Of doubting, guessing, and testing 11

Religion is apodictic. It permits no questioning of its dogma. It is a brake on all thinking, all progress.

It was doubt that made the greatness of the West. Socratean doubt – lost and forgotten for the thousand years of darkness brought down on Europe by Christianity, but revived in the Enlightenment. Doubt is the motor of experimental science.

Here is a minute or so of illumination from the great Richard Feynman. ( A clip from an old video, re-issued this month.)

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  • Don L

    Aside given Feyneman’s rules of Law creation:

    Jillian’s Law Jan, 2015 — “Any idea that requires a law to protect it… is ipso facto a bad idea.”

    Our FIAT money…every last dollar…is money only because the law says it is money…legal tender. If someone refuses to accept it as payment they can be jailed. Real, sound, money came into existence, and was determined to be gold and/or silver, over thousands of years of experience, as determined by markets. FIAT money, our dollar, is faith-based and irrational. It is money created and protected by government.

    The GUESS was that the FED would stabalize the economy and control inflation (This was the ‘foisted’ GUESS…known to be untrue. The real GUESS was that inflation would be rampant and the bank/politician cabal would realize immense plunder…CONSEQUENCE proven.) The 100 years of experiment disproves the COMPUTED CONSEQUENCES: the economy IS collapsing and hyperinflation IS soon to be realized, Jillian’s Law is upheld again: government protection of unsound money is a bad idea.

    Recommended: “The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve” by G. Edward Griffin

  • Frank

    A true genius and a pretty good bongo player.

    Richard Feynman Plays the Bongos

    • Don L

      Thanks Frank

  • liz

    Thanks for that great introduction (for me) to Richard Feynman! I’d heard the name but never heard or read him.
    Also like how the clip concludes with the statement that climate science has been proven wrong.

    • Don L

      Off topic. Surgery coming up…gone for awhile…see ya on the flip side! Stay well.

      • Thanks for the message, Don L.

        All at TAC wish you a quick and painless recovery.

      • liz

        Get well soon!


    “Religion is apodictic. It permits no questioning of its dogma. It is a brake on all thinking, all progress.”

    Religion is the proverbial snake eating it’s own tail. It only permits questioning the contents INSIDE it’s dogmatic parameters.

    However, its answer to many a searching question is usually “My child! Even if you cannot see this as true from where you presently stand, you must believe this is true as it is written down for you! Therefore, you must take it on “FAITH” that it is indeed true!”

    Its primary function is to “lock in” it’s mystery, and “lock out” a person’s reasonable searches…This is why I believe that the “process” of Religion exists off the human emotional values brought by guilt and fear.

    • Don L

      Aside: Out for a bit following surgery next week…Stay healty…see ya soon.

      • May it be very soon, Don L.

        Good luck!

        Take lots of books with you.


        Good luck, pal! Do what the doctors tell you to do…