Trump 6

Listen to him?

Tell us what you think of him?

Posted under United States, Videos by Jillian Becker on Wednesday, July 29, 2015

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  • liz

    I haven’t had a chance to hear the whole thing, but my impression is – yes, very refreshing. I can understand a little scary, too. You hear all kinds of off the wall things about him which adds to that.
    But… I totally admire his “chutzpa”! The way he speaks his mind and makes no apologies for it. I don’t know if all his decisions as president would be the best, but he has one characteristic that is needed above all else at this point – he’s fearless. And maybe, because of his wealth, can’t be bought.

    • kerry

      Liz, I would argue with you the The Donald cannot be bought! Ha! He may be wealthy but a blow-hard, self-promoting, egotistical guy like him certainly has a price…not so different from the Clinton’s, in my opinion, just more wealthy, I presume.

      • liz

        You probably know more about him than I do. That could very well be true.
        But I hope the other candidates follow his lead in fighting back rather than caving in to the attacks of the opposition. It looks like they are starting to.

  • Kerry

    Jillian, OK as you requested I took the time to listen to the WHOLE thing. I almost turned it off after the first 20 minutes but decided to stay with it. It was refreshingly scary! Refreshing because it is nice to hear a politician go an hour speaking without teleprompter! Refreshing because he is willing to address so many issues in a candid and forthright manner. Refreshing because of his outsized optimism and cockiness…and scary because of his cockiness. scary because of his ability to just say…I will fix it or we need this or that…without any specifics.

    I am not really comfortable with his “I am a really smart person” or “I am really rich” comments. He states he would “TAKE ISIS OUT SO FAST” and I rather doubt he has any sense of what that entails. He beats up on Bush because…in my words now…Bush is a more careful thoughtful leader. He has the audacity to say he will fix trade with a “couple of phone calls.” He does everything but state that the oceans will recede if he is elected…something Obama famously stated.

    My opinion is that his style would not play well on the world stage. He will be a great populist campaigner and I would rather have him then Hillary any day, but we need a more careful, thoughtful, and deliberative President. Having said this, I have followed Carly quite a bit. I know she has no chance to be President, at least in this cycle, but I like her candid and straight answers on most every topic on which she is questioned.

    There is so much more I could share on this, but these are my initial thoughts.

    • Many thanks, Kerry. I like everything you say. My thoughts on listening to him were very much the same as yours. And I too think Carly Fiorina is impressive. At present I am back to favoring Ted Cruz.

      • Kerry

        I worry about the strong Christian beliefs of Ted Cruz and for that reason I will not support him in the primaries. I know he is smart but I think he is too much in bed with the fundamentalists. Yes, I know, most if not all of the Republican candidates are some stripe of christian, but Cruz like Huckabee and Walker tend to lead with that distinction. I have not settled yet but I will probably support Rubio/Bush/Carly…and Carly only to make a point and hope she can at least be appointed to some high office in the next administration.

        Somehow, I think of Donald in the same camp as Jesse Ventura, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, and Al Franken. These guys would never have been elected were it not for their popularity and fortunately they could do no real harm where they served, but is this really the best America can offer?