The closing of the minds 1

Applause, please, again for Pat Condell.

He confirms in this video that the universities are now institutions that close minds.

There is NO free speech on campus.

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  • liz

    Oh, for the good old days of the 60’s when students were so gung-ho for free speech!
    The fact that it’s those students, grown old, who are running the universities that are now suppressing free speech, proves that it was never about free speech to begin with. That was just another “Trojan Horse” to get them in power, just as “multiculturalism” and “diversity” in more recent days have been the Trojan vehicle used to allow Muslims the cover to grab power.
    Just read where de Blasio has officially designated two Muslim holidays in New York, to respect, of course, “diversity”. It’s time to officially retire that worthless word from the English language.