Obama’s chief mission: destroy Israel 5

Here is Senator Marco Rubio delivering an important speech on “Obama’s assault on Israel”.

He traces the history of Obama’s ever more openly demonstrated hostility to the only democratic state in the Middle East.

We are convinced that Obama’s chief mission in world affairs is, and has been throughout his presidency and perhaps throughout his whole political career on the national stage, to bring about the destruction of the state of Israel. Senator Rubio provides much of the evidence that supports our conviction.

Marco Rubio is well informed on foreign affairs, and has the right approach to the issues. He is quite clear as to who are our enemies and who our friends. This alone makes him an excellent Republican candidate for the presidency.

  • liz

    Great speech. Good comparison between how Obama treats Israel and Iran, the Hamas govt., etc. Shows all kinds of respect to our enemies, but not one shred for Israel.
    And what do you know – not a shred for America, either!

  • Frank

    I haven’t liked Rubio in the past because of his pandering to the religious right. But that was one hell of a speech. I may have to reconsider my original position.

    • Me too. Felt the same way. I’m glad you’re now as impressed as I am, Frank. Thanks for letting us know.


        Yes. But I am always wary… One, his immigration stance sucks!

        Two, its getting close to ‘Iowa Caucus’ time…What Rubio says and what Rubio does may very well be two different things!

        • liz

          Yes, I seem to remember him as being pro-amnesty. But other than that, he’d be a good candidate, I think.