Planned Lamborghinihood 3

Despite official denials by Planned Parenthood that this ever happens, one of its traffickers in murdered baby parts negotiates with a “buyer”.

We hesitated to post this video, because it has been shown on Fox News and many webites. But we find that the Left, including at least one atheist site, is still denying that Planned Parenthood are selling murdered babies’ organs. They say they only reimburse themselves expenses. Nonsense. There would be no need for the haggling that goes on here if that were all the discussion was about; there would be a fixed tariff. And – see it to the end – the cold-blooded woman doctor says plainly that she is selling carefully preserved organs of otherwise crushed babies because she wants to buy a Lamborghini. With mere reimbursement she obviously could not do that.

We have no objection to the sale of healthy organs from dead people. (We’d like to know that the people consented to the re-use of their organs.)

Our appalled objection is to this industry: killing babies to sell their organs. 

What is  more, Planned Parenthood know that what they’re doing is evil, which is why they take so much trouble to lie about it – loud and “really clear“, as the President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America says at the start of the video, where she tells her lie.


PS: We dislike abortion in general, but acknowledge that there are ethically acceptable reasons for it in some cases.

  • liz

    This perfectly illustrates the consequences of the lack of respect for human life that the left has instilled into our society in order to promote abortion.
    The flimsy claim that an abortion does nothing more than eliminate “fetal tissue” is exposed as a fraud here – intact livers, hearts, and kidneys are not mere “tissue” – they are human organs.
    How can a person who sees nothing wrong with the killing of a human being at this stage of development (because they’ve convinced themselves that it isn’t a human being) reconcile that with the fact that a human at the same stage of development, born prematurely, can be saved by the miracle of modern medicine?
    It is a deep inconsistency that should disturb anyone who still possesses a shred of intellectual honesty.

    • Bruce

      I think a lot of them are emotionally invested in it, and became so without investigating what really goes on. Emotional rhetoric like “women’s reproductive rights,” “access to healthcare,” etc. sound good, but I suspect few people actually took a look at the nitty-gritty side of it before jumping on the bandwagon. And now, they likely can’t accept that they’ve supported something so very horrific as this. “It CAN’T be like that! It MUST be faked! I would NEVER support anything like that!” they tell themselves. They’re very much like Christians who investigate their own religion’s history of lies, church-approved murder, and other atrocities, but then loudly declaim those who report such things to be lying agents of Satan, refusing to believe evidence because it rocks their world Or the apologists who demonstrate an expertise in spin-doctoring that wouldn’t be out of place at all at MSNBC. Like them, the diehard PP supporters are incapable of accepting truth, because it destroys so much of the illusions they hold about themselves.

      • liz

        Exactly. All of which involves a large amount of intellectual dishonesty and denial in order to be maintained. Therefore all opposition must be silenced.