An atheist threatens world peace 13

What a gift to Muslim organizations in America which like to pretend that Muslims are victims of “Islamopobia”: three young Muslims shot dead by a thug of a neighbor in dispute with them over a parking space!

To spice up the claim that the vicious killing was a “hate crime”, the thug is reported to be an atheist. Now watch out for politicians, media, and the loudmouths of various religions claiming that atheists are murderous radicals, as bad and dangerous as ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Boko Haram. 

Reuters reports:

A gunman who had posted anti-religious messages on Facebook and quarreled with neighbors was charged with killing three young Muslims in what police said on Wednesday was a dispute over parking and possibly a hate crime.

Notice that the very first piece of information Reuter supplies is that he “posted anti-religious messages on Facebook” – even though they have also to report a little later that that has nothing to do with the crime.

Craig Stephen Hicks, 46, a full-time paralegal student from Chapel Hill, was charged with first-degree murder in Tuesday’s shootings around 5 p.m. two miles from the University of North Carolina campus.

The victims were newlyweds Deah Shaddy Barakat, 23, a University of North Carolina dental student, and his wife Yusor Mohammad, 21, and Yusor’s sister, Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, 19.

The suspect, in handcuffs and orange jail garb, appeared briefly on Wednesday before a Durham County judge who ordered him held without bail pending a March 4 probable cause hearing.

Police said a preliminary investigation showed the motive to be a parking dispute. They said Hicks, who has no criminal history in Chapel Hill, turned himself in and was cooperating.

But for Islamic propagandists that wouldn’t do at all. At last they have an incident that, properly spun, will prove what they’ve been saying for years – America is cruelly “Islamophobic”.

The killings drew international condemnation. The shooting sparked the hashtag #MuslimLivesMatter on social media with many posters assailing what they called a lack of news coverage.

Muslim activists demanded authorities investigate a possible motive of religious hatred.

And at once the police did their dhimmi duty:

“We understand the concerns about the possibility that this was hate-motivated and we will exhaust every lead to determine if that is the case,” Chapel Hill Police Chief Chris Blue said in a statement.

So far, the leads seem to point another way:

The killings occurred in a condominium complex in a wooded area filled with two-story buildings. Neighbors said parking spaces were often a point of contention.

“I have seen and heard (Hicks) be very unfriendly to a lot of people in this community,” said Samantha Maness, 25, a community college student. But she said she had never seen him show animosity along religious lines.

But there are those Facebook entries for the “hate-crime” advocates to pin their hopes on.

On Facebook, Hicks’ profile picture reads “Atheists for Equality” and he frequently posted quotes critical of religion. On Jan. 20 he posted a photo of a .38-caliber revolver that he said was loaded and belonged to him.

Hicks’ wife, Karen Hicks, told reporters at a news conference that her husband had been locked in a longstanding dispute over parking and the killings had nothing to do with religion. She said Hicks was not hateful and believed “everyone is equal”.

Nevertheless, the sad event must be milked for all the propaganda value it can yield:

Barakat’s family urged the shooting be investigated as a hate crime and said the three were killed with shots to the head.

And at a candlelight vigil held for the dead at UNC, attended by “hundreds of people” –

University and city leaders urged inclusiveness during a time of unease, while a brother of one of the victims called for nonviolence.

The implication being that violence could break out at any moment: whether against Muslims or against non-Muslims, we do not learn from the report.

The prosecution, it seems, will stick to its findings:

The incident appeared to be isolated and not part of a targeted campaign against North Carolina Muslims, Ripley Rand, U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of North Carolina, told a news conference with local police officials. …

And the Islamic propagandists will stick to their wishes:

Groups including the Muslim Public Affairs Council, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the local Raleigh-based Muslims for Social Justice called for a federal investigation into possible hate crimes.

“I hope this terrible tragedy will be a turning point that brings the reality home that if we keep demonizing Muslims and equating their religion to terrorism, it will lead to more attacks,” said Manzoor Cheema, co-founder of Muslims for Social Justice.

It’s bad enough that three young people have been killed, but not bad enough for Reuters. They present the victims as extra good – while also keeping the idea of political-religious martyrdom before their readers:

“Today, we are crying tears of unimaginable pain over the execution-style murders,” Barakat’s older sister Suzanne told reporters.

She said her brother was light-hearted and loved basketball.


All were involved in humanitarian aid programs.


Barakat, an American citizen of Syrian origin, wrote in his last Facebook post about providing free dental supplies and food to homeless people in downtown Durham. He was raising funds for a trip to Turkey with 10 other dentists to provide free fillings, root canals and oral hygiene instruction to Syrian refugee children.

His sister-in-law, Abu-Salha, a sophomore at nearby North Carolina State University, was involved in making multimedia art to spread positive messages about being Muslim American.

Students at UNC said the three friends came from two of the most prominent Muslim families in the Raleigh area.

“Deah was a very proud Muslim American. He was proud of all his identities,” said Sofia Dard, a 21-year-old senior psychology major. She said Muslims were used to occasional harassment in post-9/11 America, but the shooting “adds a whole level of seriousness”.


Postscript: We may soon be in need of a word that suggests a psychopathic hatred of atheists that is permanently lodged in the minds of non-atheists. Suggestions are invited.  

