We want vengeance 7

There is lkely to be a Republican president in 2017, but perhaps more because the Democratic Party has dissolved into its own corrupt mess and has no plausible candidate to offer even to the vast uninformed section of the electorate that usually votes for it, than because the GOP has a really good candidate to nominate.

We are quoting this almost in full because we like it:

From Townhall. Kurt Schlichter questions the GOP candidates for the presidency:

CNN’s Republican debate on September 16th will be conducted with dignity and gravitas by questioners like Hugh Hewitt and Jake Tapper, who will treat the candidates with a level of respect and courtesy that many of them just don’t deserve. They have to. I don’t.

On behalf of all infuriated conservatives, I demand the right to interrogate the candidates myself. I get to ask a question and a follow-up, and here are the rules. First, answer the damn question. It insults me when you think I’ll somehow forget what I asked, so bewitching is your oratory. Second, answer, then stop talking. If you use more words than the Gettysburg Address (272) you are so, so very wrong. Third, no clichés. If you use the phrase “for the children,” I get to slap you.

Here goes:

Jeb! Bush:

You support amnesty and Common Core, you won’t undo the Iran sellout of Israel on your first day in office and – as we always expected – you’ve come out in support of more gun control. Since you have adopted Hillary’s platform, why are you running as a Republican?

Why are you so damn special that despite there being 320 million other Americans, we can’t do any better than a third Bush?

Dr. Ben Carson:

You’re proud of not being a politician, but what makes you think D.C.’s establishment won’t chew you up and spit you out?

You’re a guy with tremendous accomplishments, morals, and character. Why do you even want to go to Washington?

Jim Gilmore:

Can you name one person you aren’t related to who wants you to be president?

In fact, are you even supposed to be here on stage tonight?

Chris Christie:

Let’s deal with the elephant in the room – what the hell were you thinking snuggling up to Obama?

Other than talking incessantly about killing terrorists – which is cool – in what way are you even remotely a conservative?

Carly Fiorina:

You’re the only female running in the GOP primaries. Would you even be on this stage if you were a dude?

You were a senior officer in a huge corporation that did a lot of government work. Why should we conservatives believe you won’t be just another crony capitalist shafting us and stealing our money for the benefit of your corporate pals?

Lindsey Graham:

Conservatives detest you, and the feeling is mutual. Are you in this as some sort of establishment stalking horse to make sure a real conservative doesn’t derail Jeb! by snagging South Carolina’s delegates?

Anything else interesting that you’d like to tell us tonight?

John Kasich:

You decided to go along with Obamacare in Ohio. Why, as a conservative would I ever support you in the primary over someone committed to the destruction of that socialist atrocity?

Like many, even most, conservatives, I think you’re a smug, sanctimonious jerk who hides his self-righteousness behind a vague, unfocused aura of pseudo-Christian progressivism. Why should I allow you to spend four to eight years in my face telling me how I don’t measure up to your allegedly Jesus-inspired standards?

George Pataki:

Since I really have no idea why you’re running, let me just ask you this: Who’s more badass, Captain Kirk or Picard?

Marco Rubio:

My family is half Cuban, and we loved you and your life story until you lied to us about amnesty – no, that’s not an invitation for you to try to convince us how your past embrace of amnesty was not really an embrace of amnesty. You lied to me once – why should I ever believe anything you ever say again?

Here’s your chance to be clear – do you agree with me and most conservatives that America has zero moral obligation to illegal aliens, that they should receive no government benefits, and that they should leave our country?

Ted Cruz:

I think you are a genius lawyer and a true conservative, but you are off-putting to people who aren’t movement conservatives … Do the math for me – how can you possibly win 270 electoral votes?

Wouldn’t you better serve conservatism as Chief Justice Ted Cruz?

Rand Paul:

[As with] your father, I can listen to you for a couple minutes, find myself nodding in agreement, and then BAM! you say something nutty, usually about foreign policy. How can I be sure you will do the most important thing a president must do – relentlessly and ruthlessly kill America’s enemies?

Chemtrails. Are they a thing?

Scott Walker:

The idea behind your campaign seemed to be that you’re a normal guy who would return us to normalcy, but we conservatives don’t want normalcy anymore. We want vengeance. Will you commit to ruthlessly annihilating liberalism wherever you find it?

More specifically, will you commit to destroying all federal government employee unions?

