The Rubio doctrine 33

Marco Rubio made an excellent speech to the Council on Foreign Relations; on how bad US foreign policy has been under Obama’s disastrous leadership, and what it ought to be.

He says “the three pillars of his doctrine” are “American strength, the protection of our global economy, and a proud advocacy for America’s core values.”

Here’s the video:

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  • Don L

    Second Time Around:

    In honor of Hayek, proximate his day of recognition, in support of his irrefutable LAW of pretention to knowledge….READ THIS…I, Pencil…It’s Free —

    • Don L

      Totally off topic:

      Real Money Does Not Need Tender Laws.

    • Thanks for the reminder of “I, Pencil”, Don L.

      We posted it twice – but it seems to have dissolved away. It deserves to be posted again, and will be soon.


    He says “the three pillars of his doctrine” are “American strength, the protection of our global economy, and a proud advocacy for America’s core values.”

    Oh, really?? Does the “proud advocacy for America’s core values” include the Rule Of Law? You know…… following the written immigration laws of this country??

    If hes elected, will he tell us that we need to be inclusive of the illegal immigrant and thus re-write our immigration laws for him because “The system is broken?”

  • Don L

    Pablum & Crap!!!


    FIRST: The Council on Foreign Relations…such an innocuous and yet erudite name. It is, however, one of these most evil organizations on the planet…founded by progressives at the behest of the world’s bankinng cartels following WW I. A hint of wrongness…Charlie Rose!!! I’m not going to re-invent the wheel here…want facts and data: “The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve” by G. Edward Griffin


    Oh, so much so wrong….so sad the acceptance.

    “American strength, the protection of our global economy, and a proud advocacy for America’s core values.”

    Rubio speaks of the strenght to impose, leadership as force…where was the notion of defense? Leadership by example…he can’t go there because he is free market ignorant and only knows what we do: export central planning. That does require arms to get accepted! And, it requires the American tax payer to fund it all theough the inflation created by the FED….that’s that banking and CFR deal…war benefits the banks.

    “OUR GLOBAL ECONOMY”? Whenever a government gets involved in freed trade agreements…NO FREE TRADE IS INVOLVED!!!! And, guaranteed, the USA guarantees whatever it is and whatever it is alwayss fails…paid by inflationary FED dollars which means $79/lb beef prices in American markets. I highly recommend “Not a Zero-Sum ” by Manuel F. Ayau if you wnat to learn anything about foreignn trade…Rubio hasn’t a clue!!!

    America’s core values according to who? Government as a gun to force you to have faith!!! And, since it has to be paid for, just like the lefties…government as a gun to steal your money to give to those who don’t earn it!

    I have neither the time nor energy to repond to all the garbage spewed by Rubio. But, he is not unlike any other Repub running, except Rand Paul. Of course, Paul has yet to truly, notwithstanding utterances to the contrary, shown to really obliterate Iran’s nuke/military. This, to me, is defensive military action.

    I am saddened to hear this termed a great speech. It was a typical repub version of the statist speech.

    A defense with retalitionary response so strong…none dare. Not so strong we can impose our core values and economic planning on you…to the benefit of cartelized banking, and re-election.

    Leadership through free market capitalism and free trade.

    Accept that government can never ever legislate equality or values…government according to SHOULD can never ever succeed!

    This is all sound good, feel good crap…Rubio is selling snake oil…sincere perhaps, but just as dangerous if you take it in!

    • I hear you.

      I grant your points.

      Perhaps it is only in contrast to what we’ve got used to from Obama that the speech struck me as good.

      I don’t like Rand Paul. Sorry. I do like Cruz. You have told us you don’t. Of the probable line-up, I now like Rubio best. With all his faults. Of course I’d rather have Reagan (or a Thatcher, or a Churchill), but can’t see anyone like that within the horizon of possibility.

      • The platform Rubio spoke on doesn’t matter. I do not defend the Council on Foreign Relations. No doubt it is evil.

        • Don L

          It was my intent to separate forum from speech by use of the underling punctuation tool on the qwerty board.

          In no way was I associating you with the supporting in anyway shape or form the OFR. Mostly, it was commentary (heads up) for those not familiar with the organization.

          My apologies if in anyway my comments WRONGFULLY would link yoo to them.

      • Don L

        I understand you don’t like Paul because of Iran…me too. But why a Cruz? Rubio before Cruz and Cruz is dangerous.

        I’m voting for Hillary anyway…let’s just get it over with! LOL.

        • Why are you voting for Hillary?

          • Don L

            Wow…sarcasm gone wrong. I will not vote for Hillary. It was me attempting to spoof fatalism…accelerate it…a joke gone bad.

            • REALBEING

              “THANK GOD!” (laughter!)

            • Don L


          • Oh, of course. Because she would abolish the FED. Because she is honest and trustworthy. Because she is full of exciting new ideas. Because she is an enthusiast for free market economics and the Austrian School. Very consistent of you.

        • REALBEING

          I like most of Walker but his flip-flop on immigration scares me away from him………..mostly.

          • Don L

            Amazingly, since last go round of this pres election nonsense…it has been that Texas duffus , LOL can’t remeber his name, that would probably be the best. TX duffus came to von Mises economics…Actually stated on TV that he believes Ludwig von Mises will be recognized as the greatest economist that ever lived.

            Duffus, what the hell is his name, is a born again, but has toned it down considerably in favor of free markt capitalism…specificlly Ausrian economics.

            He will never ever get a chance to run. Flubbed…a sin against all humanity…his GOP primary question. DONE! What theheck was his name? Perry!!! too bad…immaculate Texan eehah.

