Obama’s Nigerian candidate wins 12

The Muslim terrorist organization in Nigeria, Boko Haram – as cruel as ISIS, with which it has affiliated itself – was quietly and persistently protected by Obama’s State Department under Hillary Clinton. Throughout her years as Secretary of State, Boko Haram massacred Christians, burning, shooting, and hacking them to death, and carried off Christian girls to sell into slavery. (Though Michelle Obama did get herself photographed, with a rueful face, holding a hashtag sign asking Boko Haram to give one lot of girls back. If her message penetrated the darkness of Africa to reach the Boko Haram savages, it got no response.)

And now a Muslim, Mohammadu Buhari, sympathetic to Boko Haram, has been elected to the presidency.

He promises to implement sharia as the law of the land.

This is from The American Spectator:

Accuracy in Media … identified three steps the Obama administration took to thwart [former President] Goodluck Jonathan’s fight against Boko Haram:

It refused to sell Nigeria arms and supplies critical to the fight, and stepped in to block other Western allies from doing so.…

It denied Nigeria intelligence on Boko Haram from [US] drones operating in the area.…

It cut petroleum purchases from Nigeria to zero, plunging the nation’s economy into turmoil and raising concerns about its ability to fund its battle against the terrorists.

Nigerian Ambassador to the US, Prof. Adebowale Adefuye told members of the Council on Foreign Relations last November that the U.S. justified its actions against Nigeria on the ground that its defense forces “have been violating human rights of Boko Haram suspects when captured or arrested”. The Administration and its propaganda arm make the same complaints against Egypt’s President Sisi: he needs to use a gentler form of persuasion in his attempts to control the violence of the Muslim Brotherhood. …

As was the case in Israel, there were Obama operatives in Nigeria influencing the election results. Politico reported last month, a “strategy group founded by former Obama campaign manager David Axelrod, AKPD Message and Media” worked for Buhari during the campaign.

What is it (we wonder) that Obama likes about Boko Haram?

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  • Azgael

    he likes them alot, i likes that they are muslims, he likes that they are killing all non-muslims they encounter, he likes that they hate america and the west, he like that they kidnapped 200+ school girls to use a s sex slaves( me thinks he wants this to) the damage this sub-human animal obama is doing isnt only to the USA but the entire world and he is making every friend the USA has/had into enemies

  • Skip_Turcell

    “What is it (we wonder) that Obama likes about Boko Haram?”

    I don’t knows it’s the commie trained black kid or not. Round here we heard, from the help, it’s that Valerie Jarett gal…seems she gets out her 90-day warrantied battery device when she sees photos of that there Abubakar Shekau fella. At least, that’s what the help thinks she’s passionately uttering when the device’s whirring noise has been on for awhile.

    • Obscene, but we’ll allow it. Polite hint: We prefer comments not to be obscene, even when we agree with the idea behind them.

      • Skip_Turcell

        Yes ma’am. My apologies. Won’t happen again!

        • Don L

          Jillian? Politics, religion and not sex?

          LOL…I’m kidding. But, it was funny.

    • Don L

      LOL. She might be. She seems to be the power behind the throne. Just not an image I wanted painted in my mind’s eye. Ugh!

  • liz

    You definitely can’t chalk this up to mere “incompetence”. This is purposeful, as all the rest of his terrorist supporting foreign policy has been.
    Not to mention his terrorist supporting domestic policies.
    I think he has every intention of establishing a world caliphate by the end of his presidency. Considering this level of insanity, I don’t doubt he thinks he’s the “Mahdi”. Whatever else it is, it’s treason.

  • Mike

    Is this guy a pig or what?

    • Skip_Turcell

      Soowee, soowee baby, soowee. soowee baby….Oh wait. It’s oowee baby. Just shows, been about them feryl hogs too, too long. Never ever ride purposefully into a tumbleweed…if ya do, you’ll know why.

      But he is a worst sorta pig. Me and some of the fellers figure we ought just drop lotsa pig skins…they’re free ‘sept cost of a few rounds…I do not mean footballs…all over that ISIS area…caliphate…
      LOL…CALiforniate…home of that other pig Nancy PelosISIS. Anyways, is there a law ‘gainst mailing an unfried chicharrón to the White House? Maybe he’d have to leave for religious reasons? Sumptin ’bout receiving the skin of a cousin or sumptin’

      • Don L

        LOL…I can’t remember if it was this site. A way back post had to do with slamist cab drivers clogging up streets in NYC. Pig skins was my solution. Then a whole discussion arose about whether or not slamists do have religious issues with pigs. Heck, do it anyway.

        • liz

          While blowing up every mosque in the nation should be a top priority, failing that we should at least start up hog farms and barbeque joints next to every one of them – sustainable agriculture, dontcha know!