Jihadism in the White House 5

Is it possible that most Americans are waking up at last to realize what sort of person they elected president?

Hard to say. They – astonishingly – elected him twice!

Roger L. Simon for one is “flabbergasted” at what Obama is doing to America and the world. (But then, as far as we know – and we’d be flabbergasted to be told otherwise – he never voted for him.)

He writes with understandable emotion at P.J. Media:

Barack Obama  …. and the media and the brainwashed public that elected him are destroying our country (and the West) all by themselves.  They don’t need any secret conspirators in the back room. They’re all there in public view. And how.

Obamacare and the sabotaging of the immigration system were bad enough, but they are absolutely trivial compared to what is going on now.  We have the next thing to a jihadist in the White House.  From the inability to name Islamic terrorists as Islamic, to the failure to name Jews as the objects of homicidal anti-Semitism at a kosher market, to the complete omission of the word Christian when 21 Christians have their heads cut off (simultaneously!) for being Christian, we have in the Oval Office not only the worst president in the history of our country, we have the worst person to be president.

And now he is opening the door to a huge number of Syrian refugees, who knows how many of whom may be members of ISIS, al Qaeda or some group we haven’t even heard of yet. If I were a Christian or a Jew … I’d make sure [my] door was locked at night and [I] had exercised [my]  Second Amendment rights.

And if this weren’t enough, Obama is colluding with the Iranian ayatollahs as if he were a Shiite imam, not only to help them get nuclear weapons, but to form a permanent alliance with the United States against the Sunni world. How insane is that! …

But is Obama aware that the alliance is “against the Sunni world”? His closest political buddies are the Muslim Brotherhood, and they’re Sunni. He’s quite capable of being so confused that he hasn’t thought of that. But wouldn’t his Muslim Brotherhood advisers point it out?

I have to say I’m flabbergasted.  I never thought I’d be living in times like this. …

I wish I knew what to do, because convincing Obama to act is a double-edged sword. He is a horrible person to be a commander-in-chief and to put our troops in his hands is an awful thing to do to them. He will undoubtedly pull the rug out from under them just at the wrong moment. And they certainly know it. How could they not?

So what do we do?  Maybe hunker down and hope we make it through to 2016 with the right result.  It’ll be a long slog, and a miserable one.

We see it that way too.

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  • Don L

    Over the last two days, Obama has been holding a pretend to do something symposium on extreme terrorism. Most of the invitees appear to be muslims; including many who are with the ‘brotherhood’ and/or who have spoken out against Israel or are tied to known terrorists.

    TV talking heads and politicians rave about whether he does or doesn’t use words, why is he doing or not doing something and, in general, express all manner of confusion about his motives. Self-delusion. None of them want to admit that which is as plain as your nose: Obama is the Domestic Enemy.

    Everything makes sense when you realize he is the enemy of America. If you were the enemy and you found yourself as president…wouldn’t this be how you’d go about destroying America if you had to do it IN PLAIN VIEW? America is being destroyed by Obama and no one seems to be doing anything about it. His plan is working. Two more years to go.

    Shoot the duck. I have no idea what that means.

  • liz

    “Hunker down and hope we make it through to 2016…” the problem with that is, it will most likely be too late by then to remedy the mess he’s already made of things.
    Iran will have nukes and be using them. Muslim “refugees” will be colonizing the entire country. Except the parts already colonized by the Mexicans.
    “Flabbergasted” is an understatement. It’s like watching someone rob a bank in broad daylight, after announcing it through a loudspeaker, and drive off in plain sight of the police, who continue eating their donuts as if nothing ever happened…

    • Yes. It is like that. He gets away with it because the truth is too overwhelming for the American electorate to face. Too terrible to contemplate. “It cannot be. We must be seeing it wrong. Or misunderstanding.” But the fact is that those who voted for him simply elected their own worst enemy to be their leader. And he leads us all to disaster.

      • Don L


        • “L” indeed. Thank you for recognizing that! It’s really a tale for our time. But I’ve just heard that although a film version has been written, and “people”(who, I don’t know) have thought about it, there are no takers “at present”. A pity that – it would make a good film. The story line is spiced up a bit to quicken the drama. And there isn’t much of the ludicrous philosophy. But the point is made. Well, maybe some day …