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To follow yesterday’s post on the GOP proposals for repealing Obamacare and replacing it with free-market solutions to health care needs (Health in the market place, June 7, 2015), we reproduce a comment made by Tibor Gaspardyn, originally on our Facebook page.

It provides important information on little-known problems of Health Care in America – and prescribes a cure for them.

From its founding in 1846, the American Medical Association (AMA) has been a union … a union by exclusion. It has been less concerned with improving medical practice, which it does, but with advancing professional prestige and economic reward. (Why does it so vigorously hide doctors’ performance information?)

In the 1880s it became one of the first and perhaps the most influential lobbying organizations in the Republic; only the banking lobby had greater influence. With the imposition of the progressive movement, in the American Republic (1890’s into the late 1920s) significantly promoted by Teddy Roosevelt and continuing under and through Woodrow Wilson, the AMA was granted, and it retains, incredible power and control over medical practice. The AMA’s stranglehold on medical practitioners and services was increased under FDR and it continues to grow stronger. There has never been an administration or Congress, since the AMA’s founding, that has ever challenged it’s economically-destructive control.  As with all unions, political contribution and support gains “look-the-other-way” privilege. And the AMA union members have some really deep pockets.

The AMA/political cabal allows the AMA to govern, with power and authority emulating law, the number of hospitals; the number of teaching hospitals; the number of those training as doctor, nurse and other related vocations; what the definitions and responsibilities are of the various medical vocations; the requirements, certifications, accreditations and qualifications for participation in the medical field – and more. In other words, the AMA, not free market capitalism, controls the entire supply, and therefore the quality and COST, of medical delivery, doctor’s incomes, within the USA. 

Too few doctors relative to those seeking medical care means fees go up. Nurses not allowed to perform routine procedures means billings go up. So, any plan to “fix” healthcare must eliminate the control of the AMA. Otherwise, there is no “patient-orientation”, costs will not be market-based; it will still be a union managed for the benefit of the purposefully-limited providers system. Critically, the self-balancing of supply and demand afforded under a real free market system is missing. Who is being served in our current AMA-based system?Consumers don’t count. Are you being made to sit in a  waiting room for an hour and a half? Is ‘house call’ still in the dictionary?

That analysis and description was just about the medical side of healthcare. Insurance and pharmaceuticals are also fully managed for the benefit of the suppliers. Not, however, by a self-serving  wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing union but by the suppliers themselves through their favorite career-politicians.

Health insurance is a government granted monopoly (anti-consumer monopolies and cartels are an impossibility in a free market capitalistic system). By law, only a handful of cartelized-insurers are allowed to operate in a state. No sales are permitted across state lines. That choice is outlawed. Why aren’t there any insurance policies that go with you, cover existing illness, offer all those coverages the liberals demand? Because they don’t have to. The insurers need only contribute to a campaign … serving consumers isn’t required! It is the same for the pharmaceutical industry.

Indeed, healthcare and all industries have become self-serving plunderers through political connection, technically called mercantalism – today wrongfully termed “crony ‘capitalism'”, and managed in an authoritarian – ie. fascist –  manner (the application of legislation, taxes, fees, certifications, inspections, etc. in order to control firms/the economy whilst allowing the appearance of private ownership and control). And, everywhere you turn you hear the cry for even more regulation. Regulation is simply code for anti-competition government intervention for the benefit of a favored company or industry – typically, called for covertly by the industry to be regulated. How many cable companies exist in your area … one? Yet, they claim stiff competition. Like so many, just another government granted monopoly at your expense. Further, incredibly, all the regulators come right out of the industries they are charged to regulate … no conflict there! The bottom line,all this political/re-election-directed economic intervention, healthcare or otherwise, increases costs above market pricing with quality of goods and services well below competition-based offerings.

It needs to be known that the AMA represents only 17% of doctors in the USA. The AMA agenda is not supported by those actually in the profession.  The agenda is supported by the politicians benefiting from the AMA’s substantial financial contribution and their lending of prestige (stooging) to political shenanigans through the 3rd-Party Authority Agrees Deception & Deflection Tactic (to pass a program and then after the program fails –  “Leading doctors agree…I relied on leading doctors”).

Lastly, until the Republic’s leadership is de-careered & un-partied, and the rigged regulation system is disbanded, and the Federal Reserve engine financing corruption and socialism is got rid of, the Republican group can plan all they want … election after election … there will not be change.

Keynes must die … if the American Republic is to live!

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  • liz

    Good comment. Info like this is depressing (though necessary).
    It tears down the inner walls of the house and reveals, instead of the insulation you thought was there, a vast network of rats nests and crawling vermin.
    Is it even possible to salvage such a house? Probably better to just burn it down.
    But wait – we can’t do that, either, because “we the people” don’t own it anymore. And it’s becoming apparent that we never actually did.

    • Don L

      I really like your tearing the walls down analogy. Great mental picture.

  • Don L

    Yes. Yes, Yes!!! I absoluely agree with Tibor Gaspardyn’s commentary.

    Currently, AMA membership is dropping like a rock, estimated to now be only 15% of practicing physicians – down from 90% in the1950s, and 86% of those remaining members vigorously oppose the AMA’s support of Obamacare. This brings up many questions. Given radically dropping membership dues, the lifeblood of even a “union by exclusion”, how is the AMA surviving? Why would the AMA be ignoring and working against their own members’ interests?

    “…political contribution and support gains “look-the-other-way” privilege.” & “The AMA/political cabal allows the AMA to govern, with power and authority emulating law”

    It would appear the AMA is now less a union and more like a typical bureaucratic department of the government. Notwithstanding Ronald Reagan’s words to the contrary, a breech in the Reagan Myth, his administration, in the mid 80s effectively nationalized medical reporting and billing by allowing the AMA to control all of it!

    It’s called the Current Procedure Terminology or CPT codebook for short. The codes, terminology, the computing equipment…all of it is the AMA’s and it earns hundreds of millions of dollars for the AMA. It is the sole source of the REQUIRED codes with which must be applied to every .. EVERY .. medical procedure in order for the provider/practioner to get paid by private or government sources. So, screw the doctors create more codes…hello Obamacare and those new reporting requirements.

    I have heard some argue we need the AMA to watch over doctors performance. You can bet there are lobbyists and propagandists behind this nonsens. Underwriter labs, BBB, Angies’ list, Consumer Reports and likewise private enterprise, profit motivated, do a much better job evaluating, monitoring and reporting on all manner of products and services. Their survival, profit and/or employment, depend on mainaining truth and trust.

    Yes, the AMA is a government monopoly.

    Enough…dander is up. Great article.

    • liz

      Interesting – a further “turning of the screw” – on the bottomless depth of corruption…