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Posted under Islam, jihad, Muslims, Terrorism by Jillian Becker on Friday, September 11, 2015

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  • liz

    What makes 9/11 impossible to heal, much less forget, is the fact that it should also be the date when war was declared with all Muslim terrorist sponsoring countries, and all diplomatic dealings with, immigration from, and aid to them, ceased. But since then we have done mostly the opposite.
    Because of that, the situation has worsened and we are in more danger than ever. A true tribute to the dead of 9/11 would be the defeat of the traitors presently in office.

    • I applaud what you say, liz.

      This is also the anniversary of 9/11/2012, when the traitors presently in office let Americans be killed in Benghazi. They continue to lie about it. And today they are crowing because they think have got their “deal” with the most vicious (Islamic) regime on earth accepted by Congress – a “deal” that a substantial majority of Americans are against.

      Obama hands victory to the enemy who perpetrated the first 9/11 attack.

      • liz

        On our “behalf”, he’s gone from appeasing them, which was bad enough, to openly and brazenly rolling out the red carpet for them, welcoming them to invade AND nuke us are the same time!
        Maybe the Saudis will add insult to injury, and offer to build us mosques for the “refugees”, as they did to Germany. I’m sure Obama would welcome that, too.