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As the indigenous European populations commit slow suicide, Muslims pour into their continent to replace them eventually.

Mark Steyn writes:

Europe has a growing shortage of Europeans.

Yesterday’s Telegraph:

Germany’s birth rate has collapsed to the lowest level in the world and its workforce will start plunging at a faster rate than Japan’s by the early 2020s, seriously threatening the long-term viability of Europe’s leading economy … The German government expects the population to shrink from 81m to 67m by 2060 as depressed pockets of the former East Germany go into “decline spirals” where shops, doctors’ practices, and public transport start to shut down, causing yet more people to leave in a vicious circleA number of small towns in Saxony, Brandenburg and Pomerania have begun to contemplate plans for gradual “run-off” and ultimate closure, a once unthinkable prospect.

Why is this even news? Almost a decade ago, a guy called Mark Steyn wrote a book called America Alonein which he said everything the Telegraph piece said yesterday. Those East German towns?

Almost every issue facing the European Union – from immigration rates to crippling state pension liabilities – has at its heart the same root cause: a huge lack of babies. Every day you get ever more poignant glimpses of the Euro-future, such as it is. One can talk airily about being flushed down the toilet of history, but even that’s easier said than done. In eastern Germany, rural communities are dying, and one consequence is that village sewer systems are having a tough time adjusting to the lack of use. Populations have fallen so dramatically there are too few people flushing to keep the flow of waste moving. Traditionally, government infrastructure expenditure arises from increased demand. In this case, the sewer lines are having to be narrowed at great cost in order to cope with dramatically decreased demand.

The Telegraph quotes the German government’s own figures predicting a population decrease from 81 million now to 67 million by 2060. In America Alone, I suggested the population would fall to 38 million by the end of the century. Given that it is in the nature of demographic death spirals to accelerate once you’re below 1.3 children per couple, my number may be an underestimate. And when you consider that in most German urban areas the only demographic energy now is Muslim, those 38 million turn-of-the-century “Germans” will be posterity’s rebuke to the Nuremberg Laws. As I wrote in 2006:

Americans take for granted all the “it’s about the future of all our children” hooey that would ring so hollow in a European election. In the 2005 German campaign, voters were offered what would be regarded in the US as a statistically improbable choice: a childless man (Herr Schroeder) vs a childless woman (Frau Merkel). Statist Europe signed on to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s alleged African proverb – “It takes a village to raise a child” – only to discover they got it backwards: on the Continent, the lack of children will raze the village. And most of the villagers still refuse to recognize the contradictions: You can’t breed at the lethargic rate of most Europeans and then bitch and whine about letting the Turks into the European Union. Demographically, they’re the kids you couldn’t be bothered having.

Lest you think this an exaggeration, look at the graph accompanying the Telegraph piece [see it below], contrasting Germany and Japan’s demographic decline with France’s ostensibly healthier fertility rate. The reason for that is that France has the highest Muslim population in western Europe, so it has a bright future of crowded maternity wards full of babies called Mohammed. And all this was known a decade ago: – when, already, 30 per cent of German women and 40 per cent of university graduates were childless, just like Angela Merkel.

On those numbers you’re living in a present-tense culture: no matter how great you are, you’re a civilizational boy-band; a generation later, someone else will be there, and no one will be singing your songs.

Okay, this passage [in the book] is a wee bit lurid:

[In] Europe by the end of this century … the grand buildings will still be standing but the people who built them will be gone. By the next century, German will be spoken only at Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels and Goering’s Monday night poker game in Hell.

 But the point is: It’s not wrong. in 2006, Germany already had a shrinking and aging population, and potentially catastrophic welfare liabilities … and no politician who wished to remain  electorally viable was willing to do anything about it. It’s not the total number of people that matters, it’s the age distribution: that decline from 81 to 67 million will wind up skewing the  population very geezerish. But, again, this was all known a decade ago. I pointed out the percentage of the population under the age of 15 …

Spain and Germany have 14 per cent, the United Kingdom 18 per cent, the United States 21 per cent – and Saudi Arabia has 39 per cent, Pakistan 40 per cent and Yemen 47 per cent.

When you’ve that many surplus young people, they’re going to go somewhere else. Some of the African numbers are even higher, which is why there’s that endless flotilla of boats across the Mediterranean. Because when a teeming shanty town is next door to a not-terribly-gated community of under-occupied mansions, it would be unreasonable to expect otherwise.


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  • Don L

    The Mexican government has printed and distributed instructions for illegal aliens on how they can help Mexico regain its former territory (California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona): make babies!!! Babies are weapons; Mexico targets the American Republic, Muslims target the world.

    Regrettably, I do agree with White House ascertion that unemployment and lack of opportunity in the 3rd world does lead to the terror fervor…it is not an excuse for the barbarism…that lies solely on the illness of islam and it’s deranged and foul prophet. It is, however, uS of A adventurism and ill conceived economic policy that have/do create the circumstance for angst and blame.

