Ayaan Hirsi Ali 3


(Hat-tip our commenter Kerry)

Posted under Islam, jihad, Muslims by Jillian Becker on Sunday, April 5, 2015

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  • liz

    Great clips! Do you think that the “reform” she envisions is attainable?

    • No, I don’t think so, liz.

      As she is an atheist, I guess she’s trying to be realistic about what might be possible rather than what she ( like ourselves) would most want – the abandonment of that appalling ideology.

      President Sisi seems to think reform is possible.

      But so much of the Koran and the hadith would have to be thrown out, what would be left? Reminds me of that scene in the Marx Brothers’ movie “Night at the Opera” when Chico tears one clause after another off a contract until there’s nothing left.

      What do you think? Is reform of Islam likely? Or possible?

      • liz

        Doesn’t seem likely. When you’ve declared something to be the inspired, infallible “Word of God”, it kind of ruins your option of cutting parts out.
        Just getting them to accept the idea of separation of church and state would be good, but then there’s still the possibility of the next generation wanting to “purify” the religion and return to a theocracy.
        In fact that’s what’s happening now, isn’t it? They think they ARE “reforming” Islam by returning to actually following the commandments of Mohammed.
        Kind of an Islamic version of “What Would Jesus Do”, except since its “What Would Mohammed Do”, the results are a bit different – namely “loot, pillage, and burn”, not to mention rape, murder, and mutilate. Slight difference there.
        Even given a few hundred years, I don’t know if the results would come out the same as the christian/jewish reformations.