The fall of the pope of environmentalism 12

The heat that the doctrine of Anthropogenic Global Warming can generate could be felt on our Facebook pages recently. Dozens of passionate devotees of the religion hurled furious abuse at us for posting arguments against it. Of course sober commenters replied to them.

Now we have poured oil on the flames by posting the news of the railway engineer and pornographer Rajendra Pachauri’s departure from the UN’s Intercontinental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). We await more fury.

Someone rightly said that “One of the most powerful religions in the Western World is environmentalism.”

But added: “Environmentalism seems to be the religion of choice for urban atheists.”

It is not ours.

Here’s the good news.

We take it from a somewhat disjoined account at Climate Depot, by Marc Morano:

IPCC Chair Rajendra Pachauri forced out at UN climate panel after sexual harassment complaint

[From] Pachauri’s resignation letter on religion: “For me the protection of Planet Earth, the survival of all species and sustainability of our ecosystems is more than a mission. It is my religion and my dharma.”

UN IPCC critic, journalist Donna Laframboise responds: “Yes, the IPCC – which we’re told to take seriously because it is a scientific body producing scientific reports – has, in fact, been led by an environmentalist on a mission. By someone for whom ‘protecting the planet’ is a religious calling.”

The IPCC is quietly popping champagne corks today. Pachauri gone can only be good news for the UN IPCC.

If Pachauri had any decency, he would have resigned in the wake of the Climategate scandal which broke in 2009. Climategate implicated the upper echelon of UN IPCC scientists in attempting to collude and craft a narrative on global warming while allowing no dissent.

Or Pachauri could have resigned when he wished skeptics would rub asbestos on their faces, or conceded that the IPCC was at the “beck and call” of governments.

There were so many opportunities [for him] to do the right thing and fade away. But it took the proceedings of the Indian court system over the allegations of sexual harassment to finally bring Pachauri down. Things can only be looking up for the UN IPCC now that it has ridded itself of this political and ethical cancer.

Michael Crichton: “One of the most powerful religions in the Western World is environmentalism. Environmentalism seems to be the religion of choice for urban atheists.”

We repeat: not ours.

Donna Laframboise: “What’s missing from this (Pachauri’s resignation) letter is any suggestion of remorse. When a scandal-plagued leader resigns because his alleged misdeeds are nuking his organization’s reputation, that is a mark of failure. He has let everyone down. Where are his words of apology to the thousands of IPCC-linked scientists whose honor is now eternally tarnished by their association with him?”

Those scientists let themselves down. They tarnished their own honor. They have done a grave disservice to Science itself. It would be too convenient for them to heap all the blame on the lubricious railway engineer, Rajendra Pachauri.

Will the Chicken Little clamor about global warming now fade out?

We doubt it. It always was only a political ploy, a pretext for collectivists to institute world communist dictatorship.

The Examiner reports:

For years, conservatives have said that radical environmentalism is little more than a front for a move to Communist tyranny. That assertion seems to have been proven with comments made by Christiana Figueres, climate chief for the United Nations, who said Communism is the best model for fighting global warming. …

According to Figueres, China … is “doing it right”, even though it has major pollution problems of its own.

The reason, she explained, is that democracy is no good at handling something like global warming, with different parties arguing over policy. In fact, she said, political differences like those in the U.S. Congress, are “very detrimental” to solving the issue.

The Chinese Communist Party, on the other hand, can dictate policy with no debate. Those who disagree can simply be tossed into prison or suffer a worse fate.

Of course, that’s how things work in a dictatorship with one-party rule. Democrats who have clamored for Obama to rule like a dictator may like the idea of a single-party system in America where the ruling party can simply issue edicts, but the American people have made it clear they will not accept such an arrangement, nor are they likely to adopt the Communist Chinese model.

The Daily Caller is quoted as recalling some inconvenient truths:

“Communism was responsible for the deaths of about 94 million people in China, the Soviet Union, North Korea, Afghanistan and Eastern Europe in the 20th century. China alone was responsible for 65 million of those deaths under communist rule,” the Daily Caller said.

Yet this is the model the UN says the world should adopt.

The reason … is that environmentalists hail the Chinese for being a “leader” in renewable energy. …

In 2012, China received nine percent of its power from renewable resources, while the United States got 11 percent of its power from renewable resources in the same year.

Nevertheless, the UN climate chief maintains that Communism is the model the U.S. should follow.

The Daily Caller also said that both China and the former Soviet Union have deplorable records with regards to air quality.

The Wall Street Journal reported [January 14, 2014]  that about “1.2 million people died prematurely in China in 2010 as a result of air pollution”.

The pollution of human minds that Communism causes is far worse than any pollution of the air, land, and sea in the communist states.

And the UN is the filthy engine pumping it out.

The UN must be destroyed.

  • Don L

    Better Business Bureau, Unerwriters Labs, Consumer Reports…unbiased research by firms whose PROFITABILITY is dependent on objective, neutral, valid and verifiable reports. If UL starts certifying power chords that electrocute folks….they’re gone.

    Long-to-short, all the obfuscation, corruption and mistrust can be traced right back to Mayer Amschel Rothschild ‘s dream works…the FED. Or as the founder of the Rothchild banking dynasty stated in 1790, “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” — the FED makes the corruption of academia & science, and so much more, possible.

