The fall of Ramadi – Obama’s success 24


Sunday May 18, the Islamic State (IS/ISIS/ISIL) seized Ramadi, capital of Anwar province in Iraq. The Iraqi forces that had been weakly defending the city, fled along with many civilians – some 8,000 in all. About 500 people, many of them civilians, were killed immediately by the invaders. Newsmax reports: “Bodies, some burned, littered the city’s streets … Online video showed Humvees, trucks and other equipment speeding out of Ramadi, with soldiers desperate to reach safety gripping onto their sides.”

In 2008, Anbar Province – of which Ramadi is the capital – was taken from Saddam Hussein’s forces during Operation Iraqi Freedom. But victory came at a high price: 1,335 U.S. soldiers were killed, and another 8,205 soldiers were wounded and maimed.

All for nothing.

Obama pulled all US troops out of Iraq in 2011. And the Islamic State has come in.

But Obama’s press secretary says the policy towards the Islamic State and Iraq is a success.

From RedState:

This exchange is between ABC’s Jon Karl and a thoroughly dishonest Josh Earnest.

Q    Now, on the overall track record of military operations of the President’s strategy on this, you said we’ve seen periods of progress and success.  Would you say that overall, this strategy has been a success?

EARNEST:  Well, Jon, yes.  Overall, yes. It doesn’t mean that there haven’t been areas of setback, as we saw in Ramadi.

Q    I mean, is exporting terror to Libya, taking over the capital of Iraq’s largest province — this is overall success?

EARNEST:  What we’ve also seen is we’ve also seen a coalition of 60 nations both in the region and around the world join the United States in this fight.  We’ve seen a new Prime Minister take office in Iraq and unite that country and deploy a multi-sectarian security force against ISIL that has succeeded in liberating important areas of Diyala and Babil and Nineveh and the Kirkuk Provinces.  We’ve seen important Iraqi security force gains in Tikrit and Ramadi. [!] We’ve also seen strategic areas like Sinjar Mountain and Mosul Dam where Iraqi security forces have emerged victorious. So we have seen a lot of success.  But we’ve also seen significant periods of setback.  And that’s part of what a military conflict is going to be, particularly when it’s going to be a long-term proposition like this one.

For the US, the fall of Ramadi is a failure and a loss, and Josh Ernest is lying about it. The new Prime Minister of Iraq has not united the country. The pathetic charade of “democracy” in that benighted land deceives no one.

But for Obama himself, the loss, the chaos, the slaughter, the destruction is a success. 

His foreign policy – the advancement of Islam – is succeeding, perhaps even beyond his own wildest dreams, in Iraq, Afghanistan, and above all in Iran.

  • liz

    Yes, a pathetic excuse for the failure of our pathetic excuse for a President.


    Josh Ernest:

    “But we’ve also seen significant periods of setback. And that’s part of what a military conflict is going to be, particularly when it’s going to be a long-term proposition like this one.”

    TRANSLATION: “The lives of the little people that were lost in the battles to win these objectives ten years ago mean nothing.”

    • Don L

      You…are the god of insight. Wow, you’ve caught the essence of progressivism…the lower people don’t count (Teddy Roosevelt concepts). Self-proclaimed intellect fostering an arrogance that they perceive as entitling them to rule…murder and kill…not an individual but by the millions as it is, as Stalin stated, then only a meiningless statistical tragedy. They are so right…deaths mean nothing to them. I say to the knife to their throat…see the feet twich! (NSA…merely a hypothetical!!!)


        “People do not say what they mean, they DO what they mean.”

        Alfred Adler is one of my heroes. It is quite apparent that the only thing that is transparent about Obama’s administration is the people in it.

        The “little people” presently in charge of running this country expose their leader’s agenda, mimicking his lack of integrity.

        They are just what Obama ordered when he asked them to work for him.

        Progressives only want to perform for the audience under their “care” in order to further their own power over them by harvesting these people’s personal power.

        True conservatives only want the people who are ‘able’ to take care of themselves as best they can, while providing logical and reasonable care for those who cannot.

        • Don L

          I’m gunna catch it for this..but (responding to your last paragraph only)…Every time I hear/read the word conservative I just want to puke.

          What you mean, this site’s stated goals and purpose…like gay is no longer gay…conservative (destroyed not by the left but by the “conservatives’) is now…candidly, I don’t know what it is other than something that is unreliable and christian.


