Tomorrow belongs to them 5

The Germans have always had the best tunes. Even the abominable Horst Wessel Lied is marvelous marching music if you don’t listen to the words.

And here is a clip from the film Cabaret set in the twilight of the Weimar Republic when Hitler was rising to power. A beautiful blond boy, a member of the Hitler Youth, sings a beautiful rousing song, Tomorrow Belongs To Me – all about a springtime of national life, nature, beauty, HOPE AND CHANGE. The song rouses a whole Biergarten full of young and middle-aged Germans, who rise and belt it out with the boy, passionately. Only one old man – probably a veteran of the First World War – looks full of sadness, regret and foreboding. And two of the protagonists of the story get up and drive away in disgust.

And yes, the beauty of the music and the youth singing it make the hope and triumph infectious. For a true insight into the rise of the Third Reich these few minutes could not be bettered. Anti-Nazi propaganda films, no doubt effective in their way – and certainly necessary –  could never give so illuminating an understanding of what happened to the German nation in the 1930s. They depicted ugly harsh military-authoritarian types barking peremptory orders or doling out death. Would such have won the heart of a European nation? No – it was Romanticism; the romance of race, of the earth, of beauty, of power that did it.

Watch and hear, and you will almost certainly feel how the song can stir the blood. And then, if you are a civilized and rational being, and have civilized values, you will almost certainly turn him off in disgust.

Many public voices are now pointing out how this moment in history recalls the 1930s and the rise of Hitler and the Third Reich; how Obama’s deal with Iran recalls Neville Chamberlain’s “peace for our time” deal with Adolf Hitler.

They are right.

What of Iran? The Ayatollahs? Islam? Plain plug-ugly though they are – will tomorrow belong to them?

Probably. And they will bring another Holocaust to the Jews (and everyone else) in Israel.

Mike Huckabee says that Obama, through his deal with them, “will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven”.

Though we are not normally fans of Huckabee, this time we praise him for his foresight and candor.


PS. Chamberlain was not like Obama. Chamberlain was a decent man who misjudged Hitler. Obviously, Obama wants Iran to get the bomb, so  he must want Israel to be destroyed. There is a far closer resemblance between Obama and Hitler than between Obama and Chamberlain.

  • max

    Nazis, Nazis, Nazis. That’s all you are capable of seeing? We are being attacked by vicious cultural Marxists who are waging a race aware against us; who are using immigration, housing law, welfare state economics, and declining fertility to racially displace us (ultimately), but to dilute us in the here and now . The Left has openly declared war on white people, representing whites as the essence of evil because we are not egalitarian enough for their delusional utopian visions. White people are now only 62% of America. What type of future do you think we will have when we are a minority being deluged with blacks and browns? What future do you think “liberty” will have in a nation overrun with Aztecs? What respect will the Founding Fathers receive in a country that is no longer European? These are the questions that matter.

    And yet you decry the “Nazis”. That’s what the Left does; emotionally intimidate anyone who disagrees with them, anyone who stands one inch to the right as a “Nazi”. You are going down the same pathetic path as mainstream Conservatives or as they are now rightly being called “Cuckservatives”; total capitulation to the narratives of the Left. Do you think the north east Asians are going to allow themselves to be racially displaced by Mestizos and Blacks? No, they won’t. One wonders if our future Chinese overlords will have deep moral qualms or concerns about Hitler and the Nazis.

    The great danger in the West is not some renewed Nazi fervor. No. The great danger in the West is that the next great racially motivated mass slaughter will be conducted against a weakened European people by evil Leftist whites and their army of non-white client groups, many of those who will be Muslims. Mike Huckabee types are the very example of the cowardly “Cuckservative” fools who refuse to see the horrendous race war being waged against white Conservatives by a Sauron like Left. In their own way they are allies of the Left.

    You should be better than that. And you should drop this short sighted obsession with Hitler and the Nazis. Hitler’s great evil was that he handed the future of the Euro American world to the Left and single handedly killed all right wing politics. He may end up marking the beginning of the death of the white race. Ironic.

    • Mike

      You are so wrong it hurts. Nazis were/are Socialists. They are part of the same monster of the Left. You need to read some history before you take off on a tangent like this. Hitler himself said that Naziism is Socialism, and that there were parallels with Marxism!

      • We have stressed that Nazism is a Leftist ideology for years. You cannot have read many of our posts. My book about the Communist terrorists in West Germany is titled “Hitler’s Children”. You don’t seem to understand what you read very well. Don’t shout at us in writing. Especially when you so wrongly interpret what we are saying.

    • liz

      “Evil leftist whites” do have an “army of non white client groups”, but I don’t think they are racially motivated. Their goal is what it’s always been – totalitarian power and control of government over the masses.
      That was Hitler’s goal also, so the comparison with present day leftists fits.

    • We have posted far more articles on (against) Islam than any other topic.

      But we are not racists . It seems that you are a racist.

      Are you?