Today is Charles Darwin’s 206th birthday 15






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  • Don L

    It is also Dictator Lincoln’s birthday too. Heil Lincoln.

  • Frank
    • Don L

      You’d a thunk he’d been prepared for a question like this. If he comes out against evolution, he’s sunk. He may get all the bible thumpers in Iowa and that’s it. Then , I ask myself, Self, I ax, how’d he win in the godless liberal state of Wisconsin if he is such a guy fer gawd?

      In any ‘vent…he flubbed the the Q & A.

    • liz

      I just don’t get it – why is it so hard for people to have intelligence in more than one area of thinking? Why are we forced to choose between people like Walker, who “gets” capitalism, but can’t look at religion objectively, or atheists who are always brainwashed leftists? Jerry Coyne, for example, has a great mind for evolution, but also thinks Obama is a great President and gun control is the way to go.
      I guess Thomas Jefferson was one of a kind, as far as presidents go. The Lincoln’s, Roosevelt’s, Bush’s and Obama’s are a dime a dozen.

      • Frank

        Don’t paint with such a broad brush. I am an atheist but I am neither brain washed nor a leftist.

        • Don L

          Hi Frank. Hey, curious…If you’d care to answer (certainly not required): Are you familiar with Austrian Economics…separate and distinct from libertarianism?

          • Frank

            Ludwig von Mises

            • Don L

              ‘nough said. Thanks.

        • liz

          I know, but good luck getting someone like you, or anyone else here, to run for president.

      • Don L

        Liz…you must come to grips with your personal exceptionalism. Somewhere along the line, you broke away from the conditioning and indoctrination intended for you…that is if you attended any public compulsory schooling.

        Others either don’t have the intellect or the circumstance that you have or experienced. For OVER 100 years, some of the most influencal people in the Republic (western world) have planned and executed miseducation toward population control.

        That’s just the political side. The collectivist religions have been at it much longer…they still have to have weekly (the slams are 5 times a day) pep rallies to keep folks in line.

        So, why can’t ‘they’ see/understand? Almost every minute of everyday, from chilldhood to death, individuals are bombarded with ‘follow-us-do-as-you’re-told-and you’ll-be moral’ messages.

        You, Jillian and the regulars here (me too! LOL) are exceptions. We have to work with those, like Walker, Perry and Rand Paul types…whereas they are almost there. In this day and age…on our side of the ledger counts; for now.

        The economic side is gaining ground thanks to the Austrian School’s Mises Institute. Especially given mainstream economics being revealed to more and more as empty BS. Fixing the god crap..If we can get them pushed back to Jefferson’s Lockian deism we might get all the way…first the economy then the lunacy! LOL.

        • liz

          Yes, it’s really infuriating how progressives wormed their way into the woodwork and have been eating away at it steadily for the last century. The entire structure has become so rotten it seems unsalvageable.

          • Don L

            Great analogy…there is, however, the idea that we don’t want it salvaged. We want to put the the (let’s just add another the) principles of the Founding in place, against chaos driven tyranny, as the alternative when the worm rotted wood finally crumbles and falls of it’s own weight.

            • liz

              Yes, it’s time to act on the declaration that, “whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government…”


        Old habits are hard to break. Old ways die hard. Apparently its difficult to be both Atheist AND Conservative at the same time. We here on this site must indeed be a “rare breed!”

        I laugh when the Christians try to cite us Atheists for breaking the cardinal rule of not having an “open mind.”

        It has helped me to see the entire picture to have been both a reverent Christian in the past for fifth-five years, and a happier, freer, Atheistic, and reverent human being for the last eleven years.

        Yet, when Christians are called out on their own closed-mindedness, citing that not too many of them have walked a mile in Atheist’s shoes, they conveniently change the subject, or fall off the planet, if they are on-line.

        As to Scott Walker, I don’t see very many other hopefuls in the Conservative camp worthy of lifting the standard we call Sanity against The Communist-In-Chief. And I see no Atheists on either side…Democrat or Republican!

        A candidate must be seen as in favor of Christianity to be popular in this country.

        For us Atheist-Conservatives, it looks more and more like we must first fight the battles that we have a better chance of winning.

        • liz

          Yes, I agree on all points.
          To be called “close-minded” by a Christian really is a laugh!
          What’s so frustrating for me is that I am convinced that if Christians somehow had a mass moment of rationality and “deconverted” to atheism, they wouldn’t flock to the left – they would simply become conservative atheists, like us.
          But the church has succeeded in its scare tactics of convincing them that the only thing that exists outside the fold is a bottomless chasm of leftist nihilism, so it’s never going to happen.