          One hundred years plus ago the changes were so radical and so unopoosed…what is to be conserved? I see nothing to be saved of government and economic policy to be kept. What word would encompass restoring the Founders intents since put asunder…I don’t know? Prima facie…conservative does not include pre 100 years does it? For me, the word conservative no longer connotes anything worthwhile.

          It saddens me. But, atheism and rationality are still the strongest powers in the world…once exposed to those who see & think through their indoctrination.

          Say, why did Lincoln start a war to end slavery when all across the rest of the western world, even more entrenched, economically & historically, in slavery, it ended without violence?

          When faced with stop and think…chains are broken…pig wings for sale here!

          • REALBEING

            “For me, the word conservative no longer connotes anything worthwhile..”

            What is in a name? For me, this word “conservative” denotes a difference (important difference!) between how a rational person thinks and acts and how a Socialist Liberal shows up and acts.

            The difference is found in Robert Heinleins’s words:

            “Most people can’t think, most of the remainder won’t think, the small fraction who do think mostly can’t do it very well.

            The extremely tiny fraction who think regularly, accurately, creatively, and without self-delusion- in the long run these are the only people who count.”

            You could also add the line “Without an agenda to dominate others lives” but it would be redundant as this agenda for controlling others is covered by Heinleins’ thoughts.

            • Don L

              One…Most people live lives, intentionally made difficult over the last 100 years, wherby thinking has to do with existance. I have the sense that ours (old farts like you and me of the Nam generation) may be, have been, the last to have time to think or been allowed to think; given compulsory schooling.

              Or, it isn’t that people are stupid or don’t think it is that they’ve been waylaid; Shanghai’d and manipulated from kindergarden to Univ to believe untruths. They are stupid by government intervention not by biology.

              You and I, and those still free of gov’t schooling, see differences in words. Words are only symbols…gov’t schooling has changed those symbolic meanings. Yes, there was a time, not even that distant, where conservative had those distinctions we cherish.

              Take a Univ course in Comm…conservative, and again by their own hand (repubs) have made that word a negative…not even as eco0nomics but as mind-control religion…conseravtive means dead brain god Maria Schiavo putridity.

              If minds are to be changed. If the war is to be won, assuming there is even time (still selling pig’s wings here) I anchor on the notion of atheist constitutionalist (sorry Liz…luv ya but restorationalist requires too much explanation for those not of our mindset).

              Fiscally conservative…Ah. Still heard as republican. And, candidly, the republican party history is even worse than the Dems. Me thinks avoiding words that link to any party is best. Hell, for christ god damned sake we have a hard enough time proudly being atheists. Most Americans still acdcept the notion of Constitution…freedom…home of the brave.

              Enough. I’m tired…off to meds and bed. Later folks!!!

            • REALBEING

              In my humble opinion the successful human beings are the ones who think regularly and make a decent living from the performance of their life ambitions.

              Going further, when this normal thinking and successful person goes the extra mile and starts to seriously think and reason about the world as it stands, comparing his perceptions of reality with what was, what is, and what could be, then does the right thing by working on changing his outlook and attitude to reflect his fact-based findings, he becomes an Atheist Conservative.

            • We heartily agree!

            • Don L

              As you may recall, an incontrovertible laws of life (like you never fall up a building) that I often point out is that one never ever thinks about things one never ever thinks about. And, if you do not know of, have never been exposed to, a thing or idea…ya just don’t think about it.

              It is my observation that a great majority of people who are successful (success being defined as the achievent or attainment of a worthy ideal: doctor, entrepreneur, mother, teacher…what ever the individual’s worthy goal) never give a thought to topics you and I think about. Just watch a business show to see CEOs/Founders of major corporations who have never been exposed to free market capitalism but only mainstream economics. They develop the success-guilt never allowing themselves to bask in the glory of the prosperity they bring to others through achieving/attining their selfish goals. And, it’s true across many avenues of personal success ideals. I have met many successful people who are because they think about being who and what they want to be…not about world macro/philosophical/political-economic ideas.

              I think about where I might be if I had never stumbled acoss Ayn Rand. I know that if I hadn’t stumbled upon Austrian Econ just a few years ago…I’d still be thinking that managing an economy was necessary to address perceptions of inequality…even as I was already an atheist.

              Yes, thinking is paramount to success. You never get anywhere without a plan…you must think in order to formulate one. I used to enjoy Rumsfeld’s news conferences: “We don’t know what we don’t know…we don’t know that we don’t know”. Excepting politics and social works (argh & ugh) worthy ideal are attained, are being attained, irrespective of religious or economic attitudes and opinions. (I exclude politics and social work whereas unless these folks are atheist conservative…nothing worthy about it as evidenced by the state of the Republic/world.)

              Now, here’s the wrinkle…if and when one is exposed to true atheist and free-market thought and it is rejected…thereafter that person can be considered non-thinking whereas no rationality or logic supports the rejection. Yet, again excepting the public service endeavors (which would include the ‘schooling’ fields)…theist and even socialist entrepreneurs seeking profit still contribute to society as they inevitably create jobs, allocate created wealth..ignite the forces of capitalism.

              Anyway, I know what you mean but atheist conservative and personal success are not necessarily linked given a government that has for more than 100 years intentionally denied, hidden, misdirected and misinformed about ideas concerned with free thinking. Indeed, the US economy succeeds inspite of government (although getting harder and harder to do). Entrepreneurs driven to succeed manage to overcome.

              Of course, there are those who will never ever think but merely exist. Cultural, physiological or environmental causes? You and I have discussed these folk…we play with them in the phx bars (you may recall).

              Success, as a worthy ideal, requires thinking: to create and work a plan to achieve personal goals. Atheist, theist, liberal, conservative is irrelevant until it comes to political-economic influence upon others. And then, it matters whether one has been exposed to alternative ideas. If one has been exposed and rejects atheist conservative then nonthinking labeling is appropriate. Or, the more we can expose people to alternate ideas (atheism & free market capitalism) the closer we get to re-securing our unalienable rights.

              too much coffee…let’s get a beer!

            • Don L

              Oh…forgot to mention that Heinlein is the guy who got me hooked on Sci-Fi. I was maybe 7 when I read “Red Planet Mars”. Anyway…I grok it!

          • liz

            Yes, I think “restorationist” would really be more accurate than “conservative”, since as you noted, the last 100 years hasn’t produced anything worth conserving. It’s been mostly the subversion of anything worth conserving that’s been going on.
            What we need to do is restore the founding principles.

            • Don L

              I luv you!!!

            • liz

              I accept the compliment, “male brain oriented” tho it may be!

            • Don L

              LOL…I have to stop breathing with my mouth open and dragging my knuckles on the ground!

          • We see what you mean. But “Atheist Constitutionalist” or “Atheist Rationalist” would not have the challenge, the slight surprise, the wee shock “Atheist Conservative” has in America. Actually, our conservatism is Western rather than just American. Karl Popper’s conservatism (also Churchill’s and Thatcher’s) as well as Reagan’s.

            • I should write a post about this. Am thinking about it. What we need to conserve are the incalculably valuable achievements of our civilization. The Left has been trying to grind them to dust ever since the Enlightenment recovered and advanced the great beginnings it had in classical times, before the long night of Christianity.

            • liz

              That would be an excellent post. Looking forward to it!

            • Don L

              Excellent and I love the “Long Night Of Christianity”.

            • Don L

              Ya know, I think we’ve (on the site not just you and me) had this conversation before when indeed the, especially, lefiist athist-claimers have shown up.

              I’ve been remiss…I’ve had a Popper book on my list for a long time. I understand, even though, your distinction. I totally accept your conservatism as it is setforth under the About Us heading in the upper left margin.

              Candidly, my anti-conservative argument was born of frustration and not as serious as I may have conveyed. I do, however, absolutely believe those establishment repubs and the “Fill-in Blank (social meaning religious)”-conseravtives are ripping the true definition of the word to shreds…GRRR!

  • Don L

    Without doubt…all these Obama Admin press secretaries…, Whitehouse, State Dept, Defense Dept, et ceteras…all got their degrees in communication from Baghdad Bob’s School of Falsehood and Delusion.


      I saw a bumper sticker in Prescott last year on the bumper of a Toyota Pickup truck.

      It had a picture of Obama on it and it asked the question “Does this ass make my pickup truck look bigger?”

      • Don L

        Here’s some artwork you’ll enjoy: Orinal phot and the pinup art it inspired.

    • It’s the wish of silent millions. I hope.