Keep the terrorists caged 2

As a follow-up to our post Too many empty cells in Gitmo (February 6, 2015), here’s another video in which clear-thinking, firmly articulate Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR), replying to criticism repeated to him by beautiful and brilliant Megan Kelly on Fox News – in order to give him a platform to reply – defends and thoroughly justifies his insistence that the Muslim terrorist prisoners in Gitmo should not be released.

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  • liz

    How refreshing to hear common sense stated plainly.
    The lawyer for the terrorist can take his phony “for shame” and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

  • Don L

    Ah yes, the beautiful Megan Kelly. This is no dumb blonde bimbo. Don’t get me wrong , it’s worth it, but just how expensive is it to get those roots dyed so dark? LOL.

    Senator Cotton is right on!!! The islamic terrorists (keeping in mind that a muslim is either performing his infidel murdering dities or isn’t YET) were recruiting before 911. They behead, burn, cruscify, torture and in all events kill anyone, military or civilian, they capture. Obviously, someone was thinking whereas the ignorant and complaining lawyer David Neven is assiged to defend the Kahlid piece of garbage. He gets what he deserves.

    Only a jury of politicians would even consider Obama not guilty. A jury of normal, not part of the 47% (OK…normal from the 53% side), wouldn’t have any question, would not buy the BS propaganda. and convict Obama of high crimes and misdemeanors …if not flat out treason.

    Megan is hardhitting and intelligent. Yet, as with the predominance of those on FOX networks, she is a hardened theist. She holds to case law irrespective of Constituional intent, and, again as with the predominance of FOX, she fails free market capitalism and leans fascistic on the economic policy scale. Otherwise, t’were I 40 years…

    Geez, quit dreamin”n ya ol’ fart…even if she were single…not even in yer prime! LOL.