The right speech 2

George Will gives the necessary commencement speech that won’t be heard at any commencement.


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  • Don L

    Geotge Will is Right On…in intend and purpose. Yes, it is government that has ruined higher education; as well as K-12. His intent to point this out government’s role and the consequences in order foster action to correct this situation is all well and good. But, he, given his commentary, is also part of the problem.

    The example of the government deciding peole SHOULD have homes was a total misdirection away from fixing the problem. The legislation written to induce new loans and the lowered credit evaluation …to none…could not have had any material effect if a free market monetary system had been in place.

    The demand for money to fill those loans would have driven the mortgage rates above anything any borrower would accept or any lender would risk. It was the FED’s intentional and political manipulation of the interest rate, held to virtually zero, that created the problem. (for more watch, it’s free, Thomas E Woodsexplain “Austrian Business Cycle Theory”; 8 minutes — ). George Will, either intentionally or through ignorance, leaves the FED out and thereby continues to foster, not corrective action, but continuation of the problem.

    Further, Will eludes to the idea that it is the higher schooling’s purpose to create zombies who benefit the economy. If that’s the purpose of higher education, why is the taxpayer on the hook at all. Should not industry be operating their own vocational schools? Sans any full discussion here, my point is government has no business being in the education business at all. There is nothing government can do that the free market system can’t do better, cheaper and with higher quality.

    There were a couple other remarks that digress from free market capitalistic principles but my point wasn’t to do a full review. Rather, it was to remind that those trotted out as intelletuals are often government planning oriented as they are trapped into thinking the economy can be managed…and, they are the one and only that knows how it should be done. They are wrong.

    • liz

      Yes, get the damn government out of EVERYTHING! The bloated parasite.
      The brainwashing passing for education has gone on way too long, and nobody ever does anything about it. They want that federal funding!