Senator Cruz warns the UN 7

The UN must be destroyed.

The US must stop funding the UN – headquarters of international political evil.

Senator Ted Cruz is serious about it. He has sent this letter to the Secretary-General of Evil HQ:

June 3, 2015

His Excellency Ban Ki-moon
Secretary-General of the United Nations
United Nations

First Avenue at 46th Street
New York, NY 10017

Dear Mr. Secretary-General:

I write to you to convey my outrage that the State of Israel may be added to your list of “parties to conflict who commit grave violations against children.”[1] This designation would falsely and shamefully equate Israel with some of the most barbaric terrorist organizations around the world. The decision to add Israel is solely your decision to make and, therefore, is entirely in your power to prevent from taking place.

As you are well aware, this list is part of your annual report on Children and Armed Conflict.  It is my understanding that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) may be added for the alleged violations described below.  The 2014 report on Children and Armed Conflict listed more than 59 parties including terrorist organizations such as Boko Haram, Taliban, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and Al Qaeda who “recruit or use children, kill or maim children, commit rape and other forms of sexual violence against children, or engage in attacks on schools and/or hospitals in situations of armed conflict.”[2]

Such deplorable atrocities rightfully should be condemned by the United Nations. But there is absolutely no legitimate basis for adding Israel to such a list that includes parties which only represent the greatest of evil, honor death over life, and deliberately massacre women and children.  Unlike those parties on your list, Israel cherishes life and goes to extraordinary lengths to minimize civilian casualties during a conflict. In fact, Israel’s careful warfare tactics set an example for other nations to emulate, including the United States, which, according to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, recently sent a team of senior military officers over to Israel to learn more about these tactics.[3]

As the entire world observed last summer, Israel began its justified military operation in response to the kidnapping and murder of three Jewish teenagers by Hamas, two of whom were 16 years old and another 19 years old. As Israel engaged in an operation to find the Hamas terrorists responsible and bring them to justice for this heinous act, the conflict further escalated when Hamas and Palestine Islamic Jihad began to launch rockets and use underground tunnels deliberately targeting Israeli civilians, in an indiscriminate attempt to murder as many Israelis as possible. These terrorist groups are motivated by the stated desire to destroy Israel within any borders, not by any legitimate interest in making peace with Israel.

Acting in self-defense, Israel targeted only areas in Gaza that posed a threat and where members of Hamas and Palestine Islamic Jihad were located. The IDF took such steps as dropping leaflets, making announcements, placing telephone calls, and sending text messages directly to residents in Gaza to provide advance warning of an imminent attack to minimize civilian casualties. Members of Hamas and Palestine Islamic Jihad purposefully hid themselves and stockpiled weapons in densely populated areas including UN facilities, schools, hospitals and mosques.  They used civilians, including children, as human shields. Hamas’ main command center was located underneath the al-Shifa hospital in Gaza, which made the primary source of medical care to Gaza residents a legitimate military target if Israel’s objective was to destroy Hamas’ terrorist leadership. These terrorists even encouraged residents in Gaza to ignore the IDF warnings and remain in their homes in an attempt to use them as pawns in their ongoing propaganda war to demonize the Jewish State.  The very lives of Gaza residents are of no concern to Hamas and Palestine Islamic Jihad, for whom casualties are not an unintended consequence of war, but rather a deliberate objective. The United States Congress unanimously passed a resolution last year condemning their actions.[4]

Meanwhile to Israel’s northeast a civil war wages in Syria. In an action completely alien to the parties on your list, Israel has offered medical care, free of charge, to the casualties of this action.  Israeli physicians have treated and saved the lives of more than a thousand Syrians injured in that conflict, including children.  The contrast could not be more clear: Hamas and other terrorist groups exploit medical facilities as human shields to launch operations against Israel, while Israel uses theirs to provide cutting-edge medical care to people whose government’s avowed goal is to destroy the Jewish State.

Mr. Secretary-General, I submit that, should you determine to add more parties to your list, you should focus on those who actually exploit their own children as human shields, indoctrinate and raise their children to glorify violence and martyrdom, and target the children of others to achieve their destructive goals who should receive priority consideration, such as Hamas and Palestine Islamic Jihad.  There is absolutely no moral equivalence between radical Islamic terrorists, who are motivated by these factors, and Israel, which is justifiably motivated solely by the defense of her people.

Mr. Secretary-General, under no circumstances should Israel be added to your list. As the largest contributor to the United Nations, Congress will have no choice but to reassess the United States’ relationship with the United Nations and consider serious consequences if you choose to take this action.


