Welcoming the enemy 1

In this short video, James Simpson of the Center for Security Policy, and the author of The Red-Green Axis, talks about the Obama administration’s policy of importing millions of Third World refugees into the US – and why they are doing it.

Most of the immigrants are Muslim, and (not mentioned in the video) the administration has dropped a former ban on any who have “limited links” to terrorist organizations!

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  • liz

    Insidious. Treason on a grand scale! Funnel money to foreign sponsors of terrorism, while at the same time funneling terrorists into our own country under the guise of “refugees”.
    Not to mention that the sheer amount of immigrants is designed to overwhelm the system itself. And did anyone ever vote on this? Were the consequences ever studied, debated on or even mentioned publicly? Of course not.
    We are in the process of a foreign invasion orchestrated by our own government, and nobodies even paying attention.