A moment of delight on Lebanese TV 5

Nice to see a (beautiful) Lebanese woman, as a TV host, silencing a (repulsive, obstreperous, arrogant) imam she is interviewing:

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  • Don L

    Hillary still hasn’t answered about her contributions from middle eastern countries who abuse women…has she? Incidentally, her newest excuse for the email debacle is she’s an older gal not famiiar with these things…wants to be pres? LOL.

    The idea that you can negoriate with this sort of mindset that doesn’t resemble our basic values sytems in any form or manner is insanity. Obama – Iran negotiations…insanity!

    Shoot a duck. I have no idea what that means.

  • liz

    Ha! The whole scene is surreal – the ultra modern surroundings of the tv studio make the scraggly bearded dunce she’s interviewing seem even more like a relic from the primitive past. Then his painful inability to make a concise point added to his insulting, condescending attitude, make the slap-down by a woman even better!
    Really interesting that he mentions the “Baader Meinhof” gang!

    • Don L

      Great observation on the 21st vs 6th century juxtaposition. A shame, though, that she had to wear the head gear. I hope this anchor remains safe.

      • liz

        Right – in a country where a woman is obligated to dress like that, I’m surprised she even felt free to respond to the old goat that way!

        • Don L

          Brave as hell!!!