Religion is immoral and absurd 4

In this 2011 video, Christopher Hitchens talks aboout the immorality of Christianity, and the absurdity of religion in general.

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  • Frank

    Hitchens vs God (god loses by the way)

  • Frank

    That’s one of my favorite Hitch clips.

  • Kerry

    Thanks for this! I miss Hitch so much! His clear reasoning and articulate voice are much needed in the discussions today. Every once in a while I go into Hitch withdrawal and am forced to visit utube to quench my longings.

  • liz

    Great points! The absurdity of an intervening God is very evident in the scenario he presents – humans barely surviving in primitive conditions for thousands of years, dying miserable deaths – then God decides to intervene on our behalf, by way of a human sacrifice, in an obscure place that much of the world still knows nothing about. Yes, either grossly incompetent or very callous and cruel. Not to mention sadistic and totalitarian!