Ted Cruz
United States Senator


[1] “Listing Parties to Conflict Who Commit Grave Violations Against Children,” Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, Accessed June 2, 2015,

[2] “Report of the Secretary-General: Children and Armed Conflict,” United Nations, May 15, 2014,

[3] Lisa Ferdinando, “Chairman Says Israel Acted Responsibly in Gaza Operation,” Army News Service, U.S. Department of Defense, November 7, 2014,

[4] H. Con. Res. 107, Agreed to December 10, 2014,


  • liz

    Bravo to Ted Cruz! If he gets elected, I hope he cuts them off whether they put Israel on their “list” or not.

    • Bruce

      I hope he seizes the building with no warning (except to our real allies, perhaps), and seizes every document they can find, then makes them public domain. I’m pretty sure the place is a hotbed of treason and plots against the US and other advanced western countries.

      • liz

        No doubt about that. Then do the same to the FED, the EPA, the IRS, etc., etc…

  • Don L

    The UN is the bastard outcome of the Wilson League of Nations immaculate deception. The entire idea is socialistic/progressive and therefeore, prima facia, anti-freedom, anti-capitalism and irrefutably anti-American.

    FWIW, at age 7, I and a cousin of the same age, Blair, attacked the new UN building with our new air rifles. Christmas 1953, the horde, gathered at grandpa’s apartment; he owned the building and his apartment was the whole top floor (Mother’s father – she was 1 of 5 sisters – the horde was 10 aunts and uncles and 15 cousins all under 11). Blair and I, some motherly conspiracy here, both received the same model air rifle (fired nothing, made a big bang). We were told often and sternly, “Only outside”. We complied.

    Grandpa’s apartment buildings, he had two, were at 63rd street and the East River…The Oueensborough Bridge was in your face…it was monstrous and magnificent. And, the new UN building, completed in 1952, was in sight just a few blocks away. We headed that way. Incidently, grandpa made his money during prohibition days running Canadian whiskey through Sheep’s Head Bay in Brooklyn. He also operated a speakeasy on the first floor of one of the buildings…tthere were mystery doors and passage ways that we kids loved playing in.

    Continuing, we got to the big doors on the north side of the towering UN building and started knocking. No terroists back then…we just walked right up. A security guard came to the door and opened it. He asked what we were doing and we told him we were holding the building up. He laughed, asked if we wanted a tour. We stood and looked out over from were presidents give speeches, rambled through were translators did their thing…I can still picture it…the green marble still stands out.

    The guard then showed us back to the North door and we walked back to grandpa’s. That guard never ever asked about where are parents were. Today there is a big todo about some couple that let their kids walk home from a close neighborhood park. Anyway, we did not know how long we had been gone…day had turned to night; we did not know what had been going on at grandpa’s.

    Apparently, a big todo. There was turmoil…where are they? Long-to-short, hugs, spanking and a good laugh, after we told our story…also a bit of no kidding, good for you two.

    Notwithstanding my fond memories…BURN THAT BITCH DOWN, to emulate the thug’s father in Ferguson. The UN is the symbol of all that’s wrong in the world. What’s worse, through the other organization that needs to be torched, the FED, we fund, essentially, the whiole damned thing. The 3rd world countries pay their bill with FED guaranteed loans…they chronically default. It is ‘keep your enemies close’ to an extreme. When they are sticking the blade(s) in and twisting it…it’s too close for survival.

    1953…another day and time. Just think, in another 18 years Nixon, in 1971, will sever gold and the dollar…the tap was opened and America’s wealth poured out to all its enemies…including the USSR (now the Russian Federation), China…name it. The UN is at the center for facilitating that progressive redistribution of America’s wealth. End it…along with the FED!!!

    • If my memory serves me rightly (and it doesn’t always, but I’m fairly sure this is true) ), the US actually gave printing plates to the USSR occupying force in Germany after WWII – to print dollars. Think on that!

      • Don L

        I did not know that. I’d rather not think on it! But, central bankers have no affiliation or love of a country/Republic. (think the song “It’s all about the Bass”) The FED’s theme song is, It’s all about the buck, ’bout the buck, ’bout the buck…

        Congress unconstitutionally relinquished its duty and handed total control of the currency to the FED. At that time, if my mind recalls, the FED was trying to reliquify Europe central banks and the dollar was, after all, the reserve currency of the world…before electronic printing…you actually had to print…so what if it was being done by an adversary; so what if it was Americans who footed the bill through higher prices…they didn’t know it was happening on their backs anyway.

        Notwithstanding the horrendous inflationary expansion of the currency, prices were kept down and wages rose given the power of the entrepreneurial class and productivity of the work force. Had there been free markets…free of gov’t/FED monetary manipulation…wages would have truly skyrocketed, prices for goods and services would have dropped dramatically – stimulating even more savings and productivity. Further, it wasn’t the end of WWII that stimulated the economy…it was the death of FDR and the end of his crippling stranglehold on the economy that unleashed prosperity that outstripped the FEDs damndest to wrangle it in : “we have to cool the economy down”…WHAT BS is that?

    • I enjoyed the story very much. Thank you, Don L!