Criminal offense 2

In the video below, Pat Condell, our fellow atheist, speaks eloquently about the many ways in which Islam is offensive.

The leader of Britain’s Labour Party, Ed Miliband, says he will ban and punish “Islamophobia” if he becomes Prime Minister, which he very well might if his socialist party wins the forthcoming general election. He is saying this in order to woo Muslim voters. Most Muslim votes go to the Labour Party, but some Muslims say that voting at all is wrong because only Allah must govern mankind. Also, Ed Miliband is Jewish. Are the Muslims who go to the polls likely to cast their votes for a Jewish leader?

If he gets into 10 Downing Street and has his Party make it a crime to criticize Islam, what will happen to Pat Condell? We are pretty certain he won’t stop making his videos, speaking freely, and expressing loud and clear the highly moral loathing and fully justified contempt he has for the criminal religion of Muhammad.


  • Azgael

    IF there is ever a justifiable genocide, the extermination of lieftism and its followers would be one, maybe of religion aswell, but lieftism is enabling the deadly religion on the planet right now (islam). To defeat islam we must defeat its protector and enabler, lieftism first.

    • liz

      I’d love to see just how long our “multicultural” leftists would last if they had to live in any Muslim controlled country for a month or two.
      We should send them all over there with the Muslims, with firecrackers up all their assets (!)