Post-Postscript: Turns out the murderer is a Leftie. Quoting Powerline:

You can see the liberal media’s problem. Craig Hicks is, politically, a member of their team – a garden variety, cookie cutter, Obama-voting, conservative-hating liberal. His Facebook page looks like most reporters’ would, if they didn’t have to worry about appearances. So, much as they might want to publicize a hate crime against Muslims – Islamophobia at last! – can they possibly admit that a dyed in the wool liberal like Hicks can be guilty of an anti-Muslim hate crime? I think that would be too much cognitive dissonance. My guess is that the Chapel Hill murders will fade away as a local news story arising out of a dispute over a parking space.

  • Ron G

    Right…just like Ferguson went away as a local story about a thug that got shot by a cop.

  • Peregrinus the Nihilist

    These probably exist already, as they are logically formed from the appropriate prefixes/suffixes:

    Anti-atheism (compare ‘anti-theism’)
    Atheophobia (compare ‘Judeophobia’)
    Misatheism (compare ‘misandry’)

    • I like the last one best. Thanks, Peregrinus the Nihilist!

      • Peregrinus the Nihilist

        My pleasure, Ms. Becker.

  • liz

    And “Muslim lives matter”? What about “American lives matter”? 3000 of them mattered on 9/11, but not to “Muslims for social justice”, I’m sure.
    And what the heck is that, anyway? Muslims ignoring the incredibly extreme violations of human rights in Muslim countries, but whining about “Islamophobia” and “backlash” here in America?

  • Don L

    Last week on one of the FOX shows, some ‘contributor’, went on and on about how the Soviet Union killed 20 plus million in the name of atheism. This false statement was not challenged by anyone. Marxism, Communism, socialism ideological considerations were of no import?

    Untheistpathy: Un thee ist pa thee – irrational religious doctrine-driven, fear-based, hatred of those who reject faith or believe in a god or gods.

    • Yes, atheist-haters love to say that Stalin and Hitler killed “more than all the wars of history, religious and otherwise, put together”. It’s no use arguing with them that the USSR was spreading Communism, not atheism. Or that Hitler was not an atheist.(He was baptized a Roman Catholic, and later in life passionately embraced Richard Wagner’s weird religion, worship of the primitive Germanic gods of war). To one such obstinate “historian” I recently pointed out that even if Hitler was an atheist, he did not perpetrate war and genocide in the name of atheism. “No,” the man said, “you are wrong. Hitler was an atheist, and he did what he did because he was an atheist.” It happens that this man is a vegetarian. And without doubt Hitler was a vegetarian. So I told him that by the same reasoning, Hitler did what he did because he was a vegetarian. He was furious. He will probably never speak to me again.

      • Don L

        LOL. You’ll have to decide if his not speaking to you is a loss or not. But, millions dying for vegetarianism…say, given present Dept of EPA staffing…maybe they are?

        A few months back, a fella that was a long-term acquaintance…
        nearly over the threshold to friend…unloaded on me about my atheism when I commented that prayer in publicly funded sports stadiums ought be banned. I’d suspected that one day his god beliefs might errupt. Oh well.

      • Peregrinus the Nihilist

        Reminds of me of the end of Richard Dawkins’s debate with Bill O’Reilly, where the former said: “… Hitler and Stalin both had mustaches but we don’t say it was their mustaches that made them evil.”

        Atheism is commonly seen to be “just another religion,” or at least a belief system. People seem to conflate atheistic philosophies (Marxism, Objectivism, secular humanism, etc.) with atheism PROPER. I think much of the confusion may be attributable to the way the term is used by atheist humanists themselves, such as Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers; the former speaks of the “dignity of atheism” and the latter insists that atheism must necessarily mean and entail more than its dictionary definition. Left-wing movements like “Atheism Plus” further compound the confusion.

        There are atheisms and atheisms, as there are theisms and theisms. Lumping all atheistic philosophies together is no more reasonable than doing the same for all theistic religions. One who is content to paint all atheisms with the same brush cannot be consistent without painting all theisms with the same brush. This would entail collectively indicting ALL theisms for any instance of religious violence, no matter which sect happens to be behind it. This would mean blaming Christianity for violence perpetrated by Muslims (as well as vice versa).

        If this sounds unreasonable/absurd, well, there you have it. “Atheism” proper cannot be viewed as a monolithic religion, ideology, or even philosophy. On its own, it does not constitute a comprehensive answer to the questions of any of the three branches of philosophy, i.e., epistemology, ontology, and ethics.

        Oh, and add ‘atheist-baiter’ (compare ‘Jew-baiter’) to the list.

        • That needs to be said from time to time. And you’ve said it well.

          Plus: we get many an “atheist-baiter” (another good one!) on our Facebook page.

          • Peregrinus the Nihilist

            Coming from you, Ms. Becker, that is an especially valuable compliment. (I’ve read your novel.)

            I wonder about the beliefs of those atheist-baiters. If more people knew about sites like this and Secular Right, and the unreligious right at large, maybe less people would be so blithe about equating atheism with Marxist totalitarianism or leftism in general. Then again, I’m sure that not a few of them would see atheist conservatism as a contradiction in terms!

          • REALBEING

            Maybe Atheism is more powerful than Religion because understanding and coming to grips with “Nothing” is much more powerful than attempting to understand “Something” that not only violates the Laws Of Reason, but is seemingly an affront to them also.


        The slogan for Hitler’s ‘SS” was “Gott Mit Uns.” (God is with us.)