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The great Rudy Giuliani delivered this powerful speech (recorded on two videos) at a symposium of the Iranian-American community in February, 2015:


(Hat-tip to our commenter Frank)

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  • liz

    Great speech! (It looks like both videos are of the same speech?)
    It’s great to see someone of Giuliani’s stature come out and say these things, without holding back. Calling Obama out for being weak, just like Carter, the Ayatollah for being insane, and Iran for being the world’s foremost sponsor of terrorism.
    The only slight disagreement I’d have is that he accused terrorists of “misusing” Islam, when in fact they are actually following it to the letter.
    Islam itself inspires and promotes barbarity, insanity and terrorism.

    • Yes, it is the same speech recorded on two videos. (I should have put that in – and have done now.)

      I agree with you about Islam, absolutely! And I suspect that Guiliani may think the same as we do about it. But he was talking to a hall full of (anti-Iranian regime, but American-Iranian and possibly religious) Muslims, so I guess he had to be tactful even if insincere on that point.

      • liz

        Yes, I’m sure that’s why he said it that way.
        If we are going to allow refugees, the ones given priority should be those Iranians who tried to overthrow the ayatollahs but failed because Obama refused to help them. Get them out, and then bomb the rest of them back to the stone age where they belong!