Too many empty cells in Gitmo 3

Obama’s press secretary, Josh Earnest, issued the administration’s lame excuse for releasing terrorists from Guantanamo Bay, saying: “It would be unwise to neglect the fact that the prison at Guantanamo Bay continues to inspire violent acts around the globe.”

(One of the real reasons is that Obama wants to empty the prison so he can return the territory to Cuba’s Communist regime. Another is that he is emotionally pro-Islam as well as pro-Communist.)

Here Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) debunks the excuse with admirable bluntness:

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  • Azgael

    Too many empty cells in Gitmo…I AGREE we should fill them starting with Obama, holder, reid and polosi just to start


      Too many empty cells in Gitmo because there are too many empty heads in charge in Washington D.C.!

      By the way, Azgael, those folks you’ve named already have standing reservations for them in Leavenworth, Kansas….

  • liz

    Excellent point made!! Yes, the only good reason for NOT having Gitmo is that they should all be executed immediately, and save taxpayers the expense of their imprisonment.
    Obama’s excuse is not only lame but insultingly absurd.