    • I cannot find the name of Mayer Amschel Rothschild – or any Rothschild – anywhere in this history of the FED:

      • Even Rockefeller did not play a much of a role, apparently – if any! Nelson Aldrich was the first mover and shaker.

      • Don L

        “If men were angels we’d need no laws” – James Madison 1787.

        I did not mean to imply that Mayer was involved with our FED’s history. In 1790, when he made the assertion, the FED was still 123 years in the future. And, Mayer wasn’t warning, he was stating a fact about central banking. Rothchild’s dream was to become that private central banker. He built a huge banking empire but never became a country’s central bank.

        Alexander Hamilton got the First Bank of the United States chartered, by Congress, for twenty years on February 25, 1791. Thomas Jefferson did not renew it’s charter.

        Given his training in free-market capitalism and his observance of the central bank’s impacts, Thomas Jefferson, 1800 – 1809, repeatedly warned about central banking:

        “The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the Principles and form of our Constitution” — “I believe [fractional reserve] banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.” — ” If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the central] bank will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

        Mayer’s assertion was made the reality, Jefferson’s warnings ignored, when on Dec 23rd, 1913, while America was occupied wrapping gifts, the progressive administration of Woodrow Wilson and the Democrat-controlled 63rd Congress, in a cabal with cartelized banking headed up by the infamous J. P. Morgan, enacted the Federal Reserve Act. This law handed absolute control of the currency over to a private banking cartel…the FED.

        The new law effectively outlawed free-market capitalism and replaced it with central-planning ‘debtism’. Further, it relegated nearly 600 years of economic stiudy of economics, as a social science, to the waste bin. Economics as a tool to manipulate society for the benfit of government was the replacement.

        This AM I listened to Yellen, the new FED Chairwoman, testify to Congress. It was from beginning to end all about indexes and mechanical rules by which the FED makes decisions about how it controls the economy. It is insanity. At least when Ron Paul was still in the House…he’d give Greenspan and Bernacke a what fer. Now, there’s nobody that fighting for free markets.

        FREE Books: “The Origins of the Federal Reserve” by Murray N. Rothbard —

        “The Case Against the Fed” by Murray N. Rothbard –

        Wilson and his Congressional cronies signing the Fed Reserve Act. The FED doesn’t care who makes the laws…they don’t have to obey any of them! Indeed, the law-makers have to listen to the FED…if they want those funds for the pork-barrel projects and that next war.

        • liz

          Well, that explains everything. The mess we’re in now is simply the predictable outcome of all that. Jefferson recognized the FED as an entity more hostile and dangerous to us than a standing army, and he was right! It’s created a monstrous parasite out of the government that’s been slowly killing us as it grows.
          Thanks for the book links!

          • Don L

            The entire American economy is controlled and manipulated according to the otherwise fraudulent fractional reserve central banking monetary system instituted by the Fed Reserve Act. And, amazingly, less than 2% of the population know what it is. How can this be? If it was so good, wouldn’t it be shouted from th roof tops? The FED is a criminal enterprise. Just like the mafia, it keeps a low profile and lies about what it does. It was created in deception and everything told about it is a lie. It is the generator of corruption and the financial engine of tyranny in all its flavors. It is the weapon by which the Republic has been stolen and the wealth of the people robbed. It must be crushed!

            • The Burro

              Good to see you in fighting form #268!

              My secret sources have a second quote from Madison which corrects yours: “If men were angels we would have no whores. ” Feel free to use it as needed.

              Re the 2%: I am surprised the number is that high! I have recently been in Richmond California and am of the impression the literacy rate is 2% max, but the populace feels good about itself and is very good at murdering people. Not to mention able to fill in welfare forms without any resort to public assistance personnel at all.

              May you be well and FED up! Have you read the Jekyll Island book on the Fed?

            • Don L

              Just yesterday I was wondering where you were. Good to see you are in fine form.

              I read someplace that at the time of our founding, the literacy rate was 98%. The ‘planners’, through progessive compulsory schooling, over the last 100+ years, have managed to drop it to 37%; simultaneously, through monetary policy, dropping the value of the dollar by 98%. From the progressive point of view…It’s working! Apparently even more effective in Richmond CA.

              Be well and I’ll Bordeaux you this evening!

  • liz

    The IPCC has not rid itself of a political and ethical cancer, unfortunately. The entire entity is already that. Now that Pachauri’s gone, they’ll just go back to pushing the same collectivist agenda disguised as “saving the planet”.
    The same agenda our own president is pushing, who himself has also never had the decency to resign in scandal after scandal.

  • A.Alexander

    As a foreigner supporting the “neoconses, I see the conservatives of various kind in trenches in their fight with Obama and liberals-leftists.I see very fiew active positive initiatives from my favorite neoconses,jost critics.About the global warming,there are many conservative scientists and they can work and offer some counter- leftists research and views. Some-times I think that the specific gifts attend the stupid people and the progress(real) can be reached thus and the liberals(not leftists) are the inevitable component of the society.

    • If you mean that a lot of people will always reason badly or not at all, I agree with you.

      • A.Alexander

        I`ve just meant that the creative people( particularily artists) can be not very strong rational thinkers and tend to liberals and even leftists, but the society nevertheless must attract them and use their gifts.So the ideological fight have to be the cold ones,I think.