and/or their newspapers was not a cause of those atrocities but – at most – a license to let them proceed.

But perhaps James Lewis means that if the civilized powers made it constantly known, by interfering even in small incidents of persecution when they occurred anywhere in the world – and so demonstrating that they would not allow such things ever to happen – the big events, the starving of millions, the attempts at genocide would not happen because interference would be expected and feared.

He argues that the “civilized world” should at least speak up against the evil that states and rebel armies do.

The civilized world is not obligated to sacrifice precious lives, even for a profoundly moral cause.  We are not infinitely powerful.  But we have an elementary right and duty to tell the truth, and to act on it when we can.  Obama’s abandonment of millions and millions of people is a cruel defeat for elementary morality. Those who don’t get that are sociopaths, and those who twist it are liars.  Abandoning Afghanistan is not, as the delusional left will say, some sort of victory. The rise of barbarian sadistic regimes, those who routinely oppress all women and girls because they can, is not – repeat: not – a wonderful moral victory.

But Obama and his media lackeys will try to paint it that way.

Today we don’t even allow ourselves to think that the Cold War was a noble and civilizing effort by the United States and its allies against the kind of barbarism that we see today being practiced by ISIS – and we know about ISIS only because social media make it impossible for the left to censor it.  The left cares only about power, and the resulting millions of dead and wounded are simply the price to pay for Progress. …

Now Obama is willingly – maybe joyously – retreating from lands where we made a difference. We gave and sacrificed precious lives and treasure in Afghanistan, in Iraq, and elsewhere. It was the right thing to do after 9/11/01 for our national security, and it was the moral thing to do. Today Obama is  turning Afghanistan over to the barbaric Taliban, just as we seem to be turning Iraq over to ISIS and an Iranian proxy regime in Baghdad.

Obama is knowingly running away from the worst war ideology in the world: war-making Islam.

But why? Could it be because he thinks it is the best ideology in the world? There have been many signs that he loves Islam. And not, we suspect, because he is deluded into thinking it other than it is, but because it is as it is.

 Since he is constitutionally unable to tell the truth, he has to lie about it. Suddenly the Wahhabi torture theology of ISIS – identical to that of the Taliban – no longer makes for a “terrorist” gang. No, they are an “indigenous insurgency,” following the most shameful lie of the left today, the corrupt idea that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom-fighter. We should have realized that when Obama allowed the young people’s Green Revolution in Tehran to be killed and tortured into silence at the very beginning of this administration.

We have lost our moral bearings, and the left likes it that way.

Obama is a typical leftist horror story, just as merciless as Lenin, Chávez, and Pol Pot.  Since we’ve exhausted the English vocabulary for describing him and his gang, I suggest we borrow his own lies to describe him.

He is Obama the Merciful, the Compassionate, the Servant of the most ruthless war theology in history.

He is not my president, and in a moral sense, he is not an American president at all.

But say we did have a president who would tell the truth and speak out against Islam, its ruthlessly destructive ideology, its unjust law, its cruelty to women, its extreme bigotry in allowing no apostasy – would the Taliban or ISIS be deterred?

And if not, would most Americans say they must be stopped by force – American military force?

Samantha Power has a highly selective bleeding heart. She and Hillary Clinton worked passionately to get American bombs falling on Libya; ostensibly to protect the people from massacre by the tyrant Qaddafi when they knew he was not actually threatening them – only to stand back when he was killed as a result of their interference, and let real massacres rip; including the one at Benghazi of the US ambassador and three other Americans.

Perhaps Dr. Power’s silence since then could be read as a sign that she learnt a lesson about “the responsibility to protect” which she had invoked in the case of Libya. That would give her the benefit of any doubt about her character and intelligence. But whether her silence on the daily atrocities being carried out, in the name of Allah, in Sudan, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, the Congo, and now the Cameroons – is the result of painfully acquired wisdom or merely conformity to Obama’s “policy” of complaisance, we cannot know.


    Whenever good men do nothing, (or very little) it is license for the wolves to be themselves, which amounts to destroying civilization.

    In the cases of the Islamic Extremists, they are simply allowed ‘Carte Blanche’ when the people in charge shelve their “Power” in favor of the golf course.

    • liz

      Really Obama himself (and Powers and the rest of them) is one of the wolves, “doing nothing” very purposefully, as a way of enabling the other wolves to gain power, which he must be expecting to benefit from, at the expense of the people.
      But we’re not “his people”, as Holder would say. So not only in a moral sense, but in a very literal sense, he really is not our President.


        Undoubtedly! The Law Of Compensation clearly states that when one refuses to do his job to the fullest extent, he immediately becomes his antithesis to the same degree of initial effort.

        Therefore, Obama in effect becomes a new wolf, simply from his lack of activity against the wolves.

        Funny that you should mention the premise of Obama not really being OUR president. I’ve always thought of Obama as someone else’s president, too!

        • Don L

          He IS the DOMESTIC ENEMY!

          I hate this lunacy: “You must respect the office of the Presidency”. BS! The ‘office’ is who’s in it and there is a chronic liar, deceitful, ideologically anti-American, intentionally Constitution violating, by ommission & comission Republic destroying piece of filth, low life scum, in the office of president. I have no respect for pesron or office. I have no respect for the other 544 members of the government who will not do their duty and arrest & try Obama as an enemy of the United States of America; along with his entire entourage of csars and stooges (including Hillary & Powers).

          • REALBEING

            I respect the mystique surrounding the CHAIR which sits behind the DESK inside The Oval Office.

            Now……….in order for the INDIVIDUAL that sits in this CHAIR behind this DESK in The Oval Office to be admired by me, he/she must prove themselves deserving of my admiration…

            The present “RESIDENT” has not proved himself worthy of my admiration one little bit!

            However, this present jerk DOES deserve my disdain, contempt, and both of my middle fingers!!!!

    • Don L

      Good to see you here again!


        Thanks, Don! It is good to be back in the saddle!

  • liz

    I thought it was interesting that at the recent “prayer breakfast”, Obama said that Christians need to “get down off their high horse”, be more humble, and not think they are the only ones God speaks to.
    True enough, (except the part about God speaking to anybody), but has anyone ever heard him say anything like that to Muslims? Uh, no.
    No, to Muslims, next to whom all other religionists pale when it comes to arrogant self-righteousness, he only says things like “the future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”. No hypocrisy to see here at all!


      Proof that in reality Obama is really the “Apologist-In-Chief.” His actions speak so much louder then his words ever could, pointing out to his observers just where his ego has pushed his emotions!

      If ever there was a leader more in love with himself, it might’ve been Adolph Hitler, or Joseph Stalin.