A rising political star 19

Carly Fiorina knows what she’s talking about.

That’s quite rare among politicians.

She is better informed, more eloquent, and a hundred times a better thinker than Hillary Clinton. If the essential qualification for becoming the next president is being female  – as Hillary Clinton and her fans believe it is – Fiorina qualifies. But she is better than most of the male candidates too.

We think she won the earlier Republican debate last night. She was not only more impressive and interesting than the presidency hopefuls she debated, but also more than most of those who came into the “top ten” debate later. (We have to overlook her chant about “God”, as we do those intoned by any other candidate.)

See what you think. Here she is on MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

(Hat-tip to Frank for the video)

Post Script:  But, we now discover, Fiorina swallowed Islamic propaganda whole, as this article explains. It is by Tim Brown at Freedom Outpost, dated June 15, 2015. Perhaps she has since changed her mind about the “greatness” of Islam. If she hasn’t, she disappoints us, and makes us regret that we have praised her.

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  • We have added a footnote to this article today, August 9.

    The article linked to is worth looking at. Either Fiorina believed what she was saying about Islam, which is bad; or she said it for political reasons, which is worse. And to say such things at that moment in American history – shortly after 9/11 – does not indicate strong political acumen, or sensitivity. .

    • liz

      How very disappointing. Looks like picking a candidate is going to boil down to who ends up disappointing the least.

    • Here’s the link to the whole speech – Islam part towards the end.


    • Frank

      She simply pointed out historical facts. Do you condemn people for pointing out facts? Here’s a 10 min video where Neil DeGrasse Tyson talks about the same subject. He also points out exactly when it all turned bad due to Islam.

      I see no problem with what Carly Fiorina said and I will continue to support her.

      • Frank

        Here is the video link. DISQUS messed up my post.

      • Fine. Support her. I’d support any Republican over Hillary.

        But no, they are not facts. They are lies, gaining currency.

        Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a scientist, not an historian.

        If you want to know the history of Islam, read Bernard Lewis and Bat Ye’or.

  • liz

    I really like Fiorina. She’s got great intelligence, experience, and ideas.
    I missed the early debate so I’ll have to watch it later.
    The second one was good, but what a let-down at the end, when they OF COURSE had to drag religion into it, and force the candidates to do the obligatory song and dance about what great Christians they are.
    How insulting to both the candidates and the audience! They’re basically telling them “We’re subjecting you to our “test of faith for office” here, but relax – just be yourself – we accept all beliefs!”
    (Except all that aren’t Christian. In that case, of course, you’re toast).

    • Frank

      Yes, most of the candidates reluctantly did their obligatory song and dance about god. But Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum are dominionists who want to legislate Christian morality(?) on the rest of the country.

      • liz

        Right. I know some of them don’t need any encouragement; they’re already there. Huckabee would have launched into a whole sermon, I’m sure.
        Fox perpetuates the “only Christians are true conservatives” meme in the same way the rest of the media pushes the “it’s only rational to be leftist” meme.

      • Ted Cruz’s father is a dominionist. I have not been able to find anything showing Ted Cruz himself to be one. If you have a link to some believable article showing that he himself – not his father – is a dominionist, please give it to us.

        What I’ve found is that Ted Cruz goes on about “God” now and then. (So do they all!) Very irritating. But the rest of the time he talks sense.

        • Kerry

          I do not know Cruz personally but I do know many of the people that are around him and the different dominionist groups that are part of his entourage. I view his religious indoctrination much like I viewed Obama’s. BHO learned his theology on the pew of Jeremiah Wright as Cruz did from his father. Obama was able to distance himself from his pastor which Cruz will not be able to do and will not want to do, however he should be able to clearly point out the problem areas, although I do not believe he believes there is any such problem…and that is my problem.

          He runs with one group known as The Seven Mountains which are radical dominionist’s like David Barton and I do not think I need to say more about him.

          He may never walk back what his father and others say about him in closed circles and in their churches, and is smart enough to simply ignore the rhetoric from his group with a wink and a nod to them. He is more then happy to have these guys lay their hands on him and anoint him at least in private.

          I would be more comfortable if he were give a Kennedyesque kind of speech clearly outlining how his religion is personal and will not translate to the Oval Office. He will not give such a speech and I do not know if I would believe him. You see, in his kind of christian circles lying for the greater good is not so much different then the muslim lying to the infidel.

          • Kerry

            I know this attached article will not directly speak to your question about Cruz and his belief, but it does lay a pretty good foundation of what those around Cruz believe, and again unless and until he clearly distances himself from such drivel, I cannot support him. His group will certainly encourage him to “bring on the end of the world” so Jesus can come back!

            Here is the article by Jonathan Turley. http://jonathanturley.org/2013/10/12/ted-cruz-dominionism-and-jesus/

            • Frank

              There is no question – Ted Cruz is a dominionist. And I will not support him.

            • Thanks. I hear you.

            • liz

              Interesting article, but what it reveals to me is more that the problem those trying to discredit Cruz and the “Dominionists” have with them is that they (the Dominionists) want to reduce the size of government and it’s role in charge of the welfare state.
              Sounds like the writers are basically leftists wanting to smear the Tea Party by painting them as a bunch of religious wackos.

            • I think you may be right, liz. It’s perceptive of you. I’m going to investigate further.

            • Turns out it is all true. She did make the speech and has not retracted anything she said. Here’s the link to the full text – the Islam part comes at the end.


          • Frank

            This old aphorism sums it up.
            “You can judge a man’s character by the company he keeps.”

            • True. Obama seems to have known nobody BUT commies and Muslims and other assorted America-haters.