Mike Huckabee:

You combine a love of big government with a kind of religious paternalism that evokes an unholy love child of LBJ and Elmer Gantry. Can you sketch me out a scenario where you win the general election that doesn’t involve someone releasing tapes of Hillary gleefully vivisecting corgi puppies?

You play bass. Really, is that a president’s instrument?

Bobby Jindal:

[Tell us] as an Asian-American, can the GOP win over that growing minority group by addressing the systemic racism they face because of Democrat-dominated universities’ admissions policies?

I think you’d be a good president, but I don’t think you can win. Shouldn’t you agree to come on board with someone up here on stage who might win and agree to be his/her HHS secretary?

Rick Santorum:

You lost your Senate seat in Pennsylvania back in 2006, meaning you have failed in every election campaign since 2000. Why is this time different?

My country is falling apart and, like most conservatives, that’s my No. 1 priority. Why should I vote for you and re-fight the gay marriage battle that we’ve already decisively lost instead of saving our Constitution from these leftist creeps?

Donald Trump:

Yeah, it’s been a lot of fun watching you make the GOP establishment wince by raising subjects like illegal alien thugs that the elite wants hushed up. We’ve had some laughs. But if you are elected president, you will be the commander-in-chief. This is a no gotcha question – I led soldiers for 27 years, so this is personal to me and to millions of conservatives whose sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers serve. Can you give me one good reason why you are worthy of our trust to lead and to safeguard the lives of the incredible men and women of our armed forces?

I don’t have a follow-up to that question, because at the end of the day, no other question really matters.

Yes, an avatar of vengeance – that’s what America needs now.

  • kerry

    Good questions, although I think the question to Carly was a bit too snarky. Would he ask Carson if he would be polling so well were he white, or Jindal would he be on the stage were he anglo? I think not. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the candid nature of questions that will never be asked.

    • liz

      Aside from the fact that the questions are obviously supposed to be snarky to begin with (the comparison of Huckabee to a cross between LBJ and Elmer Gantry is perfect!), what’s wrong with pointing out Jindal’s low poll numbers, or Carson’s lack of governing experience, or Fiorina’s questionable business dealings? They can’t be questioned because “racism” and “sexism”???

      • Kerry

        There is a difference between snarky and humor. The question to Huckabee is the latter. The second question offered to Carly was certainly appropriate. And Liz, I am very familiar with the idea of calling a Constitutional convention. It is a very populist idea among conservatives and has b in since I was active in politics in the ’70’s. We all talked about and have been for lo these 40 years. But as I am sure you know, this kind of a convention is potentially fraught with dangers. Let’s face it, the “conservatives” could not win the last 2 presidential elections so what makes us think we could control the outcome of such a constitutionals convention? It is a good talking point I will give you that, but I am not convinced such a move would be successful given everything in play today.

        • liz

          It may very well be impossible to accomplish much when the only viable party opposing the left is unrecoverably corrupt, which they seem to be.

  • Azgael

    Trump is the ONLY hope for america right now, all the other candidates are RINOs or Dems in disguise, Trump has nothing to gain from being president, he is a billionaire, he has allot and already lost allot so far by just running for the GOP nomination, THAT is why he resonates with voters,he is already famous so he don’t need to become prez to be famous, he is already rich so he don’t need to be prez to be rich, he has everything too lose in this, but even if he is elected president, the traitors in congress, on both sides, will try and block him every chance they get.

    But just like the Reagan years, even if he does all he say he wants to do, the next prez will most likely un do it all, the ONLY real way to truly save america (and the world TBH) and ensure that all Americans enjoy freedom the way the founders wanted them to, is a 2nd Revolution, restoring the constitution, adding a few things in it like term limits for senators and congressmen and judges, also adding that the courts do not have the power to create law or rule laws unconstitutional, making minimum voting age 26 and id required, those who receive government aid cannot vote and union member cannot vote in the level of government they work for (fed workers can’t vote in fed elections and so on), eliminating eminent domain and property taxes, eliminating administrative supeana’s, clarifying the 2nd amendment, and that no public funds are to be spent on any religious institutions or any religious symbols on anything governmental or public.

    • liz

      Right – we need to have a constitutional convention and do all the amendments that Mark Levin suggested in his book. Also deport and bar entry to Muslims.

  • liz

    Vengeance is right! I hope they get that message loud and clear.
    It’s going to take a lot more than a “return to normalcy” to undo 8 years of treasonous destruction.