Islam brings the bulldozer to the city of the winged bull 5

More news of the destruction of the world’s heritage by Islamic savages:
Published 9 hours ago

The ISIS group began bulldozing the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud in northern Iraq on Thursday, the tourism and antiquities ministry said.

The self-proclaimed State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) “assaulted the historic city of Nimrud and bulldozed it with heavy vehicles”,  the ministry said on an official Facebook page, the group’s latest attack on the country’s historical heritage.

Not just “the country’s” historical heritage. The past belongs to all of us.

Why is the civilized world not angry about this? Why is it not interfering to stop the vandalism? Nothing can be expected of America under its present Islam-sympathetic leadership. But why are Britain, France, Germany taking no action? Have they totally capitulated to the barbarians?

Seems so.

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  • Frank

    These animals should be put down. The civilized world should mount an campaign to permanently remove each and every one of them from the gene pool.

  • liz

    It is just unbelievable – these priceless, irreplaceable treasures, being destroyed by apes under the influence of religion.
    Just think – if it weren’t for Mohammed, they’d probably still be worshipping the moon and minding their own business.
    But apes don’t think, they just blindly “ape” their master, submit and obey.

  • Don L

    Sounds familiar: Thou shalt have no other gods ; No graven images or

    As to Obama’s unquestioned inaction: It isn’t that he is being seen as being sympathetic to the muslims…it’s that he is seen being sympathetic so to cover his intentional ‘domestic enemy’ destruction of America. It leads the majority to chronically, and merely, question his motives but never accuse him of his treason.

    • His being pro-Islam is part of his treachery.

      I’d like to know what his (Sunni) Muslim Brothers advisers and buddies are saying to him now that he’s going all out to back (Shia) Iran.

      • Don L

        I’d go as far as saying his pro-islamism is the purpose and motivation for the treachery.

        Yes, the Sunni/Shia dichotomy does raise an eyebrow…sort it out later, win now? No answer but, I suspect the Saudi’s are very concerned.

        And, contrary to press, military advisors and intellegence folk say it is impossible for them not to have know Iraqi forces were moving into Iraq and the attack on Tikrit.

        You are probably also aware of Ret. Gneral Flynn, a former chief of intelligence under Obama, that every word he has spoken about defeating Al Queda over the pas 2 1/2 years has bee a lie. The question is was it just for political gain (satisfying base) or keeping American attitude cool and off balance so islamists could proceed…he really didn’t want to get Usama and he’s kept intelligence folk from even looking at captured docs — that alone is tratorous and derelciction of duty.

        ARGH & Grr!!! Have to go,back and finish watching the Hillary Movie…