            • REALBEING

              Rick Perry for Republican cheerleader….Thats all hes suited for in my opinion……….

            • Don L


              It’s bizzare, but…lol


        I too like MOST of Ted Cruz. His religious fervor is disheartening to me as I’m certain it is to you, but I feel that Cruz does believe strongly in our Constitution and it’s rule over us.

        • Frank

          You like Ted Cruz? To quote the great American philosopher John McEnroe, “You can’t be serious!!!” He’s a religious nut case like his preacher father. He’s of the same ilk as Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann. Get a grip man.

          • liz

            I guess it’s a sign of our dire straits, but I’d rather a religious nutcase like Cruz get elected than a radical leftist nutcase like Obama, or another bland rhino like Bush, as long as he puts Obama’s train in reverse.

          • REALBEING

            I realize that Cruz is a religious fanatic, Frank. You can re-read my above post. Most conservative voters in our country are also religious nut jobs. In fact, most conservatives running for the office of President are similar in religious taste to Ted Cruz.

            If there were a version of the conservativeTed Cruz that was a confirmed Atheist, and the majority of conservative voters in America were also confirmed Atheists like myself, I would vote for the conservative Atheist Ted Cruz, instead of the religious nut job, but conservative Ted Cruz.

            I’m thinking that first we must “right the ship” of State by getting rid of the socialists who want us to all be communists before there is no United States Of America anymore.

            Next, when this “ship” has been righted, we can work on the “religious nut jobs.” But I’m certain that both you and I realize that they must do their own work as to righting their own “ship of the mind.”

            Who do you think I should vote for?

            • Frank

              Religious nut jobs simply cannot get elected. They alienate the largest voting block in the country – women. Because of their beliefs and dominionist agenda they are literally driving women to the Democratic party in droves. You asked who you should vote for in the next election. You should vote for the least religious conservative candidate. Currently that candidate is Marco Rubio. Perhaps before the next election another even less religious candidate will emerge. If so, then you should vote for them.

            • REALBEING
            • Frank

              Marco Rubio talks about his personal beliefs. The Evangelicals like Cruz want the legislate their beliefs on the rest of the country. That the big difference and that’s what turns voters away.

            • REALBEING

              “The Evangelicals like Cruz want the legislate their beliefs on the rest of the country.”

              Where did you see, or hear this about Cruz, Frank? Are you “creating” a niche for your beliefs about Cruz? Couldn’t ANY religious President do the same, or something similar? Cruz wants the country to run strictly in the ways of our Constitution. Rule of Law is his game.

              I feel Rubio is only a junior “John McCain,” in that they were both involved in “The Gang Of Eight” debacle. He is pro-DACA, as he has stated that he wants to more or less validate illegal children’s “right” to free schooling in this country.


              We Atheists are still guaranteed by our Constitution the right to freedom OF “religion,” which also means freedom “FROM” religion, of which both sides remain personal beliefs.

              Bottom line…….I wish for my vote to count. I wish for my vote to go to the conservative candidate who most likely will get elected to this country, and I feel right now like that candidate is Ted Cruz.

            • liz

              Interesting info on Rubio there. I haven’t read much about him or Cruz, but until I see something confirming Franks claim that Cruz wants to legislate his beliefs on the country, I still prefer Cruz.

            • REALBEING

              I keep an ear open for Scott Walker AND Cruz…..I’m waiting, (like the rest of Conservatism!) to see how he lands on the issues. He seems to flip over on immigration every once in a while.

              And I’m still open to Carly Fiorina. She may also be a choice in the coming days. I haven’t studied her points much. She prefers Rule Of Law also, it would seem:

              Cruz seems to pull the most conservative votes right now.

            • On the whole, REALBEING, I think the articles you link us to rather prove that religion doesn’t matter awfully much to Marco Rubio. Anything goes with him, it seems. Mom takes him to a Catholic mass? Fine with him. Some Mormons get very friendly with his family and ask him to join them? Okay, jolly good. His wife feels they ought to be going more to church because of the kids and there’s one quite handy, happens to be Baptist – right, off you go. No fanaticism there. He knows he just has to come across as having a religion, being Christian in this way or that, so he lists the affiliations and lets the voters swallow what they fancy.

            • REALBEING

              True, religion doesn’t seem to matter that much to Rubio. Hopefully if he becomes President he would remain faithful to his oath, unlike Obama, and uphold our Constitution per diem.

              My point to Frank was in reply to his line about Ted Cruz being a religious fanatic and him inflicting that on the nation.

              I stated back to him that any conservative Christian could act in a way that would add their fanatical, or otherwise religious ‘slant’ to their administration’s policies over us, the people.

              Everything that I’ve read about Cruz makes me think him a Rule Of Law type of candidate, religious fanatic or not, wanting to govern in the exact manner prescribed by our Constitution.

              I see Rubio wanting to interject his own “Gang Of Eight” theories and rules into his administration, granting carte blanche to DACA kids as far as schooling them here for free, or at greatly reduced rates, and thus setting more dangerous precedents.

              I am serious and I am certain you are also when I state it is imperative that our country gets away from this “shoot from the hip-ignore parts of the Constitution” philosophy that the current regime holds as their means to their end.

              If we do not turn this ship around, it could mean our country will no longer be a viable beacon of real freedom in this darkening world.

            • I fervently agree with you about the need to turn this ship around.

            • I like your liking Rubio, Frank. But aren’t women generally thought to be more religious than men?

      • liz

        That’s my reaction – after almost two terms of having the country dragged through the sewer by arrogant traitors, anyone speaking positively about America is like a drink of cool water in a desert.
        None of them are anywhere near perfect, but compared to Obama they rate positive off the Richter scale!