Christopher Hitchens: a missionary against religion 6

One doesn’t have to like everything Christopher Hitchens says in this medley of his arguments to enjoy it.

The nice thing is that he speaks well for atheism, and puts down his religious opponents, on every point they raise, briskly and thoroughly.

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  • A.Alexander

    All(known to mr) progressive atheists in history are the anti-semites.This sopport the idea that we humans believe and have to believe in many things as this is the nature of our thinking: it is of the indeterministic type based on the probability. So we believe in many probable things: the progressives believe the religion is evil and the Jews- the believers and the initiators are bad. Today the rational thinking diminish the themes of the belief but there are many of them yet. And I`m sure the belief in god is not the most importaint.To the point :Hitchens,Daukins are the anti-semites.Daukins is active against the circumcizion and the cosher(halal) slaughter and as real leftist, he baned my oppozition comment -he believevs in his rightness

    • The only thing all atheists have in common is that they do not believe in the existence of a god or gods. You’ll find all shades of opinion on everything else among atheists. There are pro-Semitic atheists and anti-Semitic atheists. There are liberal atheists and conservative atheists. There are even atheists who become priests! A couple of Anglican priests – a bishop was one if I remember rightly – declared themselves to be atheist. It would be true to say “progressives are anti-Semites”. That is progressively ever more the case. The international Left has become very strongly anti-Semitic as its bond with Islam grows tighter.

      Hitchens was anti-Judaism, but he was not an anti-Semite. His mother was Jewish, so he was a Jew. (Odd that she called him Christopher!) Not that that precludes the possibility of his being anti-Semitic, but I don’t think he was. For a long time he was anti-Israel, but as his political opinions became more conservative, that view also softened, maybe even entirely changed. I don’t know for sure how far it changed, but observed that there was a change.

      Dawkins is a leftie. He’s great on evolution, but ill-informed and uninteresting on politics. Uninteresting because he’s uninterested. Scientists on the whole can’t be bothered with political issues. They adopt the opinions that make them feel that they’re nice people – as so many others do.

      • liz

        Atheist priests – now that’s a good one! Why??? That’s like wanting to stay in prison after you’ve already served your time! I don’t think I could fathom the convoluted reasoning that must have gone into that decision.

  • Don L

    Very Good…hmmm…Excellent in fact!

  • liz

    Those are great! I especially like his point that the “relationship” believers have with God is essentially sado-masochistic, as it is based on fear, as a slave to a master. Anything based on that can’t be healthy, and it’s proven by the fact that it leads people to do horrible things that they wouldn’t otherwise do, such as genital mutilation of their children.


      Interesting take, liz. Any psychologist worth his salt will tell you that while most people think that the opposite of Love is Hate, it isn’t so.

      Excluding more obvious subjects, Religion’s credibility is lost on the fact that the REAL opposite of Love is Fear. If you talk about this to a priest, he’ll probably disagree with this assertion.

      And so much for the god of love…..