Holy violence, holy murder 4

Every year The Religion of Peace website publishes a scorecard showing how many people were killed and injured by Muslims pursuing jihad while observing the “holy” month of Ramadan. Here is this year’s tally.

Ramadan Bombathon
2015 Scorecard


2015 In the name of
The Religion
of Peace
In the name of
ANY Other
By Way of
Hate Crime
Terror Attacks 314 0 0
Suicide Bombings 63 0 0
Dead Bodies 2988 0 0
Wounded 3696 0 0


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  • Frank

    And in spite of this the Judas goat in Washington has just agreed to give nuclear weapons to a major supporter of these attacks.

    • liz

      And declares – with a straight face! – that this agreement will make the world a safer place. Only someone pathologically delusional could blind themselves to the obvious consequences of this tragic farce of an agreement.

      • Yes. Or someone who positively wants Islam to achieve the aims of jihad.

        • Frank