Europe sinking 3

What was Hillary Clinton’s greatest achievement as Secretary of State? The transformation of Libya from a pacific dictatorship into a chaos. Now its ports are population spouts, pouring the multitudes of Africa into the Mediterranean towards Europe. The highly probable result is the destruction of Europe.

The American administration was helped by the European powers themselves; positively urged on by France and Britain.

In this video published June 2015, Jared Taylor describes the horror of this huge historical development:

The numbers of migrants, and of the drowned, have increased in the three months since the video was made.

There is no sign that the human flood will abate. It breaks again and again on Europe’s shores, and is overwhelming the continent.

The Europeans are taking no measures to stop it. They want to rescue more of the foreigners from the sea, and give them – free, at their own expense – shelter, safety, every means of life support.

The Africans who get to Europe take what is given them, and then – many of them – do their best to turn Europe into the same sort of Islamic hell as they escaped from.

That is why Jared Taylor aptly calls this chapter of European history it’s “suicide”.

  • liz

    “Wake up, or die” – applies to the U.S. as well as to Europe.
    There is now more pressure being put on the U.S. to take more Syrian refugees – as if the present administration needed any encouragement! They are already allowing them in at an overwhelming rate (at least the MUSLIM ones).
    This is a tactic calculated to flood the economic system and cause it to implode on itself, with the additional benefit of providing cover for the entry of terrorists.
    So, as the country implodes and collapses under the weight of these un-assimilable parasites, domestic terrorist attacks will also increase.
    All of this chaos and disaster is occurring thanks to our own government.
    Stupidity is no longer a valid excuse – it’s deliberate treason.

    • Azgael

      And yet the natives…DO NOTHING, still thinking elections in a rigged and highly corrupt system will change anything

      • liz

        Right- and while everyone waits for the elections, the treason continues.