Another act of religion 10

However would people know how to live morally and act justly without the guidance of religion?


Some of the dead Christians killed by Muslims at Garissa University College, Kenya, on April 2, 2015


In the pre-dawn raid on the university in eastern Kenya, the attackers first shot their way in and killed people randomly. When they moved on into the dormitories, they separated the students by religion, letting Muslims go and murdering the Christians.

They used hand-grenades and automatic rifles, and finally four of them self-detonated their suicide vests.

At  least 147 people were killed and at least 80 more were wounded.

Two security guards, one policeman and one soldier were among the dead.

The organization that has proudly claimed responsibility for the massacre is al-Shebaab, the Somalian affiliate of al-Qaeda.

The “mastermind” of the raid is named as Mohammed Mohamud aka Dulyadin aka Gamadhere, a teacher at a madrassa – an Islamic school of religion.¬†

Note: This is only one of 25,497 deadly terrorist attacks carried out to this date by Muslims since the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon, when Muslims killed some 3,000 people in America on that one day.

  • Kerry

    I have actually been in Kenya for the last few weeks…Nairobi. It is just terrible what has happened to this country. The terrorists are seeking retaliation for an incursion the Kenyan military perpetrated some years ago against them. The ability of Kenya to deal with these atrocities is further exacerbated by the widespread corruption of government leaders. During the Presidents recent speech to Parliament, he named some 150 leaders who were corrupt including 5 of his cabinet officials, Members of Parliament, Governor’s and so many others. It is also a terrible situation.

    I am afraid America has the lost the backbone to deal with this worldwide menace of terrorism. Many parts of Africa are now unstable, the Middle East of course, Russia, and the sleeper cells around the world. When our allies cannot count on America, we are in a sad situation.

    Just as an aside, I have also been recently to CAR. I am quite sure that the media in the West does not talk about the atrocities committed here. It is Christian on Muslim. I do not know how many Mosques have been burned to the ground but it is 100’s. The muslim population has been essentially decimated or otherwise run out of town as it were. This is example of what Christians might do when given absolute power.

    • liz

      Where is CAR? It’s definitely an exception to the rule.
      Hundreds of mosques burned to the ground? – actually wish that were a report from the USA. Because you’re right – America has lost the backbone to deal with the menace of terrorism thanks to the terrorist enabler in the White House, and the result is this utter breakdown and chaos throughout the world.
      Of course that is precisely what traitors like Obama intend for the result to be.

    • Thank you for that, Kerry. And good to hear from you again.

      We’d also be grateful for any links you could give us to reports on the CAR Christian-on-Muslim attacks.

      • Kerry

        Well here is the BBC,, and also here, I saw with my own eyes much of this horror. There are many links but these should give you a small snapshot.

        • Thanks again, Kerry.

          I’ll post the information in these reports and comment on it.

          • Kerry – After I read the articles you kindly linked us to, I sought more information about CAR. To outline what you probably know already (for the sake of other readers): The Central African Republic is one of the poorest countries in the world (although mineral-rich), with a largely illiterate population of about 4.7 million in all. Hundreds of thousands of the young men are afflicted with AIDS. The history of the country (created by France in the age of the European powers’ “scramble for Africa”), is one of almost continuous power-struggle since it gained independence. The Muslims are only 14-15% of the population, the remainder being Christian – more Protestant than Catholic. Ancient tribal animism continues in parts of the country, and mingles into Christianity (as Voodoo mingles into it in the West Indies). The militant and almost entirely Muslim group Seleka was formed in the North out of a political struggle and was swelled by fighters from neighboring countries, Chad and Sudan. It massacred many Christians and terrorized thousands to seek asylum in refugee camps. The Christians of the South formed a counter-movement called Anti-Balaka, and they are the terrorists now killing Muslims and frightening them out of the country. Of the several reports I read, this one is the most succinct, though not the most detailed:

      • Kerry
  • Don L

    Thursday morning on one of the FOX shows, 4 gals and a guy talk format, the young priest catholic PR guy that is always trotted out was addressing the news of this atrocity. He kept pushing the idea that god would not allow this. That this killing was in the name of religion but it wasn’t religion because a god would not allow it. Ya just wanna bitch slap an ass like this little puke priest!

    First commandment is the envy/jealousy rule: No matter how many other gods…I’m to be no. 1. Or, no getting around it…there is a tacit admission that there are other gods.

    The islamic god, according to all their writings, not only allows such massacres but fully expects them and worse…Iran with a nuke…might not be anyone left to take or show images of all the dead to.

    The big todo is over the terminology of extreme or radical islam. It, of course, is neither…it IS islam that is the problem. The little pukey priestie boy, or any of the religious folk, cannot allow a whole religion to be bad…it must be the small percerntage who have it all wrong. To do otherwise would be to disclose that religion, in and of itself, is bad…cause people to question all religions.

    Not to minimize the horror of these ‘slam murderings…but the christians here in the US of A are trying to elevate themselves above other religions and, of course, atheists. The federal and state laws allowing certain theists to have standing to refuse service to those ‘protected’ classes of people who request service that is in conflict with religious doctrine is a violation of the “establishment” clause.

    The discussion revolves around the homosexual and transgender protected special interest group. Some religious groups find this LGBT class to be sinful and so they want to be able to refuse service. And, Federal law and some state laws allow this breech of laws stating you cannot refuse service. Laws allowing this exception in fact elevate and establish certain, not all, religion above others and of course above those who are without a religion.

    The problem is that government(s) at any level really don’t have the Constitutional authority to intervene in the operation of any private business entity. That government(s) do is the result of the unconstitutional notion of ‘implied powers’ foisted by self-serving and corrupted justices and politicians…all the way back to Alexander Hamilton and his lot of mercantalist monarchists.

    “I’m christian so I can treat you differently than others have to.” “I’m ‘slamist so I have the right, above all others, to just kill all of you.” We are only talking degrees…same self-righteous BS. LOL…god wouldn’t allow it…which god you may ask? LOL.

    Oh…the right to refuse service is an unalienable right…under Pursuit of Happiness…it’s private property. There is no freedom when that is violated…today, what’s yours belongs, effectively, to the government…Say, when did that happen? When a privarte person chooses to or not to do business…for wahtever reason…there is no discrimination. When a governmentmental agenc/entity fails to treat people equitably there is discrimination. In private matters, the marketplace handles those businesses that violate accepted norms of behavior.

    About the ‘slamists? Eradicate them as if they were cockroaches.

    • liz

      Another thing Christians want to do is to claim that all this murdering of Christians is a sign of the end times, martyrdom, blah blah blah.
      No, actually, it’s just what religious barbarians DO.
      And they’re not just murdering Christians, but all non-Muslims.
      It’s tragic, but it’s time for Christians to get over the martyr complex.

    • Azgael

      There is no right not to be discriminated against, forcing people to do bisness whith others is against everything freedom is supposed to be, the laws forcing bakers to bake cakes for gays is unconstitutional not the other way around