    Long-to-short, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and other colonialist expeditions, deals-with-the-devil made by the uS of A during the cold war and the export of fascistic planned economics have culminated in failed societies across the planet (Including the failed startup of the new Russian Federation…we foisted planned economics…let’s re-light the totalitarian state).

    The UN, the World Bank, the IMF, the Import/Export Bank and other nation funding operations act/function to facilitate poverty, hunger, and all manner of human misery under the rubrics of foreign aid, relief, humanitarianism, et ceteras.. Banks connected with these organizations loan money to governments who default on the loans. The loans are renegotiated to then include guarantees to the banks…the guarantor is inevitably the FED – THE AMERICAN TAX PAYER. The interest payments are always paid and the principal is forgiven with a new loan arranged…and on and on and on and on.World wide redistribution of wealth..think Greece, Argentina…even China.

    At no time is any of the loaned funds applied as investment capital in a free market capitalistic sense. Huge Dams and other government prestige building projects are undertaken…usually detrimental and unwanted/needed. No entrepreneurs get funded. No rights to own property are established…in fact the idea of unalienable rights are made illegal under the lending docs as the outside banks often require taxes must be raised on the people…consent of the governed NOT! And, the increased taxes are not for benefit of the socierty…it’s for the lending banks. So, across the world money, DOLLARS – for now, stil the world reserve currency…are spread to the benefit of politicians, cronies and two-bit dictators. American ploiticians convince Americans we are doing good. Americans then never understand why the world hates us. We fund, gurantee, their misery…THROUGH THE FED.

    Can you answer this question: When does money, a fiat dollar, come into existence?

    The instant a loan is made, new money is created…FLASH BAM every dollar in existence is now worth less!!! Whatever you have heard or think is wrong…all dollars represent debt!!! If all loans are paid off there would not be a dollar in existence. Again, I’ve presented this before, on Dec 23rd, 1913, Woodrow Wilson and the Democrat-controlled 63rd Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act. They outlawed Free Market Capitalism and replaced it with Centrally-Planned ‘Debtism’. The uS of A and the world has been on a suicide dive ever since. Pretty close to and end.

    (By the way, as an aside, do you know why the u in united States of America is not capitalized?)

    If you truly want to read a great mystery story, who, how and why the American Republic, and the world, is in collapse, buy it, read it: “The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve” by G. Edward Griffin – http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_3_17?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=the+creature+from+jekyll+island+a+second+look+at+the+federal+reserve&sprefix=the+creature+from%2Caps%2C196

    You will never bee the same…lots smarter and wiser…Guaranteed!

    • I accept everything you say here except that “unemployment and lack of opportunity in the 3rd world does lead to the terror fervor” – if by “terror fervor” you mean organizing terrorist attacks. There is no evidence that it does, and much that it does not.

      • Don L

        No…by terror fervor I mean the climate whereinderanged islamic zealots find fertile minds to seed their filth. In the middle east, as in other parts of the world, we backed tyrannical regimes/monarchies that kept their thumbs on their populace; and, on those imported to be servants. The ‘allies’ deflecting blame of the suffering these stifled and enslaved peoples experience onto Jews and the Great Satan America…we allowed this nonsense to happen by ignoring our ‘allies’ enabling and facilitating the hatred.

        • liz

          Right – – the socialist run government (both federal and local, in places like Baltimore), cause the poverty through both socialist policies and bottomless pit depth corruption.
          The poor, already badly educated (by design), become the useful idiots for communist front groups like Acorn, the New Black Panthers, etc..
          So the “lack of jobs” excuse of the left is partly true, but it’s their fault, by design! And of course their standard operating procedure is to blame it all on evil capitalism – which, as you’ve noted, doesn’t even exist anymore!

      • Don L

        The more I think about my commonality comparison, the more in focus the comparison becomes. In the mideast it’s mullahs and madras schools. In the ghettos it’s Al Shrptons, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP crowd, Obam and compulsory, union-managed, schools. Indoctrinate, inculcate, condition, teach anger and point the mentally-manipulated at infidels or cops…region specific dontcha knows.

    • liz

      Just started on that book – looking forward to reading it!

      • Don L

        Liz, you will enjoy it, be scared by it and it will become a treasured resource.

        I don’t know if it was the cover graphics or the perception of “just another FED book” but I put this book off for a number of years. Then, I’m glad I read the other material first.. It gave the material a fuller meaning.

        So, sit back and discover some amazing stuff.

  • liz

    If countries were people, the European ones would be like sick patients who, instead of trying to cure themselves with modern medicine, decide to try bleeding themselves with leeches.
    What could possibly be considered beneficial about allowing your (once great) civilization to be overrun with hostile barbarian parasites?

    • It is a huge tragedy. Perhaps the greatest tragedy yet in all our history.

    • But… but… diversity!