Throwing the book at her 8

It seems that Peter Schweizer’s book Clinton Cash is beginning to have some adverse effects on the Clintons. We hope they are only the first of many more – far more severe.

In House of the Stacked Deck of Cards, at the Weekly Standard, Noemie Emery traces Hillary Clinton’s steady rise from the impecunious early days of her marriage to her enormous riches today – always with help from those who needed favors in return.

We quote the concluding part of the article:

Never had the cards been stacked more in favor of anyone than they were for Hillary Clinton when she had a Senate seat in a state that she never had lived in more or less placed in her hands.

With an ex-president licensed to coin money and a former first lady in the Senate planning her own eventual run for president, the Clintons were in a unique position to leverage their power—past (Bill), present, and future (Hillary). Former presidents had in various ways cashed in before, but by that time they were no longer able to do people very meaningful favors. A donation to Bill, on the other hand, could mean favors from Hillary, in the job she was holding (senator, then secretary of state), and even as president sometime down the line. As the New York Times has noted, four days after Hillary was mentioned to head Barack Obama’s State Department, TD Bank (Canada’s largest) hired Bill to give speeches for a fee of $1.8 million. It must have been just a coincidence, like all the others she had enjoyed since their Little Rock days, that Secretary of State Clinton would be ideally placed to push for the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, in which the bank held a large block of shares.

As the New York Post’s Kyle Smith noted, in a piece on Peter Schweizer’s new book Clinton Cash, “Eleven of the 13 highest-paid speeches [Bill] ever gave took place while .  .  . Hillary headed the State Department.” Other ex-presidents had nostalgia to sell, which quickly lost value. Bill had “access to a family member who was secretary of state and perhaps a future president. That’s why his fees actually went up over time, and not down.” The Clinton machine is best explained as a wondrous contraption designed to funnel cash to Bill Clinton, with a million or two tossed now and then in the way of the needy, along with a supply of fascinating new friends, ready to fly him to beautiful islands, in the pursuit of women and song.

And what did Hillary hope to get from all this, beyond a share in the family fortunes? Much the same thing that she got when she lived in the White House as first lady during the years that she ran for the Senate, namely a series of glamorous feel-good occasions meant to showcase her as a species of royalty, altruistic, benevolent, and above it all. …

This summer was supposed to be a four-month display of Hillary mania, with “a splashy Clinton Global Initiative conference in Marrakesh .  .  . followed by a lavish reception and conference in Athens in June, and .  .  . a September extravaganza in Manhattan, featuring an appearance by Elton John”. Alas, the release of Schweizer’s Clinton Cash and related reports in the New York Times and the Washington Post caused the Athens event to be canceled, with the family foundation “scrambling to address concerns about its budgeting, fundraising, and donor vetting, while being buffeted by a raging political storm”.

That storm may have been augmented by the revelation last summer that Chelsea Clinton, hired by NBC News along with Jenna Bush Hager as a part-time contributor, had not only not distinguished herself as a TV reporter, but had pulled down a yearly salary of $600,000 while having done practically nothing. It came to something over $26,000 for every minute she had been on the air. “Chelsea Clinton Leaving Her Unbelievably Cushy Fake Job at NBC” ran the New York headline. The magazine added that “she will no longer pretend to be a reporter,” calling her “one of the most boring people of her era” and her salary “insane.” A tipster told the New York Post that the disclosure (by Politico) of Chelsea’s salary had been “catastrophic for NBC, because not one of the other correspondents, not even Jenna Bush Hager, is in on that sort of money.” … Nonetheless, seemingly heedless of her own family’s fortunes, Hillary continues to rail against income disparity as a crisis, and the unfair advantages given the already powerful as a national shame and a sin.

Nobody knows about stacked decks better than Hillary Clinton, who found the deck stacked slightly in her favor 40 years ago and has spent her whole political life stacking it further, to the benefit of herself and her husband and their daughter and Hillary’s brothers, all of whom have managed to make out like bandits, the latter two with no talents to speak of besides being related to her. The Democrats may want to run on inequality, but they should look for some other candidate to do it, and not someone who has made inequality, when it heavily tilts in her direction, her singular calling and life’s achievement.

We have nothing against economic inequality. But Hillary pretends she has. And hypocrisy is only one of the many sleazy qualities of the Clintons – including every other form of dishonesty, even theft (of things from the White House) – that half the voters choose to disregard. Why?


  • Don L

    It just never ceases to amaze, frustrate and anger me trhat the predominance of Americans don’t seem to grasp the consequences of all this campaign money (and that’s what all this is about) and their own liberty and money.

    They hear every night, with election cycle after election cycle, on every news outlet about how much each candidate, repub and dem, have raised. And, these news sources predict the winners based on the dollars raised…never a word about the content of the candidates positions. Hah, in fact, a candidate is never ever measured against issues but against the communication delivery…it’s the only thing these talking heads actually understand (certainly not economics or true history.)

    Why would any of these people (Koch brothers included) or companies contribute at all? Christ…there isn’t any doubt…access and favors…demanded and/or expected. It is the way of career-politics. X contributes $X and the politician makes sure the X receives X grants/contracts/favorable regulation/et ceteras. And, all these crony favors are funded by the FED/Treasury scheme which is the source of the unnatural inequality the career-politician always rails against. It’s a con job and the Clintons are expert.

    Again, the former Czech president, Vaclav Klaus got to the point…”The Republic can survive a Barak Obama (Hillary) who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fiools such as those who made him president”!

    Hey people…the money is solely for corrupting freedom and enslaveing you.

    Jesus christ what fools they be, they do not know what they do, but I’ll be damned if I’ll forgive them!

    • liz

      You got that right!!!
      It’s just cronyism that has so overtaken the system it parasites off of, that they might as well give up the pretense of hiding it.
      Meanwhile, keep importing hordes of foreign welfare parasites to collapse the system, and we’re ready for the final step of totalitarian enslavement .


        As long as we’re talking about Hillary, heres what we must contend with as far as the uninformed voters that love her:

        • liz

          Yes, this is why the country is in the toilet. And Obama got elected the same way. A country full of useful idiots.

  • liz

    Yes, the “many sleazy qualities of the Clintons” – hard to count them.
    The worst being that managing all this corruption left them both very little time to actually do their jobs (as if they actually cared about them!)
    On the other hand, we may be better off that they weren’t actually serious about their jobs, given the leftist “principles” they would act on.
    No actions are better than bad actions, except in cases like Bengahzi, where no action resulted in four deaths.


      And ironically it seems that the more dirt that is dug up on these two by the Conservatives, or anyone else, the more they are adored by the low information voters and socialist cabal in the country and around the world…


    Apparently, this is Hillary’s planet…….We Conservatives just happen to ‘infest’ it. She will probably get the Democratic nomination. Like in the book, The Lord Of The Rings, she, like Gollum, seeks the “Ring” of Power.

    It’ll be up to the Republicans to unseat her from her appointed duty to hold this Ring for the Socialist machine.

    Whoever gets the Republican nomination will I think becomes President and will indeed have his/her work cut out.

    • liz

      “The precioussss!!!