The settling of the scientists 2

We picked this cartoon from PowerLine’s The Week in Pictures.


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  • Don L

    It’s not just science. It’s every university and every college and affects every profession: economics, history, agriculture, business, sports, medicine, philosophy, art history, black studies…and on and on. It’s the lie of public/private relationships and government investment. It’s corruption on a nearly incomprehensible scale: And ,the goal has been, and is, to, beginning well before Obama, transform a purposefully created de-centralized limited government, empowered by the consent of the governed through ‘expressed” powers, into an omnipresent, omnipotent highly centralized & massive government of, by and for a ruling-class, empowered through their decrees and backed by force and the unconstitutional & contrived false judicial activist device of “implied powers’.

    The real news that should be shouted out on every broadcast, cable link or satelite transmission ought be…$123,300,200,700, 500 in debt (this is TRILLIONS of unfunded liabilities). Every US Dollar on the face of the planet is virtually worthless…held up only by fabrication and lies. It is the product of the application of Hayek’s Pretense of Knowledge Fallacy: No person or committe or bureau, or likewise, can ever have the capacity or capability to manage any part or an entire economy. Yet, solely for the purpose of self-interest, duplicitous career-politicians in a cabal with self-interest cartelized banks (irrational self-interest vs rational selfishness, by the way) they have brought America to the breaking point.

    It is the marriage of politicalization and banking seeking plunder that brought the Federal Reserve int play: the FED. It, through its true singulaur reason for existing, INFLATION of the currency through counterfeiting and debt expansion, that has funded the corruption of America…nay, the world.

    Inflation is not the rise in prices. That’s merely the symptom. Inflation is the expansion of the money supply. The FED creates money out of thin air…behind your back, needing nobodies authorization and without any government oversight…ecto-constitutional. It is the FED’s ‘ecto’ dollars that fund the corruption of society….that makes the tyransformation possible…that has Dems saying climate is the enemy and Repubs looking for wars of adventure (Both need to agree on wars of defense — Iran). The real enemy is the FED and the destruction of sound money.

    Long-to-short (what…this guy has even mnore to say?) DC must be de-careered and government power returned to State and local decentralization. The ‘implied power’ judiciary must be quashed and restuctured and the three (eliminate 4th bureau/regulator branch) branch checks and balances must be restored. End the FED!

  • liz

    So disappointing to see that scientists can be, and are, just as shortsighted and susceptible to corruption as anyone else these days.
    Don’t they ever stop to think that if everyone actually takes their advice, abandons “evil” capitalism and regresses to pre-industrial poverty levels, their funding